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Mazda Tribute



  • The most important thing is to vary the speed during the first 2,000 miles. I believe in changing oil and filter at the first 1,000 miles. When you get to your destination, let the engine have a chance to cool down a bit before you shut it down. If your final destination is a mile or two from the freeway and you can slow down during that period, that would work just fine. After a couple of thousand miles, let her rip.

    Forget what the book says. Change oil and filter every 3,000.

    I've owned 97 cars and all of the above worked great for me. Besides I was a professional mechanic for 23 years.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    We own a 2004 Tribute ES V6 4WD. My wife is the main driver. She is averaging 18.7 MPG for around town driving. On our last freeway trip we averaged 24.7 MPG doing an average of 70MPH. Maybe be time to have your PCM reprogrammed?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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    Mazda Tribute
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

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  • Dear Fellow Tribute owner,
    I am having the exact same problem where the idle just shoots up out of control and I have to turn my car off as fast as i can. I just got my PCM replaced and my throttle cable replaced because that's what the mechanic is saying is wrong with it, it has costed me over 1000 dollars and it still has not fixed the problem. I am at my wits end with what to do. I was wondering if you have found a solution yet. I am about to almost give up and get a new car!!! :( :sick:
  • Can anybody help me? I have a tribute 2001 and I have had the PCM replaced, throttle cable, and even put in a new battery to try and fix my problem. The car is reving up out of control when placed in park. I have to shut off my car as fast as I can before it happens. The mechanics replaced the PCM saying for sure that it would fix the problem and it hasn't I am up to my ears in bills on trying to fix the problem. Does anybody else have the same problem that can give me a solution??? :sick:
  • davanac1, did they also replace the idle bypass control valve/solenoid? That should have been the first part to check/replace in my opinion, not the $$$ PCM. Seems to be somewhat common with Tributes/Escapes, and Fords in general.
  • Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew when the new 2008 Mazda Tribute/ Cx-5 is going to be in dealerships. I heard rumors about this spring, but I am not sure of the exact time. I think the new look of the Mazda Tribute is sweet looking, as they have improved the front grille and interior a lot. Hope to hear back soon.

  • audia8qaudia8q Posts: 3,138
    We have some 2008 Tributes built waiting to be shipped. I suspect they will do a quality check hold before shipping to make sure things are in order....I'm expecting the first one by mid Feb if things stay on schedule. Also, It's still the Tribute. The CX-5 name is being saved for something else...but I did hear a rumor about a 3 based cross over, so think CX-3 ?!?!
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    As do I. We expect ours to arrive in similar time to that of the CX-9.

    Where did you hear about this "CX-3"?
  • Here are some photos of the 2008 Tribute:

    Photos of the Mazda Tribute
  • micnbamamicnbama Posts: 4
    don't feel alone, I bought a new 06 tribute s and have had it for 5 months. Here are some of my problems with it. Brakes sqeel, at 3100 miles transmission broke and was replaced. I noticed that there are 5 lines in the sheetmetal on r/f pass lower door and as well an indentation in the middle of the dash about 3-4 inches long. I recently took a 500 mile road trip and found the new transmission hunts for a gear, which is what it was doing in the first transmission. After my return trip, I was washing it and the rear windshield wiper assembly just fell off. It's now in the shop again for who knows how long. Very poor build quality and bad quality control at factory. The dealership not so good either. I am starting mediation with Mazda USA about all of this. This vehicle is a peice of junk is right. Sounds like we both got a lemon. Am going to try and get my money back and if I do, I'll never buy another Mazda again. Hope this helps you decide what to do. Mike
  • micnbamamicnbama Posts: 4
    my new 06 tribute s brakes and rotors sometimes sqeel, not to mention the many other defects and problems I've had with it. It's in the shop right now with only 4700 miles for transmission problems. Mine was replaced at 3100 total miles and new tranny doing the same thing. Very poor build quality. You probably will need to replace the rotors within the next 10,000 miles. After all, this vehicle is really a ford, and every ford I ever owned had the brake problems. Good luck with yours.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    My wifes 04 Tribuet ES v6 had been great!@ sorry for those who have issues..
    Brakes.. These small SUV's are known for going through rotors. Its not Just Ford/Mazda. I had my wifes replaced at about 30,000.
    Curious, what kind of transmission problems? Sometimes its as easy as topping off the transmission fluid. If there is not enough fluid the transmission will feel problematic.
  • micnbamamicnbama Posts: 4
    My transmission broke down and had to be replaced at a total 3100 miles. Dealer service tech said he could not get any codes when hooked up to a diagnostic computer. Fluid level was fine. It is starting to do the same thing again at a total of 4808 miles (hunting for a gear and then shifting into it hard with a jerk). Being a former US Army helicopter quality control tech inspector, I take very good care of my vehicles. NEW COMMENT: I have 3 lines in my interior dash from driver's side to almost center. From front to rear, about 3-4 inches in length. A Factory tech rep told the service manager to order me a new dash which indicates to me this is a factory defect. I looked at the new dash before it could be installed and it actually had more flaws/defects in it than the one already in my tribute, so I refused replacement. I did look at another 06 model and it too had these indentations in the dash, except it had more (4 lines). It's best to look for these lines of indentation while the vehicle is in the shade which makes it easy to see them. Does anybody else have an 05 or 06 with these lines in the dash?? I would certainly appreciate a reply back, if you have them and especially if you don't. I am tired of the runaround from the dealership and may have to wait another month for the Factory tech rep to come back and see what can be done. I feel that the quality control section at the factory was on break when this tribute was built. A very unsatisfied owner.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I moved the leasing thread to Mazda Tribute Lease Questions. Please continue that disucssion over there.


