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Ford Windstar Starting/Stalling Problems



  • I have a 96 Ford Windstar, only 5800 miles and it stalls all the time when I remove my foot from the gas. Took it to Ford Dealership and they replaced idle air control valve and performed fuel induction cleaning, it did no good, they said they had no idea why it was doing this and to come get it, they refunded the 300 plus dollars they charged but I still can't drive it. Does anyone have any ideas or what else to try, if FORD Doesnt know, who the heck does???? HELP PLEASE
  • have you repaired this van ???????
  • jlfonzjlfonz Posts: 3
    edited August 2013
    No, It gradually deteriorated tot he point where sometimes I can get it to run but it acts like it is running on two cylinders. I think it is the control mounted under the battery holder since it is exposed to splashing from the front left tire. I say it was because I have given up on it and it is sitting in my driveway waiting to junked out or donated.
  • no, have not fixed or found the problem, just put in new computer as well, at a total loss with this thing
  • how is it running before it dies ? rough or normal ?
    what have you done to it ?
  • i have had this van in my garage for two weeks trying to fix what others has changed out with (junkyard parts ) whitch some of them were bad when they swiched them out, !
    did you put a new COIL PACK ON YOURS ? " To ~ cimarronpass
  • Rough IDLE @ startup with loud sucking sound from breather tube ,after about 1 minute idles down not so bad ! then ok until sets for hours,then starts same way .
  • Hey guys. So desperate mom of three here with one vehicle for my family. Two years ago we bought a 2001 ford Windstar. No major problems until a couple months ago. The van was idling rough so took it to a "friend" who's a mechanic. He popped the hood and said the engine was "swelling" a sign our cadalyc converter was clogged. He cut one off emptied it out in front of us and welded a pipe back on until we had the required $900 to get it properly fixed. My van was fine until two weeks later. My husband comes home from his first job long enough to change clothes and off to the second job. Well 10 mins after leaving he is home telling me the van has no "power" suddenly. Battery turns the car on but as soon as you hit the gas it shuts off. I do a bunch of research and we replace the #15 and #19 fuses. Van starts acting normal again. One week later the o/d light starts blinking and same problem comes back. Fuses are fine. If the van is in park the engine revs fine and everything sounds good. As soon as you put it in gear there's a loss of power. You can somewhat stomp the peddle and get the van to stay on. It will drive and the tranny seems to be shifting fine once you get it up to speed but you have to repeatedly stomp the gas to get it moving and even then you can tell there's no real power. O/d light still flashing. Here's some extra info too. Transmission fluid is good. Abs system is completely gone although they said my van is not covered by recall. The little bolt looking switch that was said to leak had been replaced as well as wires right there before I bought it. Battery is sometimes drained due to break lights coming on whenever they want so new battery in van. Replaced the egr valve and the throttle position sensor. Fuel button is down. Can anybody please please PLEASE help????? My hubby's email is We have called ford many times but as most of you know they give NO [non-permissible content removed] about us consumers. Thanks y'all!!!!
  • have you got your van fixed ??????

    I Tried your email would not work for me !
  • scjibberjaws49 AT aol Dot Com
  • My friend in Minnesota has a 2000 Ford Windstar LE (3.8L) and it has burned out 3 starters in the last year. She says there are times when starting that it sounds like is's 'grinding'. Her mechanic says he has inspected the flywheel and it's 'fine'. She has said it seems fine when she starts it in the garage in the morning but has the issues after it has set outside at work. Theories I have are 1.) Something is shorted that is causing damage to the starter. 2.) Something within the starting circuit may have a crack in it and is getting moisture in it since it (seems fine after sitting in the garage overnight). Any suggestions on what may be wiping out the starter motors?
  • I bought a new starter 3 weeks ago and it was a "rebuilt"unit from ford. Ford has stated that the lead wire on the starter has been corroding on most of these models. You now have to cut off the wire on your wiring strip it and crimp it to the new wire on the starter and then cover it with heat shrink tubing to keep the gunk out. Van ran great for awhile now it won't start. All relays are functioning all fuses are good, and fuel pump shutoff( the inertia switch) are all good. I think the next thing I'm buying for this van is some C4 to fix it for good.....

  • rmmvrmmv Posts: 1

    I have a 2000 windstar that I had the intake manifold, O rings, valve cover gaskets, synchronizer and cam sensor replaced on almost two years ago and about 5 months ago my van started dying when I started it. Not the same problem as before when I had the work done, it does not die when I am in motion but only right after I start it and when I am idling. My husband pulled the MAF sensor and replaced it with one that was used and it worked for about a week and then started dying again. He is convinced that the MAF sensor is the problem because unplugging it allows the van to start and run and not die, however it makes me uncomfortable to drive it like that because the engine will thunk when its still cold so I plug it back in. Could this actually be the problem?

  • Sometimes a hose can get disconnected under the hood and throw off the idle. I have had this happen twice with 2 different hoses. Reconnect the hose and it runs like a dream. I had the MAF sensor replaced back in 2008, so I knew it wasn't the problem. It's the crazy electrical glitches that make me crazy with my van!
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