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Ford Escape



  • mikepromikepro Posts: 25
    Look at these links for 2002 info:

    (Links broken up with spaces due to Edmunds' limitations" pics/2002_escape_1.jpg pics/2002_escape_2.jpg

    Shows color changes, and changes to standard equipment. I like the fact the the XLT will get a power drivers seat standard.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Try 'em this way:

    Brochure page 1

    Brochure page 2

    Ford is also running an ad on the Ford Escape new car info page at Edmunds if you want to order a print brochure or look at different colors on the rig. Look for the "Special Info From Ford" link once you pick the model version you are interested in.

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  • steve344steve344 Posts: 1
    In response to 691, I had the same thing, I sprayed the latch box with wd 40, and also some on the joints of the struts that hold up the hatch, the squeaks went away.

    Has anyone else been losing any windshield washer fluid?
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    My '01 XLT 4x4 V6 has about 600 miles now, and everything is still perfect. I'm sadden to read so many reports of "recalls" and problems (with seatbelts, lower control arm, etc.) that does not show up on the NHTSA list. Where can I find a complete list of issues that plagued the Escape since it first sold?
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    But you have to search for it. It wont come up if you use the Make and Model Search. Use the Year search on the left side and fill the prompts as required.
  • bangsmicbangsmic Posts: 1
    Say an article today that Ford was going to recall almost all Firestone Wilderness AT tires on their vehicles. I have an Escape on order right now. Don't they come with those tires? (XLT 4X4) Wonder if this is going to hold up my order or if I am going to be hassled latter to have replacements put on.
  • Hmm the escape looks like it really had a future, too bad for all of those recalls in its first few monts because that really hurt sales.

    Anyways, anyone know if Ford will have the front bumper of the car painted to match the rest of the car in the near future? I t would look a lot better than the ugly gray in fornt in my opinion.
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    I used to own a '99 Accord 4cyl that could easily make 70-100mph high-speed passes while keeping its composure and stability, and with lots of power. In fact, 110mph didn't feel much different from 70 in the Accord.

    Has anybody tried this in a V6 Escape? Mine is still in its "break-in" stage, so I won't be pushing it for a while.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The Escape was the fourth best selling SUV in April selling 14,025 vehicles and has sold 56,010 vehicles so far this year. That puts them at #6 for the year. I know people have complained about the recalls, but remember each of these were voluntary, not mandatory. Ford could have fixed problems as they came up under warranty and most people wouldn't have known about the problems until their cars broke. Voluntary recalls are a proactive way to correct problems before people suffer possibly life threatening situations. They could have tried to do what Mitsubishi in Japan did. Toyota Camry's have had over 40 recalls in their history with over 100,000 recalled for a similar steering nut problem that Ford had. Those vehicle were on the road up to 5 years before they were recalled.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I doubt that any SUV (except maybe the X5) will have the same handling characteristics at high speed that a sedan or coupe will. If you were looking for that kind of performance, you picked the wrong type of vehicle. I'm sure the Escape will go that fast, but if you run into an emergency situation the vehicle configuration of an SUV will leave you a much smaller margin of error before you lose control.
  • Noticed that in fall privacy glass is standard. I do not want this! I don't care for the dark interior that results with privacy glass, and with the tonneau cover, I get the privacy I'm looking for.

    Question is, am I OK getting an Escape now, in the 2001 model year, given all the recalls in its first year? Or will mechanicals be that much better in 2002? I really DO NOT want that privacy glass. But I do want a mechanically sound vehicle.
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    bangsmic - Not sure about the Escape but the Tribute comes with the Wilderness HT nor the AT (which apparently is the one under recall).

    firstname - First of all I agree with tincup that the X5 would most likely have the best steering, however, I also feel you must remember SUVs are not sports cars, they are not meant for high speed driving. Second of all, I believe that both the Escape and the Tribute are electronically governed (computer chip) to top out at 107mph.

    RECALLS - were not all these done prior to November. Since that time has any new production Escape/Tribute been effected by them?
  • gnomicgnomic Posts: 11

    We thank you for your interest in Ford's tire replacement program for
    Firestone Wilderness AT tires. We hope that the following information
    will assist you in understanding the situation and in addressing your
    questions regarding the safety of your vehicle.

    Ford will replace Firestone Wilderness AT tires on Ford Explorers,
    Expeditions, F-Series and Ranger and Mercury Mountaineers at no expense
    to our customers. This is a voluntary precautionary measure. Ford made
    the decision to take this action after extensive examination of real
    world data as well as laboratory and track testing in close
    collaboration with NHTSA. The real world data, in conjunction with our
    testing and statistical projections, shows these tires will probably
    have elevated failure rates at some time in the future. Ford does not
    have sufficient confidence in the future performance of these tires, so
    we're acting in the interest of our customers' safety and to ensure
    their continued trust and confidence.

