Porsche Boxster Electrical Problems

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So I'm a new Boxster owner (all of 2 months, 2007 model) and yes it drives wonderfully. But recently I left the lights on (my other cars headlights automatically shut off) and fully drained my battery. Well, what an experience. After putting my key in the ignition and realizing that the battery was dead, I found that I could not get the key out! I read the manual and it clearly states that if your battery is dead, do not put your key in the ignition as you will not be able to get it out. Q. When do you learn about a dead battery. A. After you try starting your car...WITH THE KEY IN THE IGNITION.
Anyhow, I also learned that both trunks can not be opened with a dead battery ... (this isn't completely true as the manual shows you how to connect positive terminal to fuse A and negative to door latch... it doesn't work and this is confirmed by the Porsche Road Assist guy.)
Anyhow, car gets towed to the dealer and the dealer says that if I need a new battery (after 2 months of use) it will be $330. I can afford the $330 but holy smokes that is crazy. I suggested that they put in a Canadian Tire battery for $100 as it comes with a 6 year warranty.

Welcome to the world of Porsche!


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    I bought my Boxster S in April, being assured it had auto headlights (like I've had for the past 15 years on other makes). When I couldn't get them to operate, service informed me that it did not have them, nor could they install the switch aftermarket. I had a loaner Cayenne which looked to have an identical switch except it had auto mode. Anyone care to confirm one way or the other? I suppose an alternative is to have daytime running lights programmed, which might suffice in the office garage daily.
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    I went onto EBay and bought the daytime running lights unit. It's inexpensive and very easy to install. It works great and really makes the car stand out.
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    can you tell me where and how much did you pay for the daytime running lights install kit?
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    I just bought a 2001 boxstar and I'm looking to in stall runing lights. What was the Brand or who made the kit you bought.
    I did find a way to wire the boxters on www.whiteson.org/boxster/mods/drl/
    but I would like to find out if there is a better way.
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    I have an 05' Boxster that the homelink opener will not work as well as the heated seats. All started when I had to jump the car to open the trunk so I could access the dead battery. Has anyone else experienced this problem and let me know what to do. It is not the fuses, they have all been check and re-checked.
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    I want to replace my 4 year Battery in my Boxster. I am worried as I do not have any radio security codes for the CDR-24. Are there any codes? Where can I get the un-lock codes as the radio may lock up after changing the battery.
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    Why would you need a $330 battery from the dealer? Won't a $100 one that you install yourself be fine?
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    I just used radio-codes.co.uk and got my radio code for like $15. I've heard you can get them free from dealers, but I was impatient and this was instant. It worked.

    A dealer had given me 1014 and the real code was 0985. Figure that out?
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    i have the same problem.. i just changed my battery and the heated seats don't work. how did you fix this?

  • dtownmildtownmil Member Posts: 23
    For your radio code, go to renntech.org and request it from the appropriate forum. For you heated seats, all I can suggest is to sync the alarm system by using the key in the driver door (lock and unlock) and that may reset everything. I once had a problem where my trucks would not open and that was the fix for it. Good luck.
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    woke up this morning and tried to start the car and cant even get the key in the ignation has anyone heard og this before?
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    Hello everyone, i'm new to this forum. Ive been reading on the prior boxster problems. I myself have owned a 2001 Boxster Tip and a 2007 Cayman S all new. I just picked up my new '09 Boxster 2.9 Liter Manual and this is the 2nd time i get a big puff of white smoke when starting it up. I've never experienced this in my two other Porsche's, however, i'm reading that it may be something common. However why on this brand spanking new boxster?? It's obvious the problem still exists not only in older cars with the 2.5 or 2.7 liters but also in the new 2.9. Why no correction? Any suggestions??
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    I'd love to see an answer from someone for Pritch's question too. As of today, I have a similar problem, but worse. I spilled a little water on the face of my 2007 CDR24. The CD player, volume, and display work fine, but the radio is now nothing but static. If I buy a used replacement CDR24, would it be a waste of money? Meaning, would I ever be able to obtain the codes for it, and would my dealer install it?
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    My last battery died so I assumed it was old (3yrs). Now the new one drains too! No idiot light comes on suggesting alternator so I am puzzled!!! Any ideas? Thank you.
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    I have an '06 Boxster S, in which the batteries have been replaced previously. I noticed that if I would leave the car sitting for more than 10 days, the battery would go dead.

