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Check Engine, ABS, flashing cruise light help

Hi everyone! I've got a 2006 B9 with about 64,000 miles. Just a bit ago my check engine and ABS light came on, along with my cruise light flashing.

After researching a little bit on the forums and couldn't find an answer, I took it into the dealer, to which I was told that there was a bad oil pressure sensor for the right-hand side of the motor. I had them replace it out, and less than 20 miles down the road, the same lights appeared on my instrument cluster, and I took it back to the dealer. They informed me that there was now a bad sensor on the left hand side that would be another $380. I scheduled an appointment for later next week, and had them reset the error.

On the same day, about 2 hours later the lights reappeared on my dash, and I took the car over to a local parts store, where I used their scanner and the car now spit the following errors:

Camshaft position actuator A - Bank 1 timing over advan.

Camshaft position actuator A - Bank 2 timing over advan

Cam/crankshaft pos. correlation sensor A - Bank 2

Cam/crankshaft pos. Correlation sensor A - Bank 1

Camshaft position actuator A bank 1 timing over - advan

Camshaft position adctuator A bank 2 timing over -advan

Cam/crankshaft pos correlation sensor A - bank 1

I reset the codes, and waited another day for the lights to reappear on the dash. Again, I rescanned the errors, and found the same top 5 codes that I listed above.

Is there something more major going on here with the computer?

Thanks in advance for any possible suggestions you all might have...I just hate to keep throwing money at sensors, when it might not fix the problem.


  • Similar error lights, but my 2007 Tribeca had a torque converter throwing metal into the transmission. Had to be towed in and full tranny and torque converter replacement.
  • Anytime the check engine light comes on, the ABS light, flashing cruise light and non-operational cruise control does as well.

    I have a 2008 Tribeca with a similar re-accuring code problem:

    P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Malfunction
    P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor A - Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction
    P0345 Camshaft Position Sensor B - Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction

    The real problem is when this occurs, the car doesn't start. It can happen at the most inopportune time. It starts 50 times in a row, then it doesn't. Goes through the system check, but just doesn't try to start. Each time this has happened, I need to wait several hours (ususally overnight) and then it starts. After it does, I have the check engine light and the 3 codes above.

    Does anyone think this is a sensor problem? A circuit board problem? something else?
  • sweetpetesweetpete Posts: 15
    I think the dealer would be best qualified to sort this out for you.
  • ccolt1ccolt1 Posts: 4
    I had this happen one time on my 2008 tribeca and it was because the fuel cap was not tight. I took it straight to the dealer and the next day the put it on the computer and said it was because of the cap not being tight.It had the exact same thing .... the abs ,the cruise shut off and check engine light came on but it would start up fine.
  • Hi cujo945, did you ever find a solution to the issue of the CamShaft errors you are receiving? I just bought my 2006 Subaru Tribeca B9 and all of the same lights are coming on, and I am receiving the exact same errors as well.

  • vtelfgirlvtelfgirl VTPosts: 2
    I have a 2006 Tribeca - bought new - and have had this issue a few times. The first time it happened was about 3 years ago (past warranty time), I luckily had a good mechanic who had worked at a Subaru dealer, so when I told him the problem, he said it's often one of Subaru's glitches and to unhook the battery for about 20-30 min so it could reset. He said if the lights went out, it was just a glitch. If they came back on - then take it in. I had this happen about 3-4 times so far and all were resolved without dealer help.
  • 06_subi06_subi LaytonPosts: 1
    Has anyone found an answer to this issue?   Mine is having the exact same problem. 
  • I had to have my alternator changed out. Me picking up my car and drying up the street, all 3 lights come on. I turn around, mechanic said it was just my vehicle resetting. So he rest the battery and codes, lights off. The next morning upon start up, the lights are back. So, call mechanic and he said bring it back. I felt like they sabotage my car, I’ve NEVER had an issue, until they put their greasy mits on her. Long story short, I did not go back, I looked under my hood while it was crunk, and noticed a hissing nose on the left. I got a second option from my husband (who is not mechanically inclined at all), and sure enough air was leaking. There is a small air valve, on the top left that was not hooked up. We reconnected it, and the next morning, no more lights. Now imagine if I would have gone back to the mechanic and the codes were up, and that’s all it was to fix much would that have costed me. The darn alternator was $650 already. Hope this helps, and yours is as easy a fix as mines was. 
  • I had the same codes (flashing cruise control, ABS and engine light). Turned car off, removed gas cap, put cap back on. Started and no codes.
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