    If you have Firestone Wilderness AT tires on your Ford or Mercury
    vehicle, a communication will be mailed to you to have your tires
    replaced at no charge.

    Ford Motor Company's first concern is for the safety of our customers.
    The large number of vehicles involved will almost immediately exhaust
    manufacturer inventories before they are able to increase production
    volumes. We are halting production at some of our assembly plants to
    divert tire volume toward this program.

    If your tires are older than three years, or have more than 30,000 miles
    on them, please contact an authorized Ford or Lincoln Mercury Certified
    Tire dealer to arrange to have your tires replaced. Because tire
    supplies are limited, we are asking customers with newer tires to
    schedule an appointment after they receive the notification letter from

    For all tires, it is important to maintain proper inflation pressure
    (for proper tire pressure check the label on the driver side door jam),
    not to overload your vehicle, and inspect tires periodically for any

    If you paid to replace your Firestone Wilderness AT tires from August 1,
    2000 through May 22, 2001 and you have your original receipt, Ford Motor
    Company will reimburse you. If you still have your old tires you should
    return them to your Ford or Lincoln Mercury Certified Tire Dealer for
    free tire disposal and refund processing. You can receive a refund by
    attaching your original receipt (no copies) to a completed refund form.
    The refund form is available on the Internet at

    If you have further specific questions, please email us at or call us at 1-866-300-1226 and we will be
    happy to address your inquires. Also, the latest updates to the program
    are available at

    Thank you again for contacting Ford Motor Company there are two things
    that we never take lightly: Your safety and your trust.

    Ford Motor Company
    Customer Relationship Center
  • participantparticipant Posts: 29
    Although not a recall, the gas smell, so someone said in one of these forums, could be a problem for later built Escapes & Mazdas because the engines were already in stock.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    I ordered my Escape on May I am now waiting. I have already had for knock a little off because of the Firestone's... instead I'm going to Goodyear and having Wrangler RT-S tires put on.
  • hunnybeehunnybee Posts: 1
    Reply to #613 taylair - Yes, we had transmission problems. I would see a dealer right away if I were you. We have a chrome yellow XLT V6...very fun to drive and our first brand new car/truck. We were coming home from a long weekend trip and still 4 hours from home when the o/d light began flashing on the highway. We were surprised with only 800 miles on the odometer, but we decided to stop at the closest dealer we could find. As it turned out, the transmission was running reverse, first and second all at the same time. The Ford dealer we stopped at took a look and after very nicely providing a loaner car for us to get home, called and told us that there were some defective Escape transmissions and that Ford was sending out a whole new factory transmission. They received and installed the transmission, only to have one of the seals leak. After 2 weeks, we got our Escape back with a new transmission, a new seal and all seems just fine.
  • gnomicgnomic Posts: 11

    I drove past the local ford dealer on the way home. All the Escapes had Firestone HTs, not the recalled ATs.

    So we take a hit in the pocketbook on resale if we unload it with the 'stones. Frankly, I'll probably replace the tires before I sell, so I'm not that worried. Given a chioce between 'stones and goodyear, I'll take the 'stones.

    I don't know what I'll replace these with, but if Perrelli has a tire that fits... Best Tires I ever owned. Could take my Accord around a cloverleaf curve doing 70 with narry a skid. My wife had the exact same car with cheaper tires and I couldn't do the same thing at 50.

    For those of you worried at this tire recall, relax. the Escape is much lighter than the explorer and not so tall, so the stresses that may cause failure are much less. Chances are some idiot will hit you before your tires blow up.

    Just a matter of perspective!
  • Received my X-Plan quote in writing and there is a $300 charge for Financing. What is this?

    Also, they are charging holdback for both the vehicle and its options...why, if I have to order out for this vehicle?

    Other than that, the price is about 0.7% over invoice (about $2,100 less than MSRP). They say the price they are quoting me is an estimate and the final price will come when the vehicle comes. Yet they want me to sign a purchase contract. Should I?

    I ran out of time yesterday, as I had an appointment, so didn't finish the financial paperwork.

    Please help!
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    There are to be "NO" additional charges with the X plan except for tax,tags and title. NONE.Contact Ford Motor Corp. at their customer service 800 number immediately...if not sooner...The dealer knowsw these rules and "MUST" follow them.X plan on the Escape is approxiamately $200 to 300 under the dealer invoice price.104% of A Plan price.
  • I would never sign for something until I see exactly what it is I am signing for.....
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    Thanks, I didn't know it's electronically limited to 107mph. Of course, I know my XLT V6 is not a sports car, but neither is the Accord. I would not go weekend racing with either vehicle.

