Chevrolet Cobalt Remote Start Not Working

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Door lock and unlock, alarm and trunk functions all work correctly from my two key fobs. Remote start does not work, but I do hear a click from the hood area.

I suppose this problem is caused by the hood sensor incorrectly indicating that the hood is not closed. Is there anything else that could cause my problem?

Can someone tell me just what that hood sensor looks like and exactly where it is located and how actuated?

Sometime in the past I copied this from the internet:

"You can fix this free and your remote start will work even with the hood open. Get a short piece of wire (about 3/4") the approximate size/diameter of the male pins in the 3-prong connector. Fashion the wire into the shape of a "U". Insert the wire ends into the Female plug, shorting the Purple and Black wires. Tape up the male and female connector ends (don't plug them back together) to keep dirt out."

Has anyone used this solution to their remote no-start problem? (Also, what might be meant by "don't plug them back together")


  • alternatoralternator IndianaMember Posts: 629
    Problem apparently caused by battery becoming too weak to initiate engine start but other functions still worked.
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    And what caused the battery problem? You might not be done yet.
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    Sorry, I should have said the remote key's battery was too weak.

    Everything great now except that the battery holder in another of my remote keys came loose from all three soldered points (typical of many GM remotes, and they should all be replaced at no cost by GM, like that will ever happen)
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    My local "Batteries Plus Bulbs" store resoldered the three contacts in my Cobalt remote key fob for free. Yippee!

    Isn't it amazing how sometimes it's the seemingly simplest of solutions?

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    i replaced the start in my car and now the remote start isn"t working. is there a code to enter ?
  • snowmen3snowmen3 Member Posts: 2
    i also replaced the batteries in the key fob any suggestions and my battery isonly 6 months old
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    Is the check engine light on? The remote start will not work if there is a code for an error. There also may be a stored code that hasn't turned the check engine light on--I believe I'm right on that...

    I did see one person claiming that low fuel such as 1/4 tank or less keeps the remote start of their car from not working.

    IF someone you know has a code reader or code scanner, they can connect to the ADLC and
    read the code--write it down for record-- and then clear the code.

    Or you can go to one of the box stores. I ran into one years ago that didn't want to clear the
    engine light after they read the code. But most do.

    Code readers are cheap at Harbor Freight or other sources.

    Good luck.

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