2002 jaguar xk8 drive chain tensioners

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My xk8 was manufactured 8-13-2001. Been trying to find out if the tensioners are the old plastic or metal. Jaguar has been no help. Seems like 2002 was a "foggy" year for this question. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hey, sorry guys. Correct manufacture date was May 2002.
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    This is an old comment so disregard the part about warranty--but it does give the engine no. cut-off for this problem: This is from the Jaguar Club of North America.

    "Jaguar has redesigned the secondary tensioner 3 times since V8 introduction. Technical Bulletin 303-30 dated 12-98 recognizes a rattling noise caused by tensioners at cold start and notes a revised design with noise dampener clip added. This change commenced with engine No. 98102106XX and will be installed on earlier engines under warranty"

    Do you currently have "the death rattle" at engine start up? If so, have it fixed immediately!
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    Just found a 2001 British Racing Green xk8 with 44,000 miles on it. The dealer used the low miles as a selling point, but I said that was negative since a lot of the parts were original, including the tensioners. Got the car for $10,000 and went to a Jaguar mechanic and asked him to change the oil and filter which was a year old and only 2,000 miles. Change the fuel filter and serpentine belt, which was original. He also found a leak in the differential and sealed it and added fluid. The total cost was $700. he said that I should bring the car back for the tensioners, that he agreed should be done and the total cost of that would be $850. I have driven over 1 million miles and the key is to have a great mechanic that specializes in your car and is reasonable. You can do it yourself if you have the tools and the patience, but don't bring it to a dealer. In southern Florida, it is too hot to work on the car in a non-cooled garage, in the summer, so I don't mind having the work done at a reasonable cost and not invest in the tools.
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