2007 Lincoln Navigator Power running board problems

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I have a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. I was having issues with the power running boards on the driver side working intermentely. I replaced the running the running board motor assembly. It still did the same thing. I disconnected the motor assembly from the running board thinking it was binding. Still it did the same thing. Thinking now I had a out of box failure I got a replacement and it still does the same thing. After some reading I saw a thread on checking the power running board module. Where is this module and how can I check it?


  • tundratimtundratim Member Posts: 2
    After much troubleshooting I found that the power running board module was bad, and the running boards are now operating correctly. After calling about 6 dealerships , one gave me the correct part number and location. The running board module is located in the door pillar next to the driver seat. Pop off the trim and it is half way up in the pillar. The part numbers changed a lot. The original part number was "7L74-14C177-AG. The dealership said the new part number is EL7Z14C177A. Dealership cost is around $300.00, Online is around $200.00. I found one in a junkyard from a 2010 Lincoln Navigator (part number 9L7414c177-AB) for $50.00. I am now wondering if the original Motor was bad or not. Regardless they are now working.
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    Thanks for reporting back. If you fixed it for $50, that's a big win!

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    @Tundratim ... we have the same problem. Can you tell me exactly where that module is? The pillar by the wind shield or the door pillar by the back of the driver front seat. Or? Thanks! Happy you got yours fixed!
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