Car Buying Advice - 2017 Q50 Am I Getting a Good Lease Deal?

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Hello I was just wondering if this was a good deal...

Just got quoted for the above car at:
MSRP ~44-45K
Invoice ~41k
Dealer Cost ~35k (although probably lower)
0 Down for ~360 after tax for 39 month 10k
OR 4800 down for 259 (I think before tax) a month for 39 month 10k
Another Dealership tried to beat it for the exact same car but premium plus for 4k down under 259 a month for 10k/39 months.

Another dealer I went to said he could beat those numbers for the Premium Plus ~45K MSRP
0 down less than 350 a month after tax or 4k down and less than 250 a month.

Any tips hints feedback would be grateful ... this is my first lease ever.

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  • timkimxlarlatimkimxlarla Member Posts: 3
    Yea I really don't want to put any money down but I would love to have the payments around 300 a month after tax. Is there a way to negotiate a lower sales term or any tactics that can be suggested? I wouldnt mind paying 350 a month if that included the free maintenance for 3 years.
  • timkimxlarlatimkimxlarla Member Posts: 3
    Hmmm do you think that maybe it may be better to wait till the end of the month for a better deal?
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