2014 Jetta TDI- Electrical stuff? Overall quality? Help making a fair fix.

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Horn quit working, side mirror controls quit working, instrument display randomly displaying odd things. These occurred before there was even 20,000- I'm not a horn blower except to toot "Hi', which is when i noticed it didn't work June of 2014. Didn't become a real issue until i needed yearly inspection and my horn wasn't working. Have discussed w/ dealer previously (2 hours away) - but now the car has 50,000mi on it. (Yea, I'm a driver.) Took car back to dealer- ready to turn it in to them- still owe $18,000 but it only books for $12,000!! I was floored! Dealer can't/won't give more than that for the car. So i drove it home SICK to my stomach.
Below are copies of our e-mails (mine-dealer's after that meeting)- Please- i feel screwed- i traded in a KBB $24,000. Toyota Camry hybrid (it drove like a pig) for the Jetta. bad deal.
I guess i was still a bit upset and not processing fully when i left your office 3-4 weeks ago now. I thought i was going to get an e-mail from you after you checked on some service numbers. It must be that you were waiting on my proposal.
I honestly have no time to make calls during the day at work. I've missed the service department 2 times. Regardless- I will be taking this Tuesday and Wednesday the 11th & 12th off work to attend a funeral. I can drop the car off on my way north Monday night. This is what i would like to have happen.
Driving the car since our meeting - i've come to this bottom line. I want the electrical issues fixed and i don't want to pay for it. If it runs into major costs or is "found to be operating normally when compared to the same or similar type vehicle.", i would like it classified a "lemon"-and we'll start over.
I've read up on this car since getting it 15 months ago, and there are several owners with the exact same issues. I work long hours and drive a lot to get to work and home- getting to the dealer for scheduled maintenance is difficult enough, getting there for an "aggravating" electrical issue, quirk or idiosyncrasy has obviously been too inconvenient. Our calls to the service department in this time-frame have not been fruitful. I expect more from a $24,000 car, especially a Volkswagen.
If the console, windows, electricals are an easy do, than i would also like the 40,000 mile maintenance done for the 50,000-( i only did oil, filter and tires at 40,000). So that would include changing dust & pollen filters, replacing the fuel filter, checking CV joints, wheel bearings, brakes, transmission, engine, doors (driver side has always been a little hard to open.) For that i would pay the discounted (15%) service fee.
I would also like the worst bent rim replaced- (one of rears) if you have a used one laying about- that would be fine; until they can be fixed by the Pinnacle deal. Another full day from work for automobile issues (not your fault, i know). If you don't have a rim, please put the tire on the spare rim, & the spare tire on the bent rim. Does that make sense? I want all 4 tires the same- want the the bad rim off. That being done, verify the bent rim didn't cause any other problems with wheel/suspension stability.
Finally, a VW satchel stuffed with a thousand dollars in small unmarked bills or large hot off the press bills would make it all almost perfect. : )

Per our phone conversation, my technician did some testing before pulling the door panel off but found the mirror switch. As a side note, my technician also documented that someone has incorrectly attempted to remove the door panel before by prying on the door panel. We reconnected the mirror switch and tested the other wires in the door to ensure they were all plugged in securely.
We could not duplicate the beeping/flashing concern in the instrument cluster. If you have time, you can drive the car with my technician to see if you can duplicate the concern with a technician in the car.

Your Jetta has two horns that are supposed to sound at the same time to produce the familiar horn tone. We found that one of these horns only works intermittently. The correction would be to replace the faulty horn with a new one.

We cannot swap your spare onto the car in place of one of the bent wheels because the primary wheels are 16” and the spare is 15.” I can ship one wheel at a time to the repair facility in Texas or we can wait until the mobile repair truck is operating again. As I mentioned, I have a meeting with the owner of the mobile wheel repair business tomorrow evening.

The horn and labor to install it are approximately $145.

The price for diagnostic labor and reconnecting the mirror switch is approximately half of the total repair bill. I will pay this fee and not charge you anything. You only pay for the horn repair. This is over 50% off of the entire repair bill compared to the original 10-15% that I offered you when you were in the dealership.

The car has been at the dealer these past 2 weeks- still unresolved-


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    It's the mileage that's hurting the trade in value. That's a $2000 knock.
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    you are absolutely right- my 2001 TDI with 337,000 miles was still worth $4,800 in 2013 when i wrecked it! THAT was the best car ever. I'm still in mourning. The new one is nowhere near the quality and they made some changes that are not in keeping with "German engineering" If i had the last year to live over again....
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