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  • kenyeekenyee Posts: 738
    Satisfies my curiosity. Looks like it did well. Glad everyone is ok.
  • Hi everyone...sorry if this question has been asked and answered. I searched for a similar question, but didn't find one. Our '01 X-5's Service Engine Soon light has been on for a few days...I thought it might be a gas-cap problem, so I filled the tank, and securely tightened the cap, but the light remains on. I sometimes have this problem in my Subaru VDC, and when the gas cap is retightend, the light goes off after one or two trips. Not so with the X-5. Any thoughts?

    Thanks all!

  • Have been looking at x5's recently and decided to check rates w/my ins!! was I suprised to find that the so so-called safest su(a)v on the market is almost double the rate of our 2001
    RX300 Lexus. Anybody else have the same experience w/rates like this?
  • If all of your lights are out, the "service engine soon" light should come on. It means take it to the dealer for the servicing. This is a part of the free full maintenance warranty.
  • My 01 X5 cost less to insure than my 99 LX470. Typically the cost of insuring a 30K car (RX300) should be less than insuring a 40K car (X5).
  • bernard1...your price spread is quite a bit off, actually the vehicles were similarly priced. The x5 3.0, has a sticker of approx 44k, same as our rx300. My insurance co (USAA) said something to the effect that the BMW rating was a 21 while the Lexus was 17. Maybe something to do w/the #/cost of claims?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Relative insurance costs vary by company as well. FWIW, when we traded our 1988 318ti for a CPO 528i our insurance bill dropped- even though MSRP on the 5er was nearly double that of the ti.
  • ***********************************************************

    BMW sport-ute recalled 3 more times

    September 10, 2001

    By Harry Stoffer


    The Ford Escape took a beating for having five safety recalls in the first few months after its introduction. Now the BMW X5 is up to nine.

    To read more about this topic go to

    For news headlines throughout the business day, go to:


  • Is anyone out there driving a 2002 yet? I'm torn between the ML320 and the X5 3.0. I've driven the 2002 ML320 and like it (not love it). I drove the 2001 X5 an liked it although it did not stop as straight as the ML320 when I stomped on the brakes. I'm concerned about all the recalls and the quality issues.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    According to the NHTSA:

    "BMW issued SI Bulletin 64 07 01 yesterday to notify dealers that all models that were recently recalled to replace the auxiliary/cooling fan would be recalled again.

    Here is some of the pertinent info from the SI Bulletin:

    Recall Campaign 01V-206: Engine Auxiliary/Cooling Fan - E46, E38, E39, E52, E53
    MODEL E46, 3 Series with manual transmission, produced 02/01/2001 up to 06/01/2001
    E38, 7 Series from 11/01/2000 up to 06/30/2001 E39, 5 Series from 01/16/2001 up to 08/31/2001 E52, Z8 from 01/01/2001 up to 08/31/2001
    E53, X5 from 12/18/2000 up to 09/05/2001

    NOTE :
    This notification contains important revisions to Recall Campaign 01V-206, Engine Auxiliary /Cooling Fan which has been revised. ALL VEHICLES CAMPAIGNED UNDER THE CURRENT RECALL 01V-206 WILL BE RECALLED AGAIN USING
    · E46 – PN 17 11 7 510 617
    · E39 – PN 64 54 6 921 395
    · E38/E52 – PN 64 54 6 921 383
    · E53 – PN 64 54 6 921 381.

    Should a customer who has received a Notification Letter for the Recall 01V-206 request that Recall 01V-206 be performed, proceed with the repairs described in this Service Bulletin.
    This Service Information Bulletin is going to be updated shortly with the full VIN range of the affected vehicles. Customer notification mailings will follow.

    The potential defect involves the engine auxiliary/cooling fan in certain MY 2001 BMW vehicles.
    Fan operation, including variable speed, is electronically controlled. It is possible for the electrical circuitry in the fan control unit to overheat and fail, causing the fan to stop operating. If this were to occur, engine overheating and subsequent engine damage could result if vehicle continues to be operated, despite the warning provided by the coolant temperature gauge.
    In addition, it is possible in some cases for the failure of the electrical circuitry to cause smoldering. In the extreme case, a fire in the fan control unit, which is mounted in the fan and located in the front of the engine compartment, could occur. This could happen either while the engine is running or after the ignition has been switched off since fan may run for up to 11 minutes after engine shutdown.”

