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Mazda Tribute



  • doc1doc1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Tribute with under 500 miles. It drifts relatively heavily to the left; the dealer claimed it was tire pressure (NOT) and said it drove within tolerance after he 'fixed' it. On the way home the drift was still there; others remark that the steering seems loose. I have been driving Mazdas and Fords over these same roads for close to 30 years, this is the first car that has given me this problem. Any thoughts other than having the dealer look at it again (I do plan to do that--despite the 90 minutes each way).
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    picked up an 05 tribute brochure yesterday, as i read it, the i model gets the 4 cyl engine/man or auto trans and disc/drum brakes with abs. fwd or awd.
      the s model get the v6,auto trans/ 4 wheel disc brakes with abs in either fwd or awd trim. this is a stark difference to the 05 escape. the escape with 4 wheel disc brakes can only be had with awd. interesting.
      when will mazda start shipping the 05 tribute? the salesman i talked to in Council Bluffs, IA said they may not get any until mid or late summer. is this sales BS or what?????????
      the escape salesman i talked to at a dealership, acrossed the street from the mazda dealer, says the cutain air bag system is being restricted to 20% of escape orders because the supplier of the curtain system can't keep up with demand.
      anyone hear anything else about the 05 tribute?
  • mdiguymdiguy Posts: 3
    Have had my 04 Tribute since Nov 1 of 03. I too noticed it has a little pull. Had tires rotated, and it went away. I rotate the tires at every oil change, and on my last oil change I noticed no more pull. It is likely there may be a defective belt in the radial causing the pull. Sometimes they self correct with wear, often not. Try replacing the tire before doing any steering or front end adjustments. Now have 12K (3 oil changes)on it....No Problems...this is a great vehicle. Note:make sure your knobs on the adjustable roof rack are tight. Mine got loose and came off - cost $15 bucks to replace.
  • zeenzeen Posts: 401
    My local dealer here in the Philly area has about 6 '05 Tributes. At least 2 have the side airbags. Perhaps it takes longer to get them to IA.
  • joey2brixjoey2brix Posts: 463
    I'm sure some dealers might have a few '04's still on the lot and will say anything for you to look at those first.
  • LDKLDK Posts: 2
    Anderson Mazda in Lincoln, NE has 4 or 5 05's. You could call them.
  • LDKLDK Posts: 2
    I just checked Sid Dillon's in Fremont, NE and they have 6 '05's listed, so it looks like there are some in your area.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    thanks for all the feedback. i was guessing the salesman was BSing me. he said they had NO 05 on the lot. he further reinforces the trustworthyness of the car salesman's word.
      i like the 05 tribute. nice looking ride. i would like them to offer traction control on the fwd model. what do you all think? is fwd good enough or go awd? we drive nearly all paved roads and some gravel. snow removal is pretty good in our area. currently have an old intrigue with trac control, sometime the light that shows its working comes on, but never feel it working.

    would like to hear your opinions. i am leaning toward fwd over awd because fwd is cheaper to but and insure,better fuel mileage and fewer items to service
  • mdiguymdiguy Posts: 3
    Ive got an 04 Trib with 4 wheel drive. First time Ive had 4wd. Positively worked great in the in VA, and my driveway is on a hill....could not get out with FWD Windstar, or my FWD Concord. Trib went up with ease - theyre great. Can probably count the times on one hand I will need 4WD, but is worth it when you need to get out in an emergency. Enjoybable car to probs like the 01,02, 03 Escapes. Go for it ...theyre fun and priced right.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    i'm not versed in the different traction setups on the newer suv's like the tribute.
     question: if you jack up both right or both left side tires off the ground on an awd tribute does the vehicle move forward or do the 2 wheels off the ground just spin? what if 3 wheels were off the ground? ANY input is greatly appreciated.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Posts: 4,421
    First the Escape, now the Tribute's included, naturally!

