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    I was driving my 2002 Chrysler 300 M Special at about 90MPH and all of a sudden, it began to loose power. The oil light began to flicker, so I pulled over. Checked the oil and I was not that low, but maybe a quart or so. I put oil in it. Waited for about an hour, cranked it and took off. Seconds later, I started to loose power again. I pulled over again. Checked the oil again and it was fine. Waited about 10 minutes, cranked it and took off, but this time, it would not accelerate above 10MPH. Been having that problem since then. My car has now been sitting for awhile. It will not accelerate above 10MPH, oil light flickers if I leave it running for more that 5 minutes, after about 5 minutes, it makes a slight knocking sound. Check engine light is on. I can crank it, put it in gear and drive it, but not more than 10MPH. If I drive it too long, it smokes if I try to go above 10MPH. Cranks with no problem. Idles with no problem. No knocking sound when it idles. No problem putting it in gear.

    Now, before all of this happened, I would put it in gear and all of the gear lights on the dash display would be highlighted and it would not go out of first gear when I tried to drive it. I had to cut it off and on again so that the [D] for "drive" on the dash display was the only letter lit up and so that it would drive normal. Now this. Any suggestions?
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    You have to get the car scanned for trouble codes. You don't want to be guessing in the dark. I would suggest not attempting to drive the car any further.
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