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Mazda Tribute

meredithmeredith Member Posts: 575
This topic is a continuation of Topic 3127....

Mazda Tribute - II. Please continue these
discussions here. Thanks!

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  • kingdudekingdude Member Posts: 12
    I really do. Bad things have happened to my trib too ( fuel leak ) but I still love it! I know that I don't sound objective but......I love my trib!
  • krolik99krolik99 Member Posts: 4
    I just bought ES-V6 4WD and wondering if
    anybody has the same issue with the car: once I
    stop on the uphill, the car would roll back and I
    have to press and hold break pedal. My old car
    would just stand still on the uphill, with no gas
    or break pedals pressed. Is this really a problem,
    or all Tributes do this? Any response is greatly
  • krolik99krolik99 Member Posts: 4
    What type of fuel do I have to put into my new Trib? I know it's unleaded, but is it Regular or Super/Premium?
  • bonitatlbonitatl Member Posts: 5
    I'm going to be buying an Escape as soon as the
    dealer can find the one I want. I have
    both the Escape and Tribute and I have not noticed
    appreciable wind noise that others are complaining
    about. I went 70mph in both and didn't notice
    excessive road or wind noise. Granted, I own a
    ragtop now and my previous car had T-tops, so
    I'm so used to noise that I don't pay attention

    I guess I'm going to have to test-drive again and
    pay attention especially for that!

  • dimpsdimps Member Posts: 5
    I also have an ESv6 4wd and my trib would roll backwards on an uphill also. I have owned other mazdas, olds, etc. and you had to apply pressure to the brake on all of them when on an uphill. I was told to use regular unleaded gas - no premium or upgrade needed. Also, I have never noticed excessive wind noise with the Tribute.
  • ruskiruski Member Posts: 1,566
    many cars roll back on an uphill, don't sweat it.
  • csapm3csapm3 Member Posts: 6
    Took our Tribute to the hills of Pennsylvania this weekend. It was the first long trip we,ve made since buying it. I averaged 23 mpg on 2 tanks of gas and about 425 miles. I do find the mirrors to generate wind noise but only around 72mph and higher - below that I really didn't notice. It drove great - quiet, tight, and smooth. My only wish would be to get the steering wheel closer to me (that's subjective because my wife likes it where it is) and extend the door arm rest so the width of my arm would rest on the whole thing. I am very happy and have no regrets about buying this truck.
  • omnibudomnibud Member Posts: 24
    if you have the trib w/ V6 engine the manual says to use at least 87 octane fuel which depending on
    where you live is either regular or mid-grade unleaded. we live at ~7000 ft so for us it is midgrade, I know that at sea level it is regular.
    i did notice in the manual that the compression ratio of the V6 is 10:1 which is why they want you to use at least 87 octane.
  • rainydograinydog Member Posts: 1
    Here's my two cents on the Tribute. The vehicle runs great. The ride is nice...Some of my family is tall but everyone fits... Its a first year production so there will be some problems (hopefully not any major ones). My guess it that Ford/Mazda will probably be extra careful because of recent PR problems. I paid just under MSRP. I would have probably gotten a car but I very occasionally need extra cargo space for work. The Suburu Forester is nice, but boring (and tight in the back seat)...My tall family did not fit in a Honda CRV. In the Nissan Pathfinder (drivers side) my soon to be driving sons knees were half way up the steering wheel.I probably would have gotten a Ford F150 but will not stick my wife (or myself) in the back, because the rest of the family is too tall...So, maybe the vehicle is a niche item (for me), or maybe just fun to drive (or maybe it was the price) compared to a used/new 4-Runner or Expedition. Or maybe it was the gas mileage, weight and driveability. I did not buy it to take offroad (once in a while). I think the ultimate arguement to take it beyond a "niche" will be reliability (and rollover), the news for which won't be out for awhile.
  • gcjcgcjcgcjcgcjc Member Posts: 4
    Anyone know why the Escape discussion can have over 11000 entries and continue and the Tribute get bumped to a new discussion after a couple of hundred? It makes it a little more difficult maintaining the continuity of the different threads.
  • dniehusdniehus Member Posts: 83
    Well that really should be answered by the Edmunds' moderator. But, I believe the 11000 entry figure you refer to is on the Yahoo Ford Escape Club, not Edmunds.
  • smokey75smokey75 Member Posts: 434
    Hey, I don't have my Tribute yet but Saulmar was asking what kind of wax people are using. A couple of years ago someone told me about & I started using Race Glaze Polish/Wax. It does a great job (especially with fine scratches) & is probably the easiest wax I have ever taken off of a vehicle. LIGHT rubbing with a towel is all it takes & the longer it has to dry, the easier it seems to be to remove. I'm a firefighter & we now use this on all our trucks with great results. It's not the easiest wax to find but their web site may be able to help:


    By the way, just tried the Race Glaze Auto Trim Renewer & it works really well on faded or waxed black trim.
  • bgritzbgritz Member Posts: 139
    Look at Zaino, it's a show car waz/polish system. A friend of mine uses Zaino on his Bimmer. I have never seen a wax/polish go on so easy and look so great for so long!! I had never heard of it before, but am planning on ordering some soon.

    here are some pictures.
    there have also been many VERY Happy customers on the '01 Pathfinder forum.
  • bironbbironb Member Posts: 63
    I was examining Tributes’ at a local dealer’s lot
    and noticed that the lower body plastic cladding
    were all wavy and some were actually pulling away
    from the body of the vehicles door panels and
    exposing the insert plastic clips. Now I don’t
    know whether this is weather related, as it’s
    getting quite cold here and maybe the plastic is
    warping or something.

    Anyone else noticed this problem?
  • tronsrtronsr Member Posts: 46
    Please be advised there is a "wax" topic under Maintenance and Repair board. And we don't need Zaino posts here.
  • rcoffeercoffee Member Posts: 1
    Desert Metallic ES, Luxury Package, Moonroof, ABS, Premium Stereo, Towing Package, Cargo Net, Cargo Liner. Less than 1000 miles, no fuel smell, no wiper problem. FOR SALE $30,000! No wait, no hassle. I live in upstate SC. email @ [email protected]

    Get it now!!!!
  • dimpsdimps Member Posts: 5
    Is this for real?
  • sjohn3sjohn3 Member Posts: 5
    I have been wanting a Tribute since June. I have been checking this and other sites since that time. I, like everyone else, was disappointed when there were so many problems with them. Since my car was paid for and running great, I was in no real hurry to have a new car. I decided to wait until things were worked out.

    I went by our Mazda dealership in Lexington, KY. the week before Thanksgiving. They had over 20 Tributes in stock! (ES, LX, and DX) I thought that they might be willing to deal right before Thanksgiving with so many in stock. I had been there a 2 months earlier and they would not come off the sticker at all.

    They did not have exactly what I wanted in options, but I settled for a LX silver 4x4. I asked them about the recalls, and they said they had repaired them. I feel I got a good price ($800 over invoice), and picked it up Wednesday evening.

    I now have 1100 miles on it and LOVE it. I do have the gas smell problem, but it is very minor and is gone in 2-3 seconds. Windshield wipers work great. Cruise works great. Stereo is awesome!

    I love the way this automobile handles! I am glad that I waited for a better price and for these recalls to be fixed. I am also glad to have my new car and am glad I didn't wait till Spring!

    I have no problem with the interior. The gear shift is too long, but I am already used to it - no big deal.

    After reading many negative posts through the months, I feel that this site can discourage a lot of people from getting an automobile they would really enjoy. I appreciate all the helpful comments, but if you want a really fun auto to drive - reconsider the Tribute!
  • jhonakerjhonaker Member Posts: 1
    After you stop the car, get out, pop the hood, and smell the engine. If you can smell gas around the left side of the block, then it might be an intake manifold problem.

    I have an Platinum ES that developed the gas smell at around 800 miles, and it ended up being the manifold gasket, which had to be replaced.

    At least one other person had a cracked manifold that had to be replaced.

    So, I'd take it back to your dealer and discuss the fuel smell issue.

    Glad you love your Trib, I love mine too. :) I do wish they had some bolder, brighter colors available. The color selections on the Escape and Tribute (with the exception of the Yellow Escape) were somewhat conservative for my tastes.

  • sjohn3sjohn3 Member Posts: 5
    I appreciate your help, James. I will check it out. I only notice it when I restart the engine after it has been running - similar to what others have reported.

