2015 Ford F-150

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It's all aluminum?! Will this kill the Ram and Silverado?

2015 Ford F-150 First Look Video


  • just_focusjust_focus CincinnatiMember Posts: 53

    I would like to know how much insurance is going to go up on all the aluminum body? I think the new F150 is going to save a owner about $500.00 a year in fuel but will you have to turn that savings over to the insurance man? just sayin

  • jordan40jordan40 farmersville, nyMember Posts: 109

    Im going to get this truck when it is sold to the public. and i knew about this truck since 2012

  • jordan40jordan40 farmersville, nyMember Posts: 109

    The aluminum is just the body the frame is the same steel frame. the insurance should still be about the same. it is the most fuel efficent truck i know about

  • tallnurse83tallnurse83 Member Posts: 2
    I'm a Chevy fan but I was tooling around online looking into the aluminum being used. I guess its some space age alloy developed by NASA. Apparently its more dent resistant than the high strength steel currently used. I am also a fan of how ford decided to put a 2.7L turbo eco boost under the hood for those who don't need to haul 3000+ pounds and are concerned about fuel economy but don't want or can't fit behind the wheel of a compact. I'm 6'9" tall by the way so trucks are they way to go.
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