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Lincoln Continental Maintenance and Repair



  • I just purchased a 2002 Continental. It has 98K miles. Water pump was just fixed under 30 day warranty and although alternator charging low, its "still within range" (which means as long as I dont conk out on the road, it aint getting fixed) Took it to the dealer multiple times for an annoying problem that doesnt happen all the time but gets me nervous when it does. It seems when I switch gears from reverse to drive at times, it just shuts off on me. I have to throw it in park, turn key off then on and it starts right up. The dealer tried to duplicate the problem and couldnt so Im still without a fix. Now sometimes when i come to a full stop the same thing happens. And again I have to repeat same process. It seems like an electrical problem but unsure what it is. It doesnt happen every single time, but often enough and the last thing I want to do is come to a point when it doesnt start up anymore. Any help and feedback would be very much appreciated.
  • Carleton, it sounds to me like you have a clogged catalytic converter. They get partially clogged, then cause a lot of running problems. They have also been known to send the vehicles up in flames from this, so check it asap! Ford products were very prone to this back in the 80's, tho I haven't heard of it happening as much since then, but I sure wouldn't chance it. You should feel an increase in temperature around the firewall and/or floor boards too if that is the problem, but I wouldn't just rely on that symptom alone.
  • It may sound strange to you, but it isn't as strange as it sounds: It could be a stretched/worn serpentine belt, a weak tensioner spring on the belt, a worn down idler pulley, or all 3 combined. Any of these can allow the car to run, but cause just enough slack in the belt tension to have a water pump appear to fail, or and alternator run sporadically. I would change all 3 of those, if you haven't done it already. Sometimes when shifting into gear you can get a slight increase in the electrical draw down, (usually caused by stepping on the brake pedal and engaging the brake lights) which could be enough of a drop in current to cause the engine to die.
  • djguapdjguap Posts: 1
    i recently bought a 199 lincoln continental. It was running real rough after sitting up for the previous year, so i changed the spark plugs out to some nice platinum ones.....But to my shock the car is now running worse..stalling when in gear and "stuttering" like its about to stall..i have changed vacuum lines, checked the pcv, air filter... any ideas??
  • The waterpump has recently been changed. Suprisingly, i am able to duplicate the problem. What I do is come at a complete stop, with car still in drive, I turn the steering wheel from left to right repeatedly and the car turns off within seconds. I had a bit of a scare the other day, when I was making a right turn and in the middle of the turn the car started to drain power and I could barely move the steering wheel , so I just accelerated slightly and was able to make it through the turn without the car shutting off. It sounds like what you described because it seems to only occur when on the brakes and turning the steering wheel. I hope this isnt gonna be a big job.
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    I once had my air filter replaced at the same time as having my oil changed on my 02 lincoln Continental. It started acting the same way as yours afterwards..I finally discovered that the new air filter had not been installed properly and the band was loose that holds them in place..Once that was reinstalled the problem was solved..Just a thought here that maybe you didnt tighten something or the other enough when changing the waterpump?
    Good luck on your search for the problem your having.
  • My car had the same problem. I got a new water pump put in but it still had problems. The reason was the shop that did the water pump didn't know how to bleed the coolant corectly. It sat for a long time because I was told it needed a new engine, which I couldn't afford. Then i took it to another shop and they bled it for me for about $50.
  • Have 2001 LContinental w/72K miles. Recently a message about the steering appeared: Problem with assisted steering. At that point the steering 'froze' until I turned the car off and restarted it. It's happened maybe 5 times in the last 2 weeks.
    One garage said it could be the level of power steering fluid and another said immediately it was the power steering pump. Any info on what to do. Thanks.
  • kalebkaleb Posts: 1
    '96 Continental,4.6L V8, 136,000 miles. Drove ~ 100 miles city & highway. Once, after starting the car after it sat in a parking lot for 30 minutes, it wouldn't idle, stumbling and stalling. Had to rev engine, maybe 1/2 throttle, to get it to move. After it got going, it ran fine the rest of the day. The next day, it cranks but will not start, doesn't even try to fire. Scan tool passes; no codes. 1/2 tank of gas, fuel pressure is 37 psi at the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Inductive timing light shows no spark at plugs. PCM relay is ok; swapped it with the blower motor relay to test it. Fuses to the PCM are ok. PCM supply voltage (B+) and reference voltage (5V) is ok; checked at the PCM wiring harness.
  • Kyleh,

    Did you get that tensioner off? I have a 2000 Continental w/ the retaining torx bolt unscrewed loose and leaning on the wheel well. I'm wondering if I have to lift the engine 1/2" to get this thing off.

