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My Lesabre has a shake in it when I accelerate during a right turn, like on a on or off ramp, I read somewhere that it was was probably a cv axle and that it probably was the left one if it shakes turning right.
I fixed that problem, I don't accelerate turning right anymore I just coast through, straighten out and press the gas.
So now I noticed in the last couple weeks a small tapping sound that happens about half the time I drive, this morning it didn't do it, yesterday it did. Just a small tap tap that increases in time with the car speed, wierd thing is it goes away if I turn right.
Do these symptoms together sound like a left CV axle like I'm suspecting or maybe a different problem?



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    The symptoms may vary depending on whether it's an inner or outer CV joint. The outer ones usually "click" on turns, the inner ones often vibrate going down the road.

    Your car needs a good inspection, because when you are replacing a CV joint you also have to look at things like ball joints and control arm bushings, which can also replicate some of the symptoms you mention.

    In any event, I'd consider this somewhat of a safety issue. Your car is old and really, all kinds of parts could be badly worn out by this time.

    Replacing the entire CV axle as an "axle kit" is the cheapest way to go, and it's not a difficult job. However, like I said, while you are in there, you have to look at other suspension components, and even test the wheel bearings.
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