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2011 Honda Odyssey Touring: Suspension Walkaround Posts: 10,110
edited September 2014 in Honda

image2011 Honda Odyssey Touring: Suspension Walkaround

It is time for another suspension walkaround from the long-term fleet. Lamborghini Aventadors only come around so often, right? This week its time for a trip back to reality in the form of our 2011 Honda Odyssey Touring.

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  • I have a 2012 odyssey EX model. when i drive on potholes or little bumps I hear strange noise coming from back. the noise sounds as if my tiers are too inflated or something is not tighten up. I when to the dealer and one of the mechanics test drove it and didnt hear a thing and said "it's all fine, i dont hear anything". but when i drive i hear everything.

    on picture 15 and 17 i noticed you have that yellow rubber "thing" inside of the spring. maybe they are making that noise? because when 2 people sit in back that yellow "thing" touches the bottom and there's hardly any space.

    do u like everything about ur odyssey? or there's some downsides?

    I have old toyota siena 2000. and i like her suspension better than a Brand new odyssey.

    any tips about going to the dealer? or any tips? please, get back to me. thank you...
  • rtingrting Posts: 1
    I have a Canadian 2006 Odyssey Touring. Notice consistent mis-alignment and uneven tire wear. Front toe in about 0.40 degrees. Re aligned last (2013) May and now just did a 4 wheel alignment and same amount toe in only after 12 months use. Is this a common problem with Honda Odyssey?
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