What is causing my 2000 Lincoln LS to overheat constently?

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I have a 2000 Lincoln LS 3.0 V6. As of late I cant even drive the car around the block without it overheating. I have put water and anti freeze and a new thermostat in it and it continues to do the same. I think it has something to do with the fan but I'm not sure. I just got a new power steering pump and took it to a mechanic. He tells me that the power steering pump I have wont work because it doesn't have a sensor on it. Is this true? If not the hydraulic fan, what else could be the cause of this problem. Please Please!!!! Any advice is greatly appreciated, as this car is my only means of transportation.



  • stockdoxstockdox Member Posts: 14

    If it is overheating that quickly, there must be an obstruction somewhere. The thermostat is the most common but you say that is changed out. Change out the radiator pressure cap. The system won't work if it is not adequately pressurized. Make sure none of your cooling hoses are crimped.

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    Definitely not the fan. As stockdox has pointed out, very quick overheats relate to coolant circulation problems, whereas slow overheats often relate to AIR circulation problems.

    you should probably have the car tested for a bad head gasket or a crack in the cylinder head water jacket, and also make sure the thermostat has been installed correctly.

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