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Mazda Tribute



  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    Do you have access to any information that you can share??
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    I can confirm that mazda corp grabbed a couple of the few remaining manual trans tributes from dealers in the northeast region. I don't have any idea why.. We have not had any specific problems with the vehicle or the ford version that would call for something drastic like buying unsold vehicles...My guess is they needed them for something very specific that isnt related to mechanical problems with the vehicle. If it was mechanical the word would be all over like a bad rash.
  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    Does anybody know if the factory stereo in the 2005 Tribute have an auxiliary jack in the back? Or perhaps a CD changer port?
    I'm talking about the regular one with the four speakers.
    I would like to be able to hook up an iPod, and I'm trying to find the best way to do this, but it's not easy finding info on the factory stereo, particularly since I don't own a Tribute yet.
    Thanks for any info you can supply.
    By the way, the guy from Mazda USA called back and basically said they had no knowledge of the buy backs and could not find out anything either. I think it was BS because when I originally called he claimed that they had a program where they could look within a radius that I defined from where I live and check stock on a vehicle that I was looking for. When I asked about this after the call back, he said that he couldn't do that.
    I think audia8q is right though that if there was a problem, it would be out by now. I never got an answer about whether a 4 cyl, manual, 4WD version would be available as a 2006 model.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    As I put more miles on my "rare" Tribute, the 4 cyl, 5 speed 4WD, I am liking it more and more. While there is not a lot of reserve power, it will run 80 mph up the slight mountains between Frederick and Hagerstown, MD with no sweat. Just don't ask it to then accelerate to that speed from 60 mph in the middle of the climb. Gas mileage with about a 60/40 city / highway split is on the order of 23 mpg. I am looking for that to improve.
    Right now my biggest gripe of all things is the unbelievable amount of static shock I receive when getting out of the vehicle. It snaps and hurts like heck. Must be the tire compound I guess. I need to remember the procedure for getting out of a vehicle prone to that.
    The other complaint is the brake dust on the front wheels. Even though it is under warranty, I will probably switch to a ceramic pad.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I can remember way back could purchase an anti-static strap that attached to the underside of the vehicle and (I guess) grounded the car against same.They might still sell same (Pep Boys, AutoZone)????
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I was thinking about those as well this weekend. Shades of JC Whitney
  • lothar23lothar23 Posts: 2
    After much searching, I found my FWD, Manual, 4 Cyl '05 Tribute. I wanted something roomy that would handle well in in the snow (and some minor off-roading) and would get good gas mileage. So far, I am only disappointed in the gas mileage (after 10K mi, I consistently get 24mi/gal, and that's probably 75/25 hwy/city). Best I've seen is 27, and that was all Hwy. Don't know what's going on there.

    Handles great in the snow, though. A little too well, it's hard to play around.

    I had cruise installed for about $300 through the dealer. A little steep, but I factored it into the negotiation at sale time.

    Overall great ride, but I would love to know where the 29 mpg hwy is.
  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    I just picked up my new Trib tonight as well. Same setup as you.
    Just curious about the cruise. Is it a factory Mazda one, or is it an aftermarket cruise? I would really like to have the steering wheel controls instead of another stalk.
    It really is a very nice vehicle.
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    Do the newest Tributes have the rear storage compartment Ford began installing on Escapes around December? I have not been by a dealer to check.

    I rarely use cruise, but if I could get the "factory" setup for $300, I would.

    I did finally install the bug deflector I bought for mine last year. Wouldn't it be nice if that increased gas mileage...... very doubtful. Based on my results to date, I doubt I'll ever see 30 mpg out of it, at least not in my local terrain. Next install is the casette deck I have laying around as well.

    The vehicle is certainly more fun to drive now that I am nearly past my standard break-in of 1000 miles. I'll go for redline this weekend.
  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    I'm not sure what rear storage compartment you mean, but mine has the compartment where the jack is stored and a sort of pocket on each side with elastic netting .

    I called to ask if anybody knew if the factory cruise would work with a manual model. They said they didn't know, but that I should talk to someone in parts. The guys in parts had no clue. They said tat they guessed not because Mazda didn't offer it as a factory option. When I asked what they thought would keep it from working, they said they didn't know. Anybody know of any good reason why an aftermarket one would work, but not the factory one??
  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    When Ford moved the spare tire to the outside this year, they did so in order to provide space for the battery pack on the hybrid Escape. That eliminated the compartment under the load floor in back, where the tire had been. That was one of my "complaints" with the new design, in not having a sizable hidden storage area. And apparently others felt the same way, because in December, Ford began to offer an optional under floor storage compartment on the Escape, on all but the Hybrids. When I checked to see how that was accomplished, I saw that under the carpet in mine is a board of sorts to which a 3 inch thick or so piece of styrofoam type material is bonded. That entire structure bolts in in four places. It looks like they simply designed a shallow bolt-in tray with lid to take the place of the piece I now have. So it can go into any 2005 model. I was not sure if Mazda has begun offering it as well.