    Within the last six month I replaced the battery but now that I haven't driven the car in over 10 days, the new battery is also dead.
    Something must be draining the battery although I can't find anything further to turn off. Any suggestions or ideas??? Thanks,
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    I appreciate the suggestion of a battery charger and I do have one. But, the problem being is that the vehicle at times is parked in a public parking area, i.e., airport, where it's impractical to have a charger on and leaving the front bonnet ajar. It just doesn't seem reasonable for the battery to discharge after 10 days. Is anyone else having this problem? I can't find anything ON, which I have control over to turn off. I know the car is full of electronics, but have no clue as to what to do (?). Any other ideas? Thanks, Ed
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    I, too, have been surprised by how quickly the batteries discharge. If I had known all the quirks on this car (and there are many), I never would have bought one. You might try a solar battery charger that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket.
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    I have recently managed to cure the problem I had - The battery on my 2003 Boxster S was draining in 2 days if the car wasn't used. Did the usual of buying a new battery but just got the same - completely dead within 2 days. Took it to the garage expecting them to do as I'd been advised, use a volt meter and take each fuse out one by one - but they had had another Boxster in a month previous with the same problem and managed to find the fault - it was a part that sits close to the steering lock and houses the ignition barrel. In essence what should happen is that when you take the ignition key out everything electrical on the car should shut down but for some reason the fault in the barrel meant that everything was staying live - hence total drain within 2 days. So far so good with the new part - left the car for a week and it started first time. Sorted!!
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    My Boxster stall 2 times in last 3 months, on the highway after flickering of lights!! The local authorized dealer and Porsche NA cannot find the defect. There is no code on computer diagnostics by dealer/service. The car is still under warranty. Does anyone have similar experience or solution? Please help
    :mad: :cry: :sick: :lemon:
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    hi ive just brought a 06 boxster and had problems with the stero/center console switching itself on and off... some times it works for days and days but then it plays up day after day!! is it just a loose connection and can anyone recommend a garage ( Staffordshire) also i went to start the car this morning and the battery was completely dead, even tho i have been using it on a regular basis, does anyone have any ideas if the two are linked or just coincidental thanks
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    Do you have the part number ?
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    Hi. I have a 1999 2.5 Boxster. Just recently, I found that the horn has developed a fault. It works fine when the ignition is switched OFF but won't work with ingnition on. Still works when key inserted but as soon as the key is turned, it's dead. Could this be the electrical part of the ignition switch or is it something else?
    Thanks in anticipation of finding some advice.
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    I recently bought a 1997 boxster. Problem 1: windows and top won't work. Also one head light shines brighter than the other. Now to make it worse my key won't turn the engine. Any ideas or solutions I can check at home.fuses seem good.
  • markdonnelly1markdonnelly1 Member Posts: 1

    I changes the battery in my 2003 boxster S to a Super Start® Extreme - Battery (Part # 48EXTJ) from O'Reilly.

    There is some power getting to the car since the cigarette lighter lights up but nothing else. There is a whining noise coming from the front of the car when the battery is connected. The guy is the shop said this was charged, and it is supposed to be correct based their part finder.

    Does this just need charged, or is the something else that could be wrong. Looking for other things to check out.

    Any help appreciated
  • nicola8nicola8 Member Posts: 3

    Have you checked your alternator?

  • nicola8nicola8 Member Posts: 3

    I've had a brand new battery fitted in my Porsche Boxster 3.2 S year 2000 as the previous battery kept going dead, the radio would stop working and the fan. I ran the car and the same problem happened. Radio went off. Fan went off. I stopped turned off ignition and tried to start the car again. Nothing. No engine turn-over. All lights on. It was a very good quality new battery that was fitted. Something is draining the battery. Does anyone know what this problem is, please? I bought a trickle charger today and have connected it. I couldn't leave the alarms off as the door lights were on and I've had to close the front bonnet with the wire in it otherwise the light in there would not go off...... I would be so pleased to hear from anyone else that has had the same problem as it's so disappointing not being able to start your car up when you need it most

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    nicolaB i have same problem now yes with trickle charge cord closed in bonnet how did you fix your wont jump at pull out terminal everything dead except lighter

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    Also having electrical problems with my 02 Boxter S. Have to jump start it every other day. Battery checked out fine. VERY frustrating! Was told possibly could be that I am not driving it often enough. Any ideas or thoughts what could be causing this? 
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Otherwise, I would suggest doing a parasitic drain test, as well as an alternator test.

    How old is this battery? When "checking" it, who did that and how did they do it? The battery must be fully charged first, and then load-tested. Any battery more than say 7-8 years old would be questionable.
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