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  • Has anyone had experience with upgrading the indash CD and/or adding the hitch and cellphone aftermarket. I would appreciate any input.
  • malia3malia3 Posts: 1
    I just ordered an '02 X5 in black. My dealer says the exterior metal trim around the windows will be chrome in that I did not order the Sports Package. Yet I have seen black X 5s on the street, which did not appear to have the Sports Package and the window trim was black. Do anyone know for sure what I should expect?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Expect chrome.
  • hpia4v2hpia4v2 Posts: 62
    if you order 4.4i w/o sport expect chrome, now if you order 3.0i w/o sport they don't even put the trim at all(bare rubber/plastic). Either 3.0i or 4.4i with sport will have the trim painted in black. What you saw was a 3.0i w/o sport from the distance that look like black trim when indeed it was rubber.
  • Anyone seeing any 2000-built MY2001 4.4's for sale? What are they running? KBB says I can get $53K. Think so?
  • mdx4funmdx4fun Posts: 11
    Which one should I get? The X5 is like $15k more. It is a 4.4i with nav., sport package and Xenon lights.

    Any suggestion?
  • mdx4funmdx4fun Posts: 11
    After much consideration. Finally, I had decided to lease the X5. Mine is a X5 3.0i, with steptronic transmission, sport package, premium package, climate package, Xenon headlights, navigation system, and cd changer.

    This drive is such a fun to drive and it had very good handling.
  • Congratualtions mdx4fun! Sounds like a great loaded car.

    I wish this was a more talkative board. The ML board, for instance, is overflowing with information. Are people happy with their X5? Nobody is really complaining or praising this car what is up?

    I know there must be people out there with opinions. Please share them.

    Maybe some of you lurkers might answer a few questions for me.

    Is the 4.4 worth the extra dough?

    Are the comfort 18 way adjustable seats worth it?

    Will the new 4.6 replace the 4.4 or be an addition to the line?

    I am considering what I perceive as 3 very differnet vehicles, The ML, The X5, Toyota Sequoia. Anybody out there go through the same deliberations? What did you do and why?

    Price-Is invoice a dream still or is it a likelihood for a 2002 given the economy, also what is a good price for a 2001 (invoice-10%)??

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • arom1arom1 Posts: 13
    Just got my new x5 4.4. Awesome lease deals are to be had at this time. Cant beat the rebate + the money factor. I paid $1000 below invoice in the bay area which is a bad market for deals, so you can probably do better out there.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Did you mean $1000 below MSRP? If it is invoice, did you mean after the $2500 dealer cash, please post the dealer name. You got a good deal.
  • spfoteyspfotey Posts: 131
    i will give u my take.
    Sequoia is the choice if space and overall reliability is your priority. it's a relative gas hog but none of these vehicles are leaders in that category.
    X5 will probably win if "fun-drive" is the top of your priority list. ((value has different definitions for everybody -- for some, it's most fun for dollar, for others it's reliability, utility, etc, etc)) However, X5 is low in space and reliability, tho 02 model should be an improvement. (all 3 should improve during 02 model)
    ML will probably win if you want a solid SUV that handles good in offroad and onroad, can handle 7 people if required and is a good allaround utility vehicle.

    hope that helps.
  • arom1arom1 Posts: 13
    I think I got a pretty good deal, but I think you could probably do slightly better?

    My deal MSRP $54440
    invoice was 49395. I paid 48395. So $1000 under invoice but the dealer gets a $2500 dealer cash, so essentially its $1500 over cost.