    As for cruise, it is offered on the 4 cyl 5 speed Escape from the factory
  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    Well, my Tribute has the same thing as yours under the carpet. If it is offered, it was never brought up to me. Maybe it's available in the S and not the i models?

    I already checked witha local guy about putting a Ford Escape cruise in the Tribute and he said it would work, but that he can't seem to be able to get the kits from Ford.
  • ryukyuryukyu Posts: 12
    Does anyone know if you can install a CD changer with the factory radio??
  • nfldrocknfldrock Posts: 5
    I was thinking of getting this for my trib, does anyone know what colours they come in? I asked the dealer 2 days and they have not gotten back to me yet.
  • mphxazmphxaz Posts: 27
    I've got one on my 05 Trib and I'm only aware of it coming in the dark grey. You can see one on the mazdausa web site under Tribute accessories.
  • rhouser2rhouser2 Posts: 114
    i noticed the sant fe and crv have front and rear sway bars while the tribute has front only. does anyone make a rear sway bar for the tribute? would the lack of a rear sway bar have any effect on the rollover test the gov't performed? they said the escape/tribute/mariner tipped and lifted a rear wheel. do i have all of this correct? just curious
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I purchased my Silver 05 Mazda Tribute S V6 AWD (leather, sunroof, heated seats, auto-dimming mirror w/compass, 6 disc changer) back in November and wanted to provide a quick update now that I have close to 6K miles....

    So far, I have not regretted my decision to purchase this vehicle for a second. It has handled all of the inclement weather mother nature has thrown at it and has had no major issues to date. The only problem that I had was with an airbag light which came on. Dropped it off at the dealer on my way to work and they gave me a loaner for the day until they replaced the sensor.

    - Love the heated leather seats. The seats in this car are more comfortable than the seats I have owned in more expensive vehicles. The leather so far still looks brand new and seems to be of good quality.
    - Stereo sounds great, and while it is not quite as nice as the Bose radio in my 02 Nissan Altima, I have no complaints. The sub woofer sounds good, and I like the 6 disc changer.
    - Cabin layout. For a "compact" SUV this vehicle has a ton of legroom and cargo space. I have had to use the vehicle for hauling multiple times, and it has come in handy. Many of my friends are shocked when they ask me how much I paid for it after they have ridden in it. Love the big sunroof, and use it all the time.
    - Fit and finish. Overall, no complaints. Not one rattle, squeak, or weird sound coming from the vehicle. As I said, the leather is of good quality and seems to be wearing very well. I find the plastics to be of good quality, but could do without the black marble-like trim.
    - AWD and seating position. Although our winter was not as brutal as past winters, I loved the way the Tribute handled the snow, ice, and rain. I live up a pretty steep hill and this vehicle has no issues negotiating the climb (as opposed to some of my neighbors, and my Altima!). I love the fact that AWD kicks in whenever you need it and am very impressed with this system. I have been offroad in my friends 05 Escape, and these things have no problem with moderate to mild offroading.
    - Seating position. This is my first SUV, and I have to be honest, I love sitting up higher in this vehicle as opposed to my Altima. This was supposed to be my wife's vehicle, but I have been primarily driving it since purchase and I really prefer sitting up higher. Can't imagine not owning SUV's from here on out...
    - Handling and performance. Love the V6 and although the mpg could be a little better, I would not trade it on a 4 cylinder any day! This thing moves! I was surprised how quick this vehicle is (my Altima is very fast with a 245hp V6 engine), and how well it handles. One of the primary reasons for purchasing the Tribute, after driving everything else, was the handling and power of the V6 engine. The automatic transmission is flawless and does not have any issues trying to hunt for the right gear. Love to drive this vehicle, Mazda did a great job in engineering this vehicle. Zoom zoom is no joke!
    - Looks. I think the Tribute is an attractive SUV and has a good mix of ruggedness and curves. I struggled with the bland styling of the Honda CRV, and Subaru Forester, and really am happy with the looks of this vehicle. I think this vehicle will age well, and still look good in three years.
    - Value. With the incentives, I was able to purchase my loaded Tribute for less than the Escape, CRV, and other vehicles in its class. This vehicle, to me, was the best balance of features, functionality, roominess, cargo capacity, and performance for the money...

    - MPG. Okay, I know I bought a V6 and while I am averaging between 18-21mpg, now that gas prices have gone up I wish the vehicle had a 5 speed auto transmission to help improve both performance and mpg. Like I said, I still would not trade it in for a 4 cylinder, and the hybrid Escape is still too much $$.
    - Placement of the seat heater switch. C'mon Mazda.. You could have placed these switches in a much better location. I am now used to the location, but still think this is poor engineering.
    - Sirius radio. The term "Sirius Ready" is a joke. It costs several hundred more dollars to actually receive the Sirius signal and then the monthly fee. They should wither reduce the cost of the antenna/receiver, or include it to really make it ready.
    - Radio controls on the steering wheel. I am spoiled with my Altima. I still hunt for the radio controls in the Tribute and think this would be a great addition.

