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Mazda Tribute



  • i have not heard of an official price increase on the tribute for 2001. i've only read that mazda 'value priced' the tribute for it's introduction, which has been a great success or a incredible disaster depending on who you talk to.
    what common sense tells me is that when demand out strips supply you increase the price of whatever you are selling. this is supposed to reduce demand on your production efforts and increase per unit profit. so who knows what they will do, i think first they have to find good parts and replace defective ones before they raise the price.
  • wnbwnb Posts: 2
    I dropped my Trib off last week to get a new bumper cover, minor accident. I had made sure they had the parts in before leaving it in case of a back order delay. One week later I find out that they haven't done anything yet because they (The auto body shop at the dealer) don't know the color code for the cladding for the Dessert Metalic color. Needless to say I am furious... but if anyone here might be able to help me out, I'd really appreciate it.
  • smokey75smokey75 Posts: 434
    Hey, you'd probably be better off waiting for your Tribute rather than buying a Rodeo. They are probably the worst SUV as far as reliability. I own a 1995.5 Rodeo. Check out Consumer Reports & Edmunds, but you'd probably be better off talking to some Rodeo owners on that message board.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am having this problem. The SF is cheaper and has a longer warranty, but I trust Mazda's reliability more. Also, should I wait for all the bugs to be worked out or get one now? And which one? Help!!! :)
  • wnbwnb Posts: 2
    I really don't believe this. It took me 2 minutes on the phone to get this paint code that the auto body shop said they were waiting for. I gave them the code but their only response to holding my Trib for a week, while I had a rental car, was that they will give me a loaner when I come back in to have the bumper done this time.
    I would NOT recommend that anyone bring their Mazda into the Gallery Group in Norwood MA for auto body work. I do love my Tribute, but part of having the vehicle is dealing with the dealership. Remember to check out BOTH if you are buying a new car.
  • well why did you settle for the tahoe? you could have got a rx3000 for a measly $40,000...better yet opt for the V8 and get the lx470 for a paltry
    $58,000. there are some nice ml430's out there in the $46,000 range and while were at it why not the range rover 4.6hse for a mere $65,000....
    lest we not forget to mention the badest of all
    suv's the hummer that rings in at about $85,000
    depending on why the tahoe? i believe all these vehicles are superior to the tribute, in quality and PRICE!
  • kbaerkbaer Posts: 16
    Paul, I thought you were going to hold on to the Protege 'til it quits. Now you're obsessing over the Tribute. What gives?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I just bought a house and could use the room to move stuff around because I am renovating. Plus I need something to get through the snow with, which means 4WD. I like the power and look of the Tribute. We shall see though.
  • Smokey75, thanks for the tip. There are things I'd be sacrifing on if I got it. I did go to the Isuzu message boards, but I didn't read anything that indicated people loved their Rodeos. With the Trib. people are loving them or hating them. So, if mine ever comes in, I may take it, but I'm still not sure. The problems with it have almost cured my new-car fever. I will wait as long as they need to get the problems worked out, but then I'd hate to have waited and then find some problems. Oh well.
  • I just got a call from my dealer and he informed me that my totally loaded Tribute ES is coming in within the next two weeks. He told me that I got one of the last ones with the sunroofs and ABS that are to be made within the next 3 months. I guess I feel lucky but I have been waiting since August 25th. I also negotiated a price $1000 under sticker price back then and they have to honor it although they told me that they could sell it for sticker price without a problem. I guess the wait hasn't been that bad. Hopefully before the year is up I will be driving my new Tribute and can participate in the discussions.

    I do have one question. The dealer told me that Mazda called them and wanted the names of people who have been waiting for a long time to get their Tributes because they want to send them a gift for waiting. Does anyone know what the gift is?
  • Yes, the gift is free towing for three years.
  • When I purchased my Tribute LX in New Hampshire, it did not have a license plate bracket on the front bumper. I called back within a few days & set up an appointment to have one installed. However, the service dept called me back a couple of days later & said that Mazda didn't have front license plate brackets available yet for Tributes. She suggested I check with an auto store like Pep Boys for one. I then called the Mazda customer service 800# & verified that no front license brackets are currently available for Tributes. The person at Mazda cust. service said that, while he agreed that the dealership should take care of it somehow, the Mazda "home office" has limited control over dealerships. Therefore, even though this dealership is selling Tributes in a state where front license plate brackets are required by law, they don't have to install them, even if they were available through Mazda, which they aren't!
    The Pep Boys employee I spoke with said that the dealership should take care of this problem, especially since they sold it in NH, to a NH resident & front license plates are required. Has anyone else had a similar experience &, if so, found a solution, either temporary or long term, to this problem?
  • strange?.....we have the 'dealer plate' mounted on the front bumper
    of our es, i didn't look closely but it looks like any other car
    with the plastic frame screwed into the front bumper
  • Hi,