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    you said..."i was guessing the salesman was BSing me. he said they had NO 05 on the lot. he further reinforces the trustworthyness of the car salesman's word"

    I just looked on the dealer located for the dealership you mentioned for any 2005 4x4 and sure enough, none.... Not all dealers took the early allocation of 2005's, especially if they had a selection of 2004's in inventory...Remember, the guy works on comission, why wouldnt he want to sell you a 2005 if it was actually there???

    maybe you should lighten on on the salesman BS statement.

  • mdiguymdiguy Posts: 3
    ..........Beats Me....Never tried this...Sounds like a great question for the mechanic at the dealer
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    With the upcoming introduction of the Escape Hybrid, who long before we should expect to see a Tribute Hybrid?

    The press all seemed pretty impressed with the Tribute/Escape when they first came out except for the limited range with the V6 fuel consumption and the small capacity gas tank. It sounds like the hybrid system would address both these issues ... increase overall fuel economy so the smaller capacity tank doesn't limit the total vehicle range as much.

    I like the looks of the Tribute and was considering one when they came out but the 200 mile cruising range and frequent fill-ups that I was reading about did not appeal to me.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    Mazda has not mentioned anything to us about a hybrid tribute. This does not mean it's a no-go but usually they mention something...I did hear that the Mercury Mariner will offer a hybrid version. The mariner is going to be Mercury's version of the Tribute/Escape.
  • norrmanndonorrmanndo Posts: 81
    If you press the 4WD lock button, you can pull with only one wheel on the ground. If you press the lock button and turn a corner on dry pavement, especially in reverse, it will really cause the tires to throw fits.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I have an update for you on the hybrid tribute...there is going to be one. But the Ford version will come first and get all the publicity.
  • jveneziajvenezia Posts: 85
    According to, there may be a hybrid in 2007. On the other hand, I came across another piece of news that said Mazda has absolutely no plans to produce a hybrid due to market cannibalization concerns with the Ford Escape hybrid and with some production or regulatory costs associated with the electric plant for a vehicle that sells at only a fraction of its Ford twin. However, the article also stated that Mazda will continue to take a hard look at the Escape hybrid success and, if absolutely necessary, use the same electric technology to rush a hybrid Tribute to market.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I got my info on a conference call with mazda...I expect it as a 2006 model.....the hybrid tech is coming from Ford and another mfg...they wouldn't say who it was, but I think it's toyota.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    That is good news about a Tribute hybrid. Do you know if the hybrid powertrain utilizes the same 2.3L 4cyl power plant that is used in the Mazda 6i and the Mazda 3s?

    The reason I am asking is I think a Mazda 6i hybrid utilizing the same 2.3L hybrid plant that is used in the Escape would be a great vehicle (and with the introduction of the hybrid Civic, Prius, and rumors of a hybrid Accord, it sounds like Mazda should try and get on board with a sedan of their own). It seems that Mazda could utilize the hybrid technology that has been developed for the Escape in the Tribute and Mazda 6. With the continuing rise of fuel costs, anything that increases fuel economy and extends range is a good thing.
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    it will be similar to the Escape...

    What are your thoughts about the gas mileage results on the hybrids not being up to expectations?? I have seem some people really bugged that they spent the extra $$$ to buy a hybrid only to find out the gas mileage in real world driving is 30% less than the EPA rating on the window sticker.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    I too have read about the EPA ratings and the lesser mileage that people are getting. In my comparisons, I look at the hybrid versus the V6 models. My idea is as follows;

    The hybrid Escape/Tribute is reported to have performance comparable to the V6 powered engine (whether this is accurate or not I won't be able to tell until I test drive the vehicle). The reported numbers are in the 35 mpg range. Even if the numbers are 30% less based on city driving, that is still around 7 mpg more in city based driving than the V6 model. Having a smaller fuel tank saddled with the lower fuel economy of the Duratec V6 makes the in town range of the Tribute pretty poor. That additional 7 mpg adds over 100 miles in range to the Tribute. The majority of my driving is 50/50 city hwy so I would more than likely see a pretty good jump in total range if I was to be driving a Hybrid vs the V6 vehicle. Not to mention the reduction in pollutants driving the hybrid.

