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Toyota 4Runner Electrical Problems



  • Friend has one for sale.Good shape.Is the supercharger an advantage or not?Plse advise.Thx a lot.
  • I have a 2000 4 Runner w/11000 mils and the radio does not come on, both fuses (15 under hood & ACC under dash board works.) help?
  • I'm guessing this is probably coming from a bad battery, but it's pretty weird and I'm not really sure. Here's what's happening:

    A couple of weeks ago, I drove across town and stopped at a local business. In the middle of the drive, I heard a noise that sounded like a rock hitting one of the wheel-wells along with a "twang," sort of like a guitar string breaking. When I stopped at the business, I turned the key off and noticed that the power antenna didn't retract. I didn't think much of it at the time, just figuring that it was an antenna motor or connection problem. I went inside the building and came out about 30 minutes later. When I got in, the battery charge was very low- not enough to turn the engine over or operate the power locks. However, I could hear a motor-noise that seemed to be coming from the power antenna. I jumped the vehicle and drove it home without a problem. I was sick over the next couple of days and didn't start it. When I tried later in the week, it was totally dead again.

    Thinking that a connection might be bad in the antenna motor, I disconnected it, jump started it again and drove it for a while to build up a charge. The next day, it was completely dead again.

    After this, I decided to take the battery to a shop to have it tested. The shop had a computerized tester, which indicated that the battery was okay. I asked them to charge it and when the charging process was finished, the cold cranking amp level showed just below the original factory rating, which I think was 530 (I believe the CCA level indicated by the charger was about 480 or so). However, the charger also said, "REPLACE BATTERY," which I chose not to do. I brought the battery back home and reinstalled it. Over the following week or so, I didn't have any problems, driving the vehicle (I think) about 5 out of the 7 days of the week.

    Today (the beginning of the following week), I drove the vehicle about 15 miles or so and shut off the engine. I had not experienced any further problems since having the battery charged, but when I tried to start it again, it started and ran for about 7 seconds and then the motor shut off (I didn't shut it off, it just cut out on its own). I tried to start it again and it was completely dead... AGAIN! I jumped it and drove it home without any problems. After I arrived at home, I shut it off and then immediately started it again. It did start without a problem.

    However, I'm not sure what's causing this to happen. Since the battery charger/tester at the local shop said to replace the battery, I'm thinking that might cure the problem, but it doesn't make sense to me that the current battery would be the source of the problem because it seems to work fine, then completely die, then work fine, then completely die, etc., etc. Also, since the vehicle has been running fine a couple of times and cut off on its own, unable to restart, that seems like it might be something other than a battery problem. I don't know, though, whether or not a battery can cause that.

    Could anyone tell me whether this seems normal for a battery problem? If not, does anyone have any suggestions at to what MIGHT be causing it?

    Any help/suggestions would be REALLY appreciated!!


    - Alan W.

    PS- I'm not sure, but I think the battery is about 3 years old.
  • dhannumdhannum Posts: 1
    I have an 88 and am having the same problem, you have any answers yet??
  • My 94' 4runner has an issue. I was driving along at night when all the dash lights came on. The rear antilock, brake, battery. Everything. Altornator stopped keeping the battery charged and I noticed the headlights getting dim. The battery gauge showed that it was low. The runner started bogging down, the tac dropped to zero, few seconds later the car died altogether. Battery was dead. My friend jumped me and I drove a few miles with no accessories running to save power. Then it all happened again. He jumped me again and we let the battery charge, drove a few miles then it all died again! Did this a few times in order to get it home. Unsure what was wrong I called a friend. He said to take the main wire going to the alternator off while the vehicle was running. So after removing the nut holding it on, then while trying removing the whire the headlights got brighter! I left it where it was at and let it idle for a bit. The battery didn't seem to loose any power. Then when I tightened the nut back down it went back to draining the batter. Is it just a connection problem? The alternator was also really hot after being ran for only 20 minutes. No idea what this all means...
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,697
    Sounds like you need a new alternator..


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • ruger17ruger17 Posts: 1
    When I turn on the headlights the green "D" light goes off and the orange "R" light comes on and it's like it goes into neutral. The car slows down and the tac goes up. Turn the lights off and it's normal again? Any ideas?
  • dougsupradougsupra Posts: 2
    I have the same exact issue with my 2000 limited, but it only happens with high beams on mine. The code being thrown is for neutral safety switch, not sure what that has to do with headlights though. If you find out anymore on the issue please let me know this problem is kicking my [non-permissible content removed].
  • christy63christy63 Posts: 1
    My seat belt light is working backwards, the speedometer, tachometer, odometer are not working. the radio and A/C are working fine. This all started after I got my vehicle back form the repair shop after being rear-ended last month. What is going on? The repair shop can't figure it out and the dealer did a "health check" and the computer said nothing was wrong! Can anyone help?
  • I drive a 2000 4runner sr5 and my symptoms are exactly the same as the ones you mentioned. I've taken it two shops for opinions. The first one said it popped for neutral safety switch. Then I took it to a Toyota dealership and they are telling me that I need a new ECA and wiring harness to the tune of $4500+. Please tell me you found a way to fix your car without replacing everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Zach
  • wimike3wimike3 Posts: 1
    edited February 2013
    I have a four runner in which I replaced the battery, rebuilt the alternator. When I use turn signal radio goes off yet signal works. My battery gage drops. After it runs a while if I shut it off needs jump to restart. Starts immediatly with a jump. Any and all input is welcome.
  • boats3boats3 Posts: 42

    I have a 2005 4Runner Limited with the V-8 and air ride. When I step on the brake, the GPS and 12volt charger go out but come right back on. This happened only when I stepped on the brake until today. Then the problem happened at idle in park. Also yesterday the engine seemed to be searching for an idle. Lastly as I was driving down the highway today with the cruise control on the car did the same thing but took the car out of cruise control, then the cruise control indicator started to flash. It only stopped after I turned the cruise off and back on. I have 165k on the truck and use it to tow our camper. What a great tow vehicle and I am just not ready to get rid of it yet, still have another 200k to go. Any helpful suggestions are appreciated.

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