Mazda CX-5 Lease "Amount due at start"

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I am looking to lease a CX-5, but I am a first time buyer/leaser. I don't want to be screwed over, so I am hoping somebody here can help me out.

Here are the calculations I was presented:

M.S.R.P: $29,455
L.E.V.%: 61%
Lease-End Value: $17,967.55
Initial Cap Cost: $29,954 (I had Navigation added for $499)
Total Add Cap Cost: $595
Adjusted Cap Cost: $30,549

Lease Factor: 0.00031
Term: 36

Base Monthly Rental: $355.79
Monthly UseTax 7.95: $28.29 (Arizona)
Total Monthly Payment: $384.08

Total Due at Start: 1275.67 ----> I have no idea where this number comes from, since I was asking for a zero down lease....when asked they said something about this number showing what they are loosing on this deal.

Costumer Cash Down: $384 (which is supposed to be the first months payment)
Total Working Cash: $384
Total Tax: $1023.44
Total Initial Fees: $398.75
Total Annual Fees: $487.84

Please let me know what you guys think. At this point I am just seeing a lot of numbers.
Thanks in advance!

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  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 210,101

    What year and model is the CX-5? (assuming 2016, but FWD/AWD? GT or Touring?)
    What is the lease term and mileage allowance?

    It looks to me like you are paying full MSRP for the vehicle. Your CAP cost is MSRP + acquisition fee + $499 for NAV. You should negotiate some sort of discount from MSRP, just as if you were buying the vehicle.

    It does look like only 1st payment due at signing.. The rest of that $1275 due at start is probably rolled into the lease.. but, hard to tell. Maybe they are eating that amount, which shouldn't be hard to do, as they gave you no discount on the vehicle.

    I think your money factor is .00013, instead of .00031. Using .00013, I also get $355/mo.+tax, as well.

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  • mybangelmybangel Member Posts: 2
    Thanks kyfdx,

    Yes, Its a 2016 GT FWD.
    Lease term is 36 mths with 12,000 miles (but the miles are not actually on the form they send me)

    Yes, thanks I miss-typed that, it was .00013.

    So the "due at start" is not something I will have to pay (except for the first payment), because that is what it sounds like to me, although that is not what was discussed.

    Like I said, I am new at car buying/leasing, so what would be reasonable for negotiating the MSRP?

    Thanks again ;)

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