    I agree about the colors. I like the silver; however, my last two vehicles have been silver and I would have liked a change. I much preferred the grey interior to the tan, so the platinum seemed the best choice. Blue was okay, but did not look as rich. A vibrant red would have been nice. I look for some new color choices with the 2002 models.
  • johnx1johnx1 Member Posts: 1
    I have 1400 miles on my Tribute and have not had any wiper or gas odors. My only complaint is gear selector is too long and blocks volume control when in drive position and driving range seems short(under 300 miles).Ihope that will improve after break in.
  • tsctomtsctom Member Posts: 9
    >>And we don't need
    Zaino posts here.<<

    tronsr, with all due respect, why not? I just learned of the product today, and am glad he mentioned it.

    Why did you jump on this guy so hard and quickly? Are you the board's official wax police?
  • dapperonedapperone Member Posts: 4
    Picked up the white ES model last week. MSRP was $25505. I paid $25000 and the salesman threw in the after market wood grain dash board kit. I was quoted MSRP at other dealers for the ES. They dealt a little more on the other models, but their ES's flew out the door. Have about 550 miles and everything works well. NO Gas Smell. Two minor things : 1) road noist is loud on the highway, but I think that may be the tires.The great sound system has to be cranked up a notch 1) long gear lever partially blocks the radio volume control.
    These things are minor and are really of no consequence. The vehicle(is it a car of truck?)looks great, rides well. Gas mileage is good for an SUV with this engine size. I got about 22+ on mostly highway driving. It may improve after break -in. I am [email protected]
  • frank1955frank1955 Member Posts: 1
    I have ordered my Tribute Sept. 28, 2000. The dealer now tell's me that they ran out of sun roofs and my Tribute won't be in until the 1st quarter. Has anyone else had or have this long wait?
  • flowers6538flowers6538 Member Posts: 1
    I just came from the dealer and was asking about a sun roof for a Tribute. And he informed me that it will take up to 12 weeks or longer due to the high demand of these vehicles. They are hot this year. I test drove an ES-v6 4wd and could not believe how wonderful it was. I was looking for a small suv and test all different kinds from kia's to toyota rav 4, but have to say for the money, the Tribute was outstanding. I can't wait to get mine and drive it. My advise, be patient.
  • cindytay1120cindytay1120 Member Posts: 3
    I ordered a galaxy blue in September. I wanted an ES but without the sunroof. I wanted the premium audio, but you have to get the sunroof with it. I ordered an ES with the ABS and side air bags, no luxury package. I'm still waiting. I don't know if it's because I wanted it without the lux. package, if it's thrown them for a loop or what, but yes, I'm still waiting and considering a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo, blue. Anyone know anything about the Rodeo's?
  • dwsiisdwsiis Member Posts: 16
    Had anyone else had bad experiences dealing with their local Mazda dealer? Friday our Mazda Dealer got a loaded LX in. I drove it,liked it, and negotiated a price of $500.00 below the list of $24500. They wouldn't accept a credit card or personel check as payment, so I went to my bank and had them cut me a certified check for the total amount. Upon returning 1/2 hour later, the salesman told me someone else was test-driving the vehicle. He told me that they had a hard time getting the Tributes in so they would sell the thing to someone else if they could get full price for it.I told him I considered the Tribute mine and I didn't appreciate someone else driving it. When the people testing the Tribute returned ,the sales manager told the people that I had the Tribute unless they could beat my price. They told him they needed to check on financing and the sales manager held it overnight for them to come up with the money.All this time I was standing there with the check and a negotiated deal. Saturday morning they called me and told me the other people came up with the money.... too bad.
    I have never heard of any business doing anything close to that crappy to a customer before. I will NEVER even think about buying a Mazda again. Any company that would allow their dealers to treat their customers so poorly will not have me as a customer. In a way I feel lucky as I can only imagine how poorly they would've treated me WHEN I needed warranty repairs. They have lost a customer for LIFE and everyone else I know that values my opinion.
  • kingdudekingdude Member Posts: 12
    Sounds as though you came upon a lousy dealership that doesn't have the scruples we expect. Don't think that all dealers are made in that mode. No, I'm not a dealer talking here, just a very happy Tribute owner who had an excellant buying and service experience from my dealership. I've read that many others have had the same experience. I've also read that many others have shared your experience or something close to it. If you really like the Tribute then don't let one bad experience from a certain dealer to turn you away. Also know that if Mazda knew of this dealership and it's practices, they wouldn't stand for it. You should find out who the District Service rep is for this dealership and complain to him about it. If you're not the kind of person that takes that direct approach, just find another dealer. LOL!
  • msg419msg419 Member Posts: 1
    Had a Blue LX 4X4 w/ABS ordered since end of Sept.
