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Mercedes 40k lease limit solutions? - Can anyone help?

Leth96Leth96 Member Posts: 3
edited September 2021 in Mercedes-Benz
Trying to lease a GLE 53 but Mercedes won’t accept me. I can afford the car and have a good credit score (High 700’s), but being self employed and having thin credit files (also no previous auto loan history) is holding me back. I have some questions, hopefully some of you can help.

One pay lease didn’t work due to some kind of residual factor limit thing. Any ways to make this work with mercedes?

Any other solutions other than buying and financing separately, or having a co-signer, or doing a big down payment?

A co signer would work. How can I quickly assess which of my friends would be able to get us approved if they were a co-signer on it? (e.g. have a friend who has good credit, has 1 auto lease but it’s new, only started their lease 6 months ago. will that be enough?)

Do two people with no auto credit history add together to be enough for approval? e.g. would it be like my wife gets a 40k lease limit and if I’m a co-signer I get a 40k lease limit and together it’s 80k? or not how it works?

Any services for finding a co-signer (that I don’t know) that could actually work, and if so how much does the service cost and how much does the co-signer charge for something like this? - Unlikely?

If I got approved with a co-signer, would mercedes financial allow a one pay lease?

I appreciate any info on this.


  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 206,829
    We don't have a lot of advice regarding credit issues. Or, what it would take to get approval.

    But, no bank will accept a co-signer that doesn't have some sort of personal connection to you.

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