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  • zoom_utezoom_ute Posts: 13
    did they install a whole new transmission or was it just a transmission valve body problem/repair? :confuse:
  • micnbamamicnbama Posts: 4
    The service invoice says removed and replaced. And as well, I found another defect in front pass seat leather. Looks like a(For a lack of better word) vein sticking out in the leather. Another thing is I can only rev the engine to 4000 rpm and it shakes the vehicle and sounds like it's going to quit. Every vehicle I have ever had would always rev to the redline which is 6600 on the tribute, even my 06 Miata revs to redline. Anybody experiance this?
  • joe_2476joe_2476 Posts: 5
    I own a Mazda Tribute 2002 V6 purchased in Canada. The color I beleive was Sandust metalic. Anyways, now that rust is starting to show up (is is normal to have exterior rust after 5 yrs), I would like to put touch up paint.

    Do you know what the color code is for the Sandust Mettalic color? It's a tribute having two colors. The one I need is the lighter tone color and not the color of the bumper (which is darker in color). The guy at Canadian Tire asked me to check the sticker on the driver's side door. But when I did check, all it shows its the tire size and pressure and vehical weight capacity...nothing on the color code.

    Please help.

  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The color code should be on a sticker under the hood. It should either be 21C or 26C. The Canadian names are different than the US names so I'm not sure what Sandust is.
  • Are the wheel bearings in the 2005 AWD Trib sealed or can they be repacked?
  • joe_2476joe_2476 Posts: 5
    Thanks for your reply. I was able to obtain it. Unfortunately, I had to call the dealer because I did not see anything under the hood...yes there were labels but nothing related to colour code.

    As for my Tribute, I will just keep it until it rots away. The exterior trunk door has started rusting. Unbeleivable. I seem to be getting rust along along the border at the end of the tailgate and ontop of the license plate...where the lights shine on the license plate. 5 yrs now I have this Tribute now, I am happy with it? Anwser would be no. Not just because of the rust but all the other problems I had with it. Since I now have a bad experience with Mazda, this will be the first and last Mazda that I own.
  • I have the same problem on my 2001 - the radiator indicator light goes on once the engine has warmed up. It sometimes stays on, sometimes goes off, and then goes back on a while later. The temp. gauge has never gone above 1/2, and the fluid level in the overflow tank is very good. Should I worry? What might be wrong - bad indicator light?

  • mechnixmechnix Posts: 2
    ">That's nothing. Just the other day in my 02' as I was driving down the road my transmission blew up and spewed parts all over the road! Then, all 4 tires fell off! Then the back hatch started to squeak and it too fell off. Just about then I noticed that my dealer had put in Mercon V instead of Mercon. That must explain the doors falling off. Now my paint is fading and Mazda won't make good on it! I'll never buy another Tribute again what a lemon.

    Believe what you want. More than half of these postings are BS just like what's above. I have 140K on my 02' and few problems (all minor).
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You realize, of course, that you are replying to a two year old posting.

    I am glad that you have experienced few problems with your Tribute. I am also glad that you took the time to read all 1800+ postings in order to provide us with your evaluation. :)

    tidester, host
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  • mechnixmechnix Posts: 2
    Yes, I know its old. New post, old post. My point is everyone should read between the lines in these posts. There are people who have other motives in posting problems (or have they really had problems?)with their autos. Granted, there are people with problems and these boards can be of help. But, let the reader beware, all is not as it seems! :(
  • joe_2476joe_2476 Posts: 5
    I hope someone can help. I own a Mazda Tribute 2002 V6. 6 months after I purchased it, I had a problem with the airbag indicator light appearing on the daskboard. It would blink on and off and then it would stay on. The garage at the dealar replaced a sensor module on it. Now 5 years later and guarantee being expired, I am running into the same problem where the light blinks and then it stays on while driving.
    Has anyone out there experienced the same problem and if so, how did you resolve it? Must I bring it to the dealer to get this repaired? Any info would be nice.

  • jzoomjzoom Posts: 2
    Just bought a used 2005 GT Tribute with 39K mileage last week. It was just last night I noticed that chirp or squeaking sound that seems coming from the right side, which comes and goes. Most of the time, its not there.

    I think it's already been discussed here before, I'll keep looking for the postings.

    If there's new info about it, it'll be much appreciated.
  • mdosc516mdosc516 Posts: 1
    i also have a 2002 mazda tribute(leased) the air bag light came on we took it to the dealer and they fixed it(computer sensor). the lease is up in september new problem power steering pump leaking ,needs replacing. dealer wants to charge over 700.00 to fix it. i checked the pump price less then 50.00 the rest would be labor. i am having my own machanic check it out. i will be returning the car in less then 2 moonths. only has 39,000 miles. nver had any other problems.
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