    Fantastic lease rates right now made the whole thing about $300 a month less than last time I priced it.
  • tgif888tgif888 Posts: 351
    Congratulation on your new ride. The price you got is pretty good. Did you check with your dealer on the aux fan recall?
  • mdx4funmdx4fun Posts: 11
    The 8 way seat is very comfortable in the X5. It had great lumbar support. I haven't try the 4.4i though.

    I'm not sure about the 4.6i will be replace the 4.4i or just an additional model.

    Consider this the 4.4i now is having a $2500 dealer cash. Look at post #354, this user can the 4.4i $1000 below invoice and have the dealer keep the $2500. I think it is pretty good. However the MPG is so low on the 4.4i compare with the 3.0i (obivously). It is just to a personal reference. My sales didn't recommend the 4.4i either. He said 3.0i is good enough and I agree with him. =)

    Good luck on your decision.
  • arom1arom1 Posts: 13
    The dealer told me it was a $2500 investment, so I did not get it. I would really like to have it though. Anyone find a better deal?
  • mdx4funmdx4fun Posts: 11
    Hmm, you can call around the dealer. Try Pacific BMW in Glendale.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I have done some research, and here is some pricing I found. One thing you need to verify is build date. I believe that you need a build date after 04/01 in order to use the Motorola Timeport option (vehicle is pre wired for this). I have just purchased an X5 and am trying to install this in my vehicle. Here is the best pricing I've found so far.

    8000 series phone - $495
    Install kit - $595
    Compensator - $296
    Voice recognition - $350
    Plus installation (according to my dealer it's 4 hours of work)

    You also need to determine what service you will be using as Verizon/Sprint and ATT/Bell use different phones (TDMA or CDMA).

    good luck.

    I've tried to read through the 300+ threads here, but was unable to find anything regarding the stereo system. As I bought my X5 off the lot, it did not have everything I was looking for, one item being Premium sound. Having listened to a premium system after the fact, I can say that I was very dissapointed with the system, and happy not to have paid the $ for the upgrade. Having said that the stock system is pitiful! Has anyone managed to upgrade amp and speakers while utilizing the stock head unit? I've leased my X and don't want to blow too much $ on the stereo but need to do something as it's current sound reproduction is less than stellar. None of the shops around here have done anything to one yet, and I'm not ready to be the test case.

    Also, I've been searching all over and can't locate many discount suppliers for accessories. most cater only to BMW cars, not the SAV. Any ideas - I'm looking for front bumper guard, CD changer and a few other items of that sort.

    All in all I like the X a lot, a huge difference from my previous car (good and bad) and my wife's ML. I had a blast at the BMW X intro and have wanted one since that time. After I did the deal I was a little uneasy about driving a SAV in lieu of a high performance sedan, but I wanted to make a change. We'll see if I can hack it for three years.
  • arom1arom1 Posts: 13
    so that adds up to $2200 or my quote of $2500 was close enough to make me reconsider my need for this feature :-)

    for what its worth, since I got the nav system, I had to get the cd changer separately. I know it retails for $595 plus an install kit thats in the neighborhood of $100 plus some more cabling, etc. Total cost from deal was about $900~. Again, not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    I have found the OEM changers for $285 plus $26.96 for install kit, and $19.69 for cable, not too bad. Changer is different for NAV/Premium package vs stock. Where is your changer mounted and who is it manufactured by?

    The guy who quoted me phone info (wholesale BMW parts dealer) quoted $420 for the changer plus the other numbers. I have seen a few Alpine (OEM) changers for the X on e-bay for $285, but brackets, install etc. are not included. I get a little worried about e-bay purchases, so I may just go the "wholesaler" route just to be sure.

    My X seems to be pre wired for everything, and I used to do a lot of stereo installs so I'm not too scared of trying to install phone system (with Bentley manual by my side)and can definitely handle changer install (plug and play). I really want to know if you can eliminate factory stereo amp and speakers and upgrade these without loosing standard functions and controls found in stock head unit. The other route is to do an all out system, and then re-install factory system at lease end. Too many other things to waste money on right now! like a $2,500 phone! Next year the option will probably be half of that and in two years most states will do what my county has done (made hands free required)and manufacturers will have to include it as standard!
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