Price of new 2016 Rogue SL with premium package

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Hi! Hope you can help me determine if I am being quoted too high on a rogue sl, AWD with premium package. Zip code 07675. dealer would not go lower than $31,800 before taxes and fees (rebates already included). They said they don't match true car. seems me a bit high from the research I've done through edmunds and truecar, but I'm a first time buyer and I don't know what a good deal would be for this vehicle.

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  • riley24riley24 Member Posts: 5
    Thank you so much, I appreciate your guidance and time!
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    I guess another tactic would be to email the dealer this thread. B)

    Good luck and keep checking in with us.
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    I should lol I was really surprised they let me walk out, I was ready to make a deal...I think I will try a different dealership!! Thanks again :smile: 
  • riley24riley24 Member Posts: 5
    Steve, Thanks for your help! I went out and found a different the car for $27,111! 
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