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My '98 Buick Regal GS dashboard started rattling
several months ago. I took it in 2x without much
improvement. Finally, last week, I put it in the
shop for the 3rd time. When I picked it up most of
the dashboard rattles had stopped. However, I
noticed that the sides of the dash had been glued
to the piece below the windsheild where it curves
to the side. Does this seem like a long-term
solution or is the service department hoping to
appease me?? I know nothing about eliminating
rattles and need guidance.


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Dear Fudd---dash rattles are tough to fix, and people will try darn near anything...sometimes a silicone spray works, sometimes a good tightening, sometimes a wedge...but the way they build cars now, it's hard to keep these materials quiet and rigid. Any fix is kind of a jury-rig thing, but a good adhesive can last a long, long time.
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    I have noticed a squeaking coming from the dash on a 98 Protege. For a squeaking sound, do you think the silicone spray is worth a try? I'm afraid that if I try to spray blindly inside the dash, I could either cause some electrical problems or cause some other squeaking sounds to appear.
    The noise only appears when the temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius and disappears when it get hotter or cooler.
    Until now, I've been using the old 'fist-to-the-dash' technique, but it doesn't always work.
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    Unfortunately, most modern dashboards are no longer screwed together; rather, they are now using clips to hold the pieces in place. Clips tend to vibrate, and they are also affected by heat and cold. I find the dash in my 96 Dodge Ram tends to rattle more in the winter when it's cold, but once the heater/defroster warm the dash up ast the air passes through the ducts, the rattles and squeaks usually stop.
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    A silicone spray such as WD40 is compatible with electrical equipment; this should not be a problem area. There are so many contact points that can produce a squeak that, as you indicate, it is possible to lubricate a contact point...only to have the component move so it squeaks where it contacts something else. But, chances of this are pretty small.

    With someone else driving, suggest that you first try gently push/pull/twist/etc the components in the vicinity of the squeak and use tape or trim adhesive to secure (or just reposition)any under-dash components that are suspect. If this doesn't help, I would next try the silicone spray. Be careful near the dashboard instruments; the spray could be unsightly if it got between the lens and instrument face.
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    Thanx for the info, spokane.
    Just one thing; I don't think that WD40 is silicone based, but it does seem perfect for dash sqkeaks.
    look here: http://www.wd40.com/english/wd40q.asp

    I was able to solve the problem. I discovered that the when the tilt steering is tilted up, something rattles, and when it's down, it's quiet. So I will keep it tilted down. (I prefer the lower driving position)
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    Thanks, Mazda323, you are correct on the WD40. I've been wrong for 25+ years! Now I wonder what is in WD40.

    You have narrowed down your rattle considerably. There's a good chance you could remove the plastic shroud from the steering column and find the rattle.
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    Check the glovebox. latch and contents.
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    Had a persistant "noise" in the dash area of a 94 Buick "some thing or other". Turned out to be a rubber bumper on the underside of the hood, that supports the hood's rear edge, was in need of lubrication.
  • gusgus Member Posts: 254
    Also, check anything that goes from the passenger compartment to the engine compartment, through the firewall. This would include heater valves, steering columns, wiper motor pivots and any other stuff you can see.
  • spokanespokane Member Posts: 514
    Araz makes a good point; the rubber seals and bumpers at the rear edge of the hood can create considerable noise which seem to be "in the dashboard." In addition to lubrication, hood adjustment may be necessary.

    A looped section of hydraulic brake tubing, located too close to another component, can create a loud metallic buzz ...I once experienced this and felt certain that the noise was coming from within the steering column. Troubleshooting took hours and the repair required three seconds.
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    My '96 Sunfire has a terrible rattle in the dash somewhere around the passenger airbag. I've had the dash apart twice as well as the passenger door. I've wrapped every wire, hose, tube with foam. This is driving me nuts! Does anyone have any advice? Thanks Andy
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    I have just recently purchased a 99 Jetta which now has 1000 miles on it, and find that after the car sits outside in the sun and warms up a short period, there too is a rattle when going over rough road or bumps. This seems to come from around the passengers air bag. Additionally, there is a buzz in the front passenger door near the speaker grille (no music playing).

    My question is how would I go about solving this? With VW their bumper to bumper is 2yr/24000. Can I go in for service at any time during this to have the problem fixed, or is it only for the first year. What are manufacturers policies in regards to fixing squeaks and rattles on car under coverage?

    Should I wait a while and see what happens, for better or worse, or bring it in immediately?
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    Atracey - I had a similar experience with my 1996 Cavalier. Had to have the entire dashboard including side panels replaced twice. What a pain in the neck. They eventually put some kind of neoprene material under the dash in a few locations and it seemed to work.
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    firebottles . If the vehicle is still under warranty then the dealer should fix ANYTHING that is wrong with it. Read you warranty first. Usually 'wear-out' items such as wiper blades, tires, belts, etc... are not covered. But be prepared to bring the vehicle back several times ot get it fixed. Rattles are a total nighmare to track down. And in your case where the rattle only occurs under certain conditions, it will be hard for the repair tech to duplicate those conditions.

    And Don't Wait! Get it in as soon as possible. Rattles never go away by themselves.
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    The fan for the a/c-heater in my 95 Nissan ALtima makes a ticking noise when on. It is most audible on the slow speed, but can be heard on high speed too. It sounds like something is interfering with the fan blade. Sort of a tick, tick, tick... sound. Any advice on how to quite this?
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    Such noise is usually due to foreign material such as a leaf or twig contacting the fan wheel. Most fans are not difficult to remove. Once removed, simply clean out any such debris from the fan housing and fan wheel.

    In most cars, you can find the fan by turning it on high speed while you look and listen beneath the dashboard. You will see the fan motor. Turn it off. The motor is permanently attached to a plate about 5-6" in diameter. Three or four screws hold this plate to the air plenun. Disconnect the wire and remove the screws. You can now lift out the motor, mounting plate, and fan-wheel as one assembly.

    If cleaning doesn't do the job, it may be necessary to replace the motor. You can determine the need for a new motor by reconnecting the power (and ground) and running the fan while holding it in your hand. Keep clear of the rotating fan wheel and move the assembly through various positions to see if a motor noise will show up.
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    Is there anyone out there who owns/owned a Saturn doesn't equp. with rattling interior? If
    so, you must be one lucky customer.
    Gosh, can't believe they wants to make rattling
    mid-size sedan, Guess it's gonna be louder.
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