    However, it's amazingly stable and quiet and powerful at 70mph on the freeway -- and getting up to that speed. I'm curious if this confidence-inspiring composure and stability will still be present at 90mph or 100mph?

    gnomic- Escape not as tall as the Explorer? Have you checked your stats? Yes it is indeed taller than the Explorer! And you would "replace your tires before you sell?" I simply do not understand that reasoning.
  • rysterryster Posts: 565
    2002 Explorer 4x4 is 71.9 inches tall (the pre-'02 Explorer 4x4's were 67.5 inches tall)
    2001 Escape XLT 4x4 is 67.0 inches tall.

    Stats say Explorer is taller regardless of model year.

    I understand the reasoning behind changing the Firestones prior to trade-in. Simple matter of perception. A truck with Firestones will be perceived as being less safe than the same truck with non-Firestone tires. As a result, the value of the Firestone truck will seem lower. The $300 cost of changing the tires may result in a resale value much higher than having not discarded the Firestones.

    I had the same concerns re: my '00 Explorer and it even came new with Goodyears. I think this whole debacle is going to have a large impact on resale values (regardless of tire brand) but only in an immediate time frame. Long-term, once everything is taken care of and the "heat is off", resale values will begin to stabilize and rebound slightly. It's just a matter of getting the Firestones out of the picture and getting on with business as usual.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    cornering ability in an Escape?? Why?? These are SUV's not race cars.. Want a vehicle that will corner and get highs speeds?? Buy a Corvette or Mustang...
  • curreycurrey Posts: 144
    The Tribute does quite well crusing on the interstate at 90mph. However, during a long road trip that is the fastest I have or will drive it.
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    ...and who said anything about cornering and racing? I think vince8 is reading between the lines, but nevertheless, I would like to appreciate the ride and handling of my Escape with enough margin for freeway passing.

    Regarding height, the 2001 Ford SUV brochure (the green one with a compass on the cover) lists these statistics:

    Exterior height:
    Escape 69.1 inches
    Explorer 4dr 67.5 inches
    Explorer Sport 68.2 inches
    Explorer Sport Trac 70.1 inches

    Ground clearance:
    Escape 7.8 inches
    Explorer 6.7 inches (all models)

    Head room first row:
    Escape 40.4 inches
    Explorer 4dr 39.9 inches
    Explorer Sport 39.4 inches
    Explorer Sport Trac 39.4 inches

    Head room second row:
    Escape 39.2 inches
    Explorer 4dr 39.3 inches
    Explorer Sport 39.1 inches
    Explorer Sport Trac 38.9 inches

    Roof racks and moon roofs will have a slight impact, of course. But as you can see, the Escape is overall *taller* than the Explorer for this model year. Have they completely redesigned the Explorer for 2002? Who cares? That's not a direct comparison anyway -- we might as well compare a 1989 Explorer! Or a 2003 Escape HEV. Or...
  • Well, ordered an Escape today. Now the wait begins. Ordered dark green, no privacy glass. Should be nice, I hope. I just want it to work and be a nice vehicle.

    I feel about 6 on a scale of 10 about the X-Plan. I think there's a lot that is not very well explained, and I can't say that my X-plan buying experience has been without confusion and hassle.

    It seems that all car salesmen, no matter which mfr. you are dealing with, have a circular way of talking, or they explain things too fast, or jump over things that are concerning you.

    A friend of mine is married to a new-car dealership manager, and I even talked to him about the X-plan. I can imagine their conversations, because he is nimbly able to communicate in the above-mentioned format.
  • odie6lodie6l Hershey, PaPosts: 1,173
    Glad you were able to order yours today. Did the Dealer tell you about how long till the escape would arrive? I ordered mine 2wks ago today and I still don't know when it will be coming in.. they told me 8-10 weeks, but when they get a deffinate date they will call me and let me know.
  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    ...using a modified version of the "Rizzo Method." Go to

    It's a shrewd business tactic mixed with a lot of common sense discussed many times on the BMW E46 (new 3-series) forum, and works amazingly well if you have some time. You just have to add a bit of upfront research on availability vs. offer-over-invoice for your particular city.

  • firstnamefirstname Posts: 45
    ...because they're Firestones?

    It reminds me of this guy I knew in college who lived like a slob and didn't clean or fix anything in his apartment until he was about to move out. Then, and only then, would he take painstaking measures to polish his hole-in-the-wall until it was virtually "perfect" -- in order to get back his rent deposit, so he claims. Unfortunately, there was always a deduction for carpet cleaning, and the next tenant turns out to be the beneficiary of his cleaning! It's too bad he never enjoyed living in a decent place for more than half a day.
  • Well, the dealer said anywhere from 8-12 weeks and would let me know as the date got closer. It's a factory order--which is fine with me. Sounds similar to your situation.

    I actually don't mind waiting a little bit. I'm pretty happy with my '99 Escort. The only reason I'm getting an SUV is for hauling stuff like sheets of plywood, etc. And the leather seats will help with the dog hair problem. My dog has long hair, and lots of it, so I'm done cleaning cloth seats.

    They are replacing the Firestone tires at no extra cost. I put down a $200 deposit.
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