    Now, I haven't test driven a Escape/Tribute with the new 2.3L 4 cyl engine yet. I have driven the V6 model and the previous generation 4 cyl engine. The V6 was great but the 4 cyl was not anything to get excited about. I have driven a Mazda 3 with the 2.3L 4 cylinder engine and it was very peppy. I may need to take another test drive in the Tribute i using the new 2.3L 4 banger. If only Mazda offered the 2.3L Tribute with AWD and a 5 speed manual transmission like they do with the Escape. I much prefer the body lines of the Tribute to that of the Escape and I would prefer to row my own gears when driving a vehicle with a smaller displacement engine.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Looked at 4 Mazda dealerships for an 05 Tribute "i" automatic AWD. NONE to be found. Of course they can "locate" one for me but didn't want to deal with the dealer trade garbage. While looking the wife came across a white with gold trim V6ES version. Fell in love and that was all she wrote. So, now I own an 01 Escape XLT V6 and an 04 Tribue ESV6... Went home and found out Mazda had $3,500 cash back! Negotiated down to 22K for the vehicle. Showing them ads for Escape Limiteds that are pretty much the same equipped. Noticed the Mazda sits higher than my Escape. Same tires and wheel size too..
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Congrats Scape, and good timing - we just reopened the Honda CR-V vs Mazda Tribute discussion a couple of days ago.

    [edit] lol, nevermind - I see you found it :-)

    Steve, Host
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    i have read reviews that the 01-04 tribute/escape have excessive road and wind noise. ford says they have addressed the problems on the 05 escapes with the addition of more sound deadening material and new window seals. i assume the same has been done for the tribute. does anyone have any real world comparision to know if the 05 tribute is quieter than the 01-04 models? i know that tire brand and tread design can make a difference.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    I own both an 01 Escape XLT V6 4WD and an 04 Tribute ES V6 4WD. I expected my insurance to go up from our 2000 Accord SE, it actually stayed the same. And the real shocker is it is about $100 less than my Escape a year in the premium..
    Go figure...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Mazda chat starts any minute now - link's on the left!

    Steve, Host
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17
    I was very sure I was going to buy a Honda CR-V, but after reading some of the Boards here, I decided to look at a 2004 Tribute.

    I talked with a salesman after test driving one and couldn't get to a price I was comfortable with. Admittedly, I wasn't very serious in negotiating. After a week, he called me at home and told me they were offering another $2500 incentive on top of the $2500 incentive they currently have for a total of $5,000 off (The LX version)

    This ends 6/30 and although I was going to hold out until August, this may be hard to pass up.

    Without serious negotiations, I had them at $22,500 with the luxury package which would bring me around $20,000. I'm going back on 6/29 (good time for quota pressure) and try to knock them down another $1000 and then tell them I am trading in my 98 Nissan Altima.

    For those of you who bought, is this a good price???

    Any concerns about the 2004 Tribute??

    Thanks for any feedback!

  • bubba.werkbubba.werk Posts: 11
    Yeah I have been talking to some internet sales people and one dealership said that they would give $3k and $3k total of $6k off MSRP. I am not sure about this but it is listed on their site. I am in Dallas and have been talking with a Dealership in McKinney, Tx. It is El Dorado and they were going to match real easy. I thought I would wait and let them sweat it out to see if I could get it cheaper. I am going to wait until The very last day of the month when the sale is over. I am suspecting that there is going to be more sales in the next few months. I have been in the same situation as you with the CRV in mind.
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17

    It makes me nervous to go with Mazda when Honda is so reliable.
    I really liked the CRV (ES) and I'm trying to get local Honda dealer to compete with the Mazda deal. So far, they are insulting my intelligence ($750 off MSRP, especially after my wife and I have bought our last 3 cars from them. I just don't like the 4 cylinder engine in the CRV as compared to V6 in the Mazda.
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