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pulsation at various speeds throughout SUV

iliketoshiftiliketoshift Member Posts: 24
edited August 2016 in Honda
On my '13 Pilot with its AWD/4WD system, got a gash in the rear tire sidewall in january at 30000 miles on the car (original tires). The dealer replaced it with a new OEM tire. I asked them if it was ok that there was a mismatch (i.e., 30000 miles of wear), but the dealer insisted it was fine and completely drivable.

So now 8000 miles/ 9 months later I really notice that at certain points in acceleration or steady driving, there's a pulsation in the car that you can feel and sometimes hear at the same time. The pulsation is usually about 2-4 times a second. The car drives smoothly, and there's no vibration or pulling in the steering wheel. The pulsation is most noticeable when you make a big right turn - like at a highway on/off ramp at 30-40 MPH.

Is it possible that the unmatched tires are responsible for the pulsation throughout the car? Any other thoughts?


  • texasestexases Member Posts: 9,841
    edited August 2016
    What does your owners manual say as far as replacing one tire? I bet 30k was too many miles.
  • devryoctanedevryoctane Member Posts: 2
    If you had a FWD setup I'd potentially buy their claim this is okay. Assuming AWD is always engaged on the vehicle, my guess is you have a difference in wheel spin speed during cornering messing with you. One wheel needs to turn faster than the other and the system isn't allowing or enjoying the delta, which is why true, locked 4WD systems tell you to turn it off when on paved roads. Comes down to whether the system allows limited slip or is locked in the rear. 35,000 miles is all I get out of my 2013 Pilot's tires, so I wouldn't have much left at that point anyway, would've just changed them both.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    AWD systems don't have a lot of tolerance for this sort of thing.....SOME tolerance but not a great variation in circumference between two tires on the same axle. I would guess that if the circumference variation is more than 1/4 inch, you can cause distress to the system.
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