2015 Honda CrV dying

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I have a 2015 Honda Crv battery that keeps dying on me. It started while my vehicle was still under warranty but honda kind of blew me off after me fighting with them on multiple occasions and now it's out of it. In any event here's a very brief summary, I took it in while it was under and Honda told me there were no problems but they were going to do a software update and change the battery out anyway problem went away for a little while. A few months later the same issue came back, this time, I insisted they change the ac adapter because well the internet said that may fix the problem. It worked for awhile. Over the summer I took it to walmart for an oil change. While at walmart the car died I watched them do the oil change they literally tinkered with it for 5 minutes tested the battery, it tested fine, went to start it to move it out of the garage and it was dead. The manager at Walmart felt so bad after I told him all the issues I've had with Honda he was willing to call over to Honda to vouch for me but at this point it was out of warranty and I knew Honda wasnt going to do squat. My car now dies after only a few minutes, I can drive it for 5mins or an hour walk into a store for literally 3minutes for a coffee and by the time I come back it's dead. I've had the battery tested at two other places since walmart and both have told me the battery is fine. I have a portable jumper that I just cant leave home without because I dont know when my battery will die next. Further more it doesn't seem like my battery is actually dead, almost like it just doesn't have enough juice to start the car on it's own?-if that makes sense? When I hook the jumper up to my jeep it kills the jumper and I have to charge it instantly. With my Honda I've jumped it several times before it actually kills the jumper battery. I'm on a very tight budget right now and just dont have the finances to keep going back and forth to different mechanics, for them to all have a different answer. I guess I'm hoping MAYBE someone here might have some similar experience and might be able to help? I'm just tired and frustrated with dealing with this, it's a beautiful car but it's to the point where I dont even want the damn thing anymore. If I could get rid of it tomorrow I would. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time out to read this and respond. :(


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    Sounds like everyone has to back up here and do some serious testing--specifically three tests come to my mind:

    1. parasitic drain test to see if the battery is being drained while not running

    2. Alternator/charging test to see if the battery is being charged properly.

    3. Starter draw test to see if the starter motor is using a high level of amperage--also known as "starter drag".

    These 3 things seem to me to be the most likely causes of your problem.
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    Bought 2015 CRV in summer of 2018 with 30k on it. Battery has died more times than we can count. Unbelievable. Honda needs a recall on this problem!
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    I have 2012 and 2016 CR-Vs owned since new. I get roughly 2 years out of a battery, sometimes a little more and sometimes a little less. My 2007 Corolla goes 4 to 5 years between batteries as has every other vehicle I've ever owned. Honda now has some screwy way of charging the battery to help with fuel economy at the expense battery life. And the batteries never just die. They fail intermittently and test fine at first which makes it all the more frustrating when you are trying to exchange one under warranty.
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    I have the same trouble...3 batteries in less than 3 years...We need work together to Honda needs a recall on this problem!
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