    Manager of Mazda dealer called me last Thursday to tell me bad news on orders with ABS and/or sunroof. Apparently, Ford/Mazda didn't anticipate the demand for this vehicle and have run out of parts.
    He did offer me a LX 4X4 in Red that had a few more options and of course cost $800+ over the one we had ordered. The price was MSRP and no negotiating.
    Went to the dealership on Saturday and met with the Ford salesman we worked with originally as we intended to buy an Escape, but wife liked the Tribute better. He went over the managers' head to the GM of the dealership and got us a deal and a price break equal to the deal we originally had. We pick up the Tribute this week depending on our schedule.
    Oh, by the way, the Mazda manager wouldn't even raise his head to acknowledge we were at the dealership......not to pissed is he?
  • djlmh1djlmh1 Member Posts: 2
    We drove an ES this weekend & feel that this will be our next car, but financially will be in better position (cash) next spring. Without telling the salesman our schedule, he causually said that Mazda would raise the price Jan 1, 2001. Does anyone know if this is true, rumor, or just a sales tactic?
  • omnibudomnibud Member Posts: 24
    i have not heard of an official price increase on the tribute for 2001. i've only read that mazda 'value priced' the tribute for it's introduction, which has been a great success or a incredible disaster depending on who you talk to.
    what common sense tells me is that when demand out strips supply you increase the price of whatever you are selling. this is supposed to reduce demand on your production efforts and increase per unit profit. so who knows what they will do, i think first they have to find good parts and replace defective ones before they raise the price.
  • wnbwnb Member Posts: 2
    I dropped my Trib off last week to get a new bumper cover, minor accident. I had made sure they had the parts in before leaving it in case of a back order delay. One week later I find out that they haven't done anything yet because they (The auto body shop at the dealer) don't know the color code for the cladding for the Dessert Metalic color. Needless to say I am furious... but if anyone here might be able to help me out, I'd really appreciate it.
  • smokey75smokey75 Member Posts: 434
    Hey, you'd probably be better off waiting for your Tribute rather than buying a Rodeo. They are probably the worst SUV as far as reliability. I own a 1995.5 Rodeo. Check out Consumer Reports & Edmunds, but you'd probably be better off talking to some Rodeo owners on that message board.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    I am having this problem. The SF is cheaper and has a longer warranty, but I trust Mazda's reliability more. Also, should I wait for all the bugs to be worked out or get one now? And which one? Help!!! :)
  • wnbwnb Member Posts: 2
    I really don't believe this. It took me 2 minutes on the phone to get this paint code that the auto body shop said they were waiting for. I gave them the code but their only response to holding my Trib for a week, while I had a rental car, was that they will give me a loaner when I come back in to have the bumper done this time.
    I would NOT recommend that anyone bring their Mazda into the Gallery Group in Norwood MA for auto body work. I do love my Tribute, but part of having the vehicle is dealing with the dealership. Remember to check out BOTH if you are buying a new car.
  • omnibudomnibud Member Posts: 24
    well why did you settle for the tahoe? you could have got a rx3000 for a measly $40,000...better yet opt for the V8 and get the lx470 for a paltry
    $58,000. there are some nice ml430's out there in the $46,000 range and while were at it why not the range rover 4.6hse for a mere $65,000....
    lest we not forget to mention the badest of all
    suv's the hummer that rings in at about $85,000
    depending on why the tahoe? i believe all these vehicles are superior to the tribute, in quality and PRICE!
  • kbaerkbaer Member Posts: 16
    Paul, I thought you were going to hold on to the Protege 'til it quits. Now you're obsessing over the Tribute. What gives?
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    I just bought a house and could use the room to move stuff around because I am renovating. Plus I need something to get through the snow with, which means 4WD. I like the power and look of the Tribute. We shall see though.
  • cindytay1120cindytay1120 Member Posts: 3
    Smokey75, thanks for the tip. There are things I'd be sacrifing on if I got it. I did go to the Isuzu message boards, but I didn't read anything that indicated people loved their Rodeos. With the Trib. people are loving them or hating them. So, if mine ever comes in, I may take it, but I'm still not sure. The problems with it have almost cured my new-car fever. I will wait as long as they need to get the problems worked out, but then I'd hate to have waited and then find some problems. Oh well.
  • nebraskaboynebraskaboy Member Posts: 1
    I just got a call from my dealer and he informed me that my totally loaded Tribute ES is coming in within the next two weeks. He told me that I got one of the last ones with the sunroofs and ABS that are to be made within the next 3 months. I guess I feel lucky but I have been waiting since August 25th. I also negotiated a price $1000 under sticker price back then and they have to honor it although they told me that they could sell it for sticker price without a problem. I guess the wait hasn't been that bad. Hopefully before the year is up I will be driving my new Tribute and can participate in the discussions.