    So far, those are my only complaints, and are pretty mild. I am really impressed with the Tribute, and am very pleased with my purchase. Browns Alexandria Mazda (Alexandria Virginia) has treated me wonderfully and I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a Mazda. Set the price on the Tribute through their Internet sales manager and was able to buy the vehicle at 4K under invoice (after 4K in incentives). They also gave me Kelly Blue Book value on my trade-in, after some negotiation. Service department has been friendly and courteous.

    If you are shopping for a small SUV, you have to drive the Tribute..
  • I have a 2003 Mazda Tribute LX and I have been experiencing the stalling on it. Had it in the shop 5 times for it and talked with Mazda consumer rep. Does anyone know what my options are?
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    I've been trying to get mudguards for my 2005 Tribute, dealer tells me that OEM rear mudguards where available for the 2004 Tribute, but nothing shows up for 2005 on their computer.

    I like to get the molded kind for both front and rear with the color matching my unpainted graphite grey bumper and moldings.

    Does anyone know a good brand that would fit and a good place to have these installed? (I'm not much of a mechanic)
    I live in the Vancouver (Canada) area and if anyone can give me some pointers it would be really appreciated.

  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Wait! don't buy aftermarket Please! In my experience it is rare aftermarket add-ons fit right or look right. I own an 04 Tribute ES with Graphite gray bumpers/molding. I see no real reason why the 04 would not fit the 05? The main body design was not changed as far as I know and can see. Just some minor tweaks here and there by Mazda. See if the parts person is willing to let you hold an 04 mud guard up against your vehicle to see if it will fit. Ohterwise, keep hunting and looking around the internet. They will be available, its only a matter of time. I put on Mazda molded mud guards on my wifes Trib and the look and fit great...
  • Canadian Tire & Walmart sell mudflaps that look factory for that vehicle & are about $30 a pair.
  • sweswe Posts: 8
    Thanks for the advise and info, I'm going to take my time on this one to make sure everything fits properly. :)
  • rg8729rg8729 Posts: 3
    I have a 6cyl 05 Tribute. I installed a Trailer Hitch and noticed a pigtail or connector under the rear bumber. It looks like it could be a wiring connector for a trailer, is this correct and if so, what type of connector would I need to purchase?
  • mikezakmikezak Posts: 95
    Just curious,...although listed as available, has anyone seen a 4 Cyl, AWD Tribute on the lot?

  • nfldrocknfldrock Posts: 5
    When the low fuel comes on, how many km's approx can I go before it runs out, I have a fwd 4 cyl

  • rcinmdrcinmd Posts: 139
    I bought mine, a 4 cyl, 5 speed, back in November at Brown's in Fairfax, Va. Interestingly, when I checked last month, their web site stated they had 3 with the 5 speed, even though some have said that configuration was no longer available.
    My local dealer may still have a 4 cyl automatic AWD on the lot.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712

    Found another article that seemed to imply that the Tribute will still be around..

    "In Mazda's new global naming strategy, crossover-type sport-utility vehicles (SUVs) will carry the CX designation (CX-7); core vehicles will continue to carry the name MAZDA and a number, based on vehicle size (MAZDA2, MAZDA3, MAZDA5, MAZDA6); rotary-engined sports cars carry the RX designation (RX-8) and piston-engined sports cars carry the MX designation (MX-5, as will be seen on the all-new Mazda MX-5 Miata in the United States). Tribute, MPV and B-Series Truck will continue with their current nomenclature."
  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    The Tribute isnt going away anytime soon....all their upcoming SUV/Corssover type vehicles are larger and more expensive than the Tribute...leaving a nice space in the line up for the Tribute.
  • My 2005 Mazda Tribute have been creaking, ticking, groaning since 2000 miles. It now has 8000 miles on it.
    The Dealer (wood pontiac mazda) calls it "flex" sounds, says they can do nothing to fix it, and since they hear it in various intensity in all Tributes they test drive, they call it "normal;"
    I disagree. A brand new car should not sound like an old wooden boat. I got the Factory Rep to drive it; he determined that sure, it has alot of noise, but this does not affect the value of the car and said Mazda will do nothing to take care of it.
    So now I have a new car that is driving me crazy. The sounds come from all doors. I have to pursue the Lemon Law. I hope anyone else who experiences this will contact their dealer to complain. Who else has this problem with their Tribute?
  • loblollyloblolly Posts: 4
    This is my second Tribute-the first being a 2001. This year's model is quieter than the 01 for sure! There is much less wind noise and tire thrum. I still think the Tribute is a great buy for the money! I do wish there was the on demand 4 wheel drive feature like on the CRV but all and all I like the vehicle
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