BMW 320i xDrive or 328 xDrive Need help in leasing.

zainsikzainsik Member Posts: 7
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Hi guys, I just made this form to ask you guys a question. I just moved here and I'm just starting University here. I want to lease a car for uni, and my Dad gave me 300$ a month range. He'll probably even let me spend uphill 2800$ on Down. I'll lease through my brother who pretty much has an excellent credit history so that won't be a problem. I needed help in knowing would I be able to lease a 3 series for 300$ a month. I wouldn't mind leasing an Audi or a Mercedes. And the only feature I need is all wheel drive and the ones I want are a back up camera and bluetooth. Besides that I'm pretty happy with the standard features. So do you guys think I would be able to lease any of these?


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