    Just got my Tribute for two weeks, love everything.
    One concern, does any body know about the catalic converter on the
    Tribute or Escape. I notice there is a drain whole on the bottom of the catalic converter box (located underneath the passenger side). In the morning when worm up the car, I can see exhaust coming out from there. Is this normal?
    Can anyone help?

  • tomsrtomsr Posts: 325
    I saw this question answered in Saturday's newspaper.It is called a weep hole and it's purpose is to let moisture drain out to prevent
    rusting out of exhaust system.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    (bobmazda) on Yahoo Fordescapeclub Post# 12383 completely eliminated his constant fuel smell problem. His dealer found a sealing gap and fixed it. Smell still completely gone after a 4 hour trip. The fix is easy, check it out!

    I waited 7 weeks for my new Tribute ES and received it on WED. Thursday PM I had to have it jump started because the battery went dead. Friday the dealership put a new battery in. Drove it on and off on Sat. Battery is dead again yesterday ( Sun ). Anyone else having a similiar problem. Mazda Is NOT impressing me!
  • I waited 7 weeks for my new Tribute ES and received it on WED. Thursday PM I had to have it jump started because the battery went dead. Friday the dealership put a new battery in. Drove it on and off on Sat. Battery is dead again yesterday ( Sun ). Anyone else having a similiar problem. Mazda Is NOT impressing me!
  • Dealers seem to have plenty of the front wheel drives, at very negotiable prices, while the 4wds are much rarer. The front wheel drive vehicles drive well on dry pavement, but does anyone know how they handle light or moderate snow or ice?
  • have a question for the Tribute owners: If I try to slam the doors in the front they will close without problems, but if I do the same with the back passanger doors they won't shut!?!? I am not sure if all tributes are like that or if is a problem in mine? do you have the same situation?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The Tribute (and Escape) is much roomier in the driver's seat than the SF is. I drove an SF and loved it, but the leg room for me (at 6'3) was terrible! I sat in an Escape the same day (Ford/Hyundai dealer) and it was roomy. But I did hate the feeling of the cheap door handles. It turned me off big time. It seems the Tribute is having some problems now though. Think I will wait until 2001 or 2002 to get one and hope everything is worked out then.
  • Like ljbrenes, I have noticed that the back doors on my Tribute do not close as easily as the front doors close.
  • if the dealer replaced the battery and it is now dead, then the dealer has to inspect the charging system. this could be as simple as a loose wire, or as difficult as a faulty alternator, voltage regulator or worse, a wire grounding against the body drawing current at all times. typically testing the electrical components is no big deal, tracing a short circuit can be more fun......but with the warranty it's their baby, you'll just have to be without your car for a 'few' days.
  • I received my mazda two weeks ago and have had NO PROBLEMS with anything. I live in Ajax a town close to toronto and we have received a lot of snow in the past few weeks so I can assure you that the Tribute handles outstanding. I would compare it to any 4x4 on the road.
    I will say one thing, I also own a Corvette and the gas milage IS CLOSE so I hope that it gets better.
  • When I use the Intermit windshield wiper it makes a clicking sound every time it start wiping. Does any body know if this is normal or not?

    Help Thanks.
  • This is probably a characteristic of the relay that controls the intermittent wipers; my 626 does exactly the same thing.
  • I have been in the same dilemma as most people that have posted here complaining of lack of availability
    of the Tribute, especially 4x4 with the abs and luxury package. I did happen to run across Brandywine Mazda
    in Pennsylvania last weekend, and they had over 30 Tributes in stock. They probably had at least 10 LX and
    ES models with abs and/or luxury package. Just thought I'd pass this on...
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