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I'm currently considering buying a 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that has 283,000 miles on it.  The woman selling it is asking $1500(or best offer). She says that she has kept up with oil changes every 3 to 4,000 miles and has maintained it very well throughout owning the car, which she has had since 2005. It seems like a good deal and I really only need the car to last a few more years while I save up for a newer one. I'm just wondering if it's worth the money and if it is likely that it will last a few more years without any major problems. 


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    Any car with that many miles is a major gamble. And that Jeep was known to be unreliable. It's cheap, but very hard to say if it's worth the risk. Would it put you in a bad situation if it failed after, say, 6 months?
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    6 months, maybe. "A few more years without any major problems" is....well...the wish of a true optimist.
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    It's funny. Some cars are in better shape with 200,000 miles than others are at 80,000 miles. That Jeep is a ticking time bomb. It could go another 100,000 miles or another 1000 miles. I would worry about the transmission more than the engine. One semi major failure would spell doom.

    This won't be easy for her to sell. You might make her a 1000.00 offer and tell her to take it or leave it.

    Another thing to consider is how much you plan to drive it. If you drive 5000 miles a year it would make a whole lot more sense than if you drive 15,000 miles a year.
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