    What's the answer?
  • I cannot tell you for sure on the 2000 w the V8, but I have a 94 Continental with the V6 and on that you have to unbolt the front engine mount & raise the engine to remove most of the bolts on that side of the engine for any work.
  • wickmanwickman Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 contental and the dash lisht says check DCL and the bell rings WHEN EVER it wants (I am going crazy with this bell ringing) i have had 3 different mechanics look at it and they all tell me it has something to do with the suspension system. I have replace the air bags over the years twice (have had the car for 15 years) the bells still rings and the check DCL light comes on. Everyone I have talked to and have had the car hooked to the computer says that since in this car has a first generation computer it only tells you that DCL has SOMETHING to do with the air ride. Finally I got so irritated with the bell going off and saying check DCL that I took the car to dealer who put the car on the computer and I was told that SOMETHING is wrong with the air bags and that I should change the suspension over to the replacement springs and that would take care of the Check DCL warning light and bell. So I paid Ford $150.00 for this information and then went and paid my mechanic $972.65 to change over my suspension to the new coil springs to stop the check DCL light and bell from ringing. Got my car back Thursday June 29 car rides like a dream. But guess what the check DCL light came back on and the bell again RINGS whenever it wants. What a rip off, called ford and they tell me that if i had got them to install the new springs they would of have found out why the check DCL light and bell comes on and that they could not help me unless I give them another $150.00 for them to put car back on computer to see why the check DCL light still comes on. Does anyone know what DCL is which part that it is and how can I replace it. Already replace dash with one from junk year do I need to replace another one. HELP PLEASE
  • bishop208bishop208 Posts: 1
    edited October 2011
    I have a 95 Lincoln Continental with 190k on it was a 1 own well kept vehicle when i bought it 6 years ago with 120k. My car was in the shop for 2 weeks about a month ago, just getting some regular repairs after a long road trip, But since I got it back I first had to replace the battery because it was dead. about a day later I put my car in drive in the mourning and it shut off. after doing that 2 or 3 times and shifted like normal and I went on my way. Over the past month it has been getting worse and now does in every mourning and does it when I put it in reverse sometimes too. After the car warms up it doesnt do it quite as much. Also while its cold in the mourning it idles rough and shuts off when I come to stops for 1st 2-3 mins of driving. Idles in Park fine. So far ive changed the following, Spark Plugs, wires, MAF, IAC, checked egr, Fixed small vacuum leak, fuel filter, O2 sensor, and transmission is less then 2 years old brand new from ford. The Only code I get is P1131 Lack of heated oxygen sensor with lean conditions bank 1. other then That the only other issue I find is bad motor mount which I plan to change. Any ideas?
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    I have a 02 Lincoln Continental with approx. 62,000 miles. Every once in a while my light comes on witht the bell ringing saying, "low tire pressure" I have them checked with not one shop but 2 or 3 and get the same answer, no low air pressure This message goes on for a few miles and then at some point when I shut off the motor and restart it the problem seems to go away.. I just wonder if anyone here knows what causes this since the tire pressure is ok? Thanks, Cat
  • caddy1967caddy1967 Posts: 2
  • caddy1967caddy1967 Posts: 2
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Since there are 120+ messages that came before yours, no one knows which "same problem" you're experiencing. Your best bet is to describe the issues that you're having and see if others have ideas for you.


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  • raulvraulv Posts: 1
    100kmiles Lincoln Continental 1999 ....steering deviation

    recently I detected a problem with the tire convergence, I went to the suspension workshop and after the mechanical inspections was necesary the replacement of right joint bearing, the convergence it's tuned now, but I have doubt on the camber aspect. I observed a little disaligned on the upper part seeing on front view (it's this normal for a front wheel drive car) the wheels was aligned and balanced.

    Then during driving and when I need increase the speed suddenly the steering change by it self very quickly to the right (particulary when I push more gas to forward trafic).

    The rest of system is working as new car.

    Any of you could give a comment to eliminate this anomaly.
    thank you
    Raul Valdez Coahuila Mexico
  • The factory installed alarm system occasionally self activates with the doors locked or unlocked. Has happened 4 times since March (I've owned the car since last September); twice at my wife's hairdresser and twice in our driveway. When arming the system the horn chirps but lights don't flash; when disarming the lights don't flash and owner's manual doesn't mention lights. Any ideas on what is causing this ?
  • Hi there,
    I have the same exact car & SAME EXACT problem!...
    please advise how you got that fixed?
    I have 110.000k on my car. & air suspension needs to be fixed. but all the rest is good
    hate to get rid of it. PLEASE ADVISE!
  • I know you posted this quite a while ago. I have a very similar problem on my 1998 Lincoln Continental. Did you find out the problem? Thanks, Bob
  • cphilcphil Posts: 13
    Hi Bob. Not sure what post you are referring to but from what I can remember, it was my air filter not installed properly when I had a new one installed.. it was loose..Hope this helps since it was an easy fix.
  • The heating & air conditioning quit working on the car. We had replaced the part with one we got from the junk yard but it only worked about 30 days or so. I cannot remember what the part was called, can anyone help me so I can get heat & air conditioning back in the car. :cry:
  • dwayp4dwayp4 Posts: 1
    My 1998 contintental is running loud at the bottom what could it be it was nice and quiet
  • agpyleagpyle Posts: 1
    Bot a 1980 Lincoln Continental for my daughter. Passed safety but there are some things that need fixing and replacing and having a hard time finding parts. Hood needs new pistons, there is no intake hose from the front of the engine to the air intake and door locks aren't working. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to go. We live in peterborough, ont.
  • 76_cont76_cont Posts: 2
    The trunk on my 76 continental is locked it didnt have a lock where the key goes when i got it n & now the pop trunk button in the glove box stopped workin... How can i get this thing open to put a new lock on it??
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