Engine wont start

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I have a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT that is a circle track racecar. Yesterday we had an issue at the track that the engine went into a cylinder vapor lock type situation. While on the track the car popped a spark plug boot on the coil pack causing the car to run rough. I had my driver pull in and shut off the engine to fix the issue. The car was off for maybe 5 seconds. When the repair was completed the car wouldn't restart. The starter tried to spin the engine over, but it seemed like there was too much cylinder pressure (best way to describe it) to let the engine turn over and start. We pushed the car back to the pits and let it sit. After sitting for about 20 minutes with the electric fan on the radiator, the car started back up.The temp gage was only about half way. We don't run a complete thermostat. It has no guts. We had a aluminum racing radiator in it, 8mm spark plug wires, high output coil pack, fuel cell with an external fuel pump but mostly stock everything else. Car has great fuel pressure. This has happened a couple of times this year but not this bad. Also looking for someone that can reprogram the ECM and body control module.


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    Sounds more like a starter problem. Compression shouldn't change within the cylinder. Either that or you built the engine too tight for racing.
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