    I do have one question. The dealer told me that Mazda called them and wanted the names of people who have been waiting for a long time to get their Tributes because they want to send them a gift for waiting. Does anyone know what the gift is?
  • oberfieldwebeloberfieldwebel Member Posts: 52
    Yes, the gift is free towing for three years.
  • oberfieldwebeloberfieldwebel Member Posts: 52
    A gas mask.
  • chuckyjrchuckyjr Member Posts: 1
    When I purchased my Tribute LX in New Hampshire, it did not have a license plate bracket on the front bumper. I called back within a few days & set up an appointment to have one installed. However, the service dept called me back a couple of days later & said that Mazda didn't have front license plate brackets available yet for Tributes. She suggested I check with an auto store like Pep Boys for one. I then called the Mazda customer service 800# & verified that no front license brackets are currently available for Tributes. The person at Mazda cust. service said that, while he agreed that the dealership should take care of it somehow, the Mazda "home office" has limited control over dealerships. Therefore, even though this dealership is selling Tributes in a state where front license plate brackets are required by law, they don't have to install them, even if they were available through Mazda, which they aren't!
    The Pep Boys employee I spoke with said that the dealership should take care of this problem, especially since they sold it in NH, to a NH resident & front license plates are required. Has anyone else had a similar experience &, if so, found a solution, either temporary or long term, to this problem?
  • omnibudomnibud Member Posts: 24
    strange?.....we have the 'dealer plate' mounted on the front bumper
    of our es, i didn't look closely but it looks like any other car
    with the plastic frame screwed into the front bumper
  • ffriend125ffriend125 Member Posts: 3

    Just got my Tribute for two weeks, love everything.
    One concern, does any body know about the catalic converter on the
    Tribute or Escape. I notice there is a drain whole on the bottom of the catalic converter box (located underneath the passenger side). In the morning when worm up the car, I can see exhaust coming out from there. Is this normal?
    Can anyone help?

  • tomsrtomsr Member Posts: 325
    I saw this question answered in Saturday's newspaper.It is called a weep hole and it's purpose is to let moisture drain out to prevent
    rusting out of exhaust system.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Member Posts: 108
    (bobmazda) on Yahoo Fordescapeclub Post# 12383 completely eliminated his constant fuel smell problem. His dealer found a sealing gap and fixed it. Smell still completely gone after a 4 hour trip. The fix is easy, check it out!
  • dbunhappydbunhappy Member Posts: 3

    I waited 7 weeks for my new Tribute ES and received it on WED. Thursday PM I had to have it jump started because the battery went dead. Friday the dealership put a new battery in. Drove it on and off on Sat. Battery is dead again yesterday ( Sun ). Anyone else having a similiar problem. Mazda Is NOT impressing me!
  • dbunhappydbunhappy Member Posts: 3
  • dbunhappydbunhappy Member Posts: 3
    I waited 7 weeks for my new Tribute ES and received it on WED. Thursday PM I had to have it jump started because the battery went dead. Friday the dealership put a new battery in. Drove it on and off on Sat. Battery is dead again yesterday ( Sun ). Anyone else having a similiar problem. Mazda Is NOT impressing me!
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