starts without key fob

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2016 350is F sport
2,000 miles
Car is 6 weeks old

Drove away from the house without key fob in car. Got to destination and realized I did not have fob with me and could not lock the doors. Got back in car and restarted it 3 separate times with key fob being more than 8 miles away! Duplicated this scenario at home and car started without key fob in general vicinity once again! Anyone else experience this? Car starts and runs without key fob.


  • crw7096crw7096 Member Posts: 21
    You have to have a key somewhere in the car. If you can confirm that you actually have every programmed key outside the vehicle and it still starts then that is something strange. I've misplaced one key fob under the passenger seat in my IS and thought I had the keys out of the vehicle only to take it in for the service tech to investigate and pull the key out from under the seat :o
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I did ask one of our visiting techs about this unusual situation, and he offered one educated guess (of course, the only way to really know would be a very thorough diagnostic):

    He said:

    "I can think of several scenario's that might allow this to occur. One that would seem the likely could be the Lexus Enform Mobile App. Since you can do just about anything else with the car with your smart phone, why couldn't it double as a key fob? As far as it actually doing it goes, I have no way of knowing I don't see that documented anywhere. Another possibility that would have to be investigated would be some type of failsafe routine intended to prevent the owner from being stranded in the event of some type of a system failure. Again, the Enform app might play a role although not necessarily from a primary function."
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