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VW GTI (All styles)



  • revdrluvrevdrluv Posts: 417
    I wanted to know from gti owners how reliable the 99-00 GLX and the 00 1.8t are? I am looking to get a used car and CR recommends vw but gives them average to below average ratings and I find other mixed reviews elsewhere. Want to get some info from the source.
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    Well I don't have a 1.8t or the GLX (yet) but I wouldn't necessarily worry too much about reliability. Yes VWs are not quite as reliable as Honda or Toyota, but, in my experience, most of the problems that VW owners run into are more along the lines of annoyances than the car not starting in the morning. I have had my VW for 2 and a 1/2 years and my only regret was not splurging for the GTI : ).
  • 2001 Golf has automatic locking feature for doors and hatch door. Dealer has removed feature for doors, but says no can do for hatch door. I HATE this feature. Anybody know where or how to stop computer from automatically locking hatchdoor?
  • bill_1bill_1 Posts: 97
    I am curious if anyone knows what the dimensions of the GTI/Golf are? In particular the width and length of the cargo compartment; including with the back seat folded down.
  • alfaromeoalfaromeo Posts: 210
    Ok, I've owned my golf 2001 GTI 1.8t for about a year now and put a ...meager 10000 miles on it.
    First, let me say that I am overall satisfied with the car. The good points first:
    - very comfy car; great for long highway drives - the car is actually quite silent, and the seats suit me very well (6'1'', 210lbs). The engine cruises at low rpms and even doing 80mph there is no excess engine noise.
    - the engine: nothing to say here: typically 'german philosophy' low-rpms, great for passing (great acceleration at speed), but there IS noticeable turbo lag - given the choice, I'd prefer having the VR6 on winding roads - for the fun of it! When you come out of a corner and want to throw those rpms up in a hurry before gearing down, you really wish for a quicker response. It seems like there is a huge flywheel spoiling the fun on the 1,8t. This HAS to be my main criticism of this engine. Effective, yes. Comfy, yes. But it does not give me any particular kicks.
    One great feature in winter is the anti-spin system which works wonders. I have passed countless SUVs on icy uphills where I could inch my way past them in 1st gear, my foot all the way down on the pedal (I just had to try it out): a chip regulates the power to the wheels, so you can relax and smile at other frustrated drivers. At the touch of a button you can disengage the system. I still remember a lady in a bmw740 who looked so disgusted at me, having spent three times the money, only to have to leave the car and walk home (she didn't look friendly enough that I make the detour!)

    An oddity: in cold weather, the GTI makes quite a few squeaky noises - which disappear completely around spring time.

    The car is actually quite heavy, and in my opinion, this is detrimental to the 'GTI SPIRIT'. The first GTI's with only 110bhp were a lot more fun to drive, as they weighed what? - 40% less? For true GTI spirited, i.e. affordable hatchbaks, hey, you'll have to look away from the US shores. Peugeot comes to mind, but there are countless others that unfortunately aren't sold in the US.

    Driving a GOLF GTI is not a solitary pleasure around here in NJ as they seem to have multiplied like crazy over the time I've had the car. They are everywhere, in all colors and models.

    Funnily, at red lights, the car doesn't provoke other compact 'racers' whose drivers usually give me the nod. The people who (sometimes) taunt me are typically two-door SUV owners (mainly Ford explorers - for reasons still mysterious to me). When I'm in the mood for it, I teach them a lesson about physics and inertia. They are really full of it - inertia that is!

    So all in all, a very good little car that can pack plenty, will still look good and sell at a premium in a year or so, and which I can warmly recommend to potential buyers looking for fun but not wanting to sacrifice comfort and practicality.

    Would I buy a VW again? yes, absolutely. Other cars that I might consider for different reasons:
    - Audi S4 Avant
    - BMW M3 if my stock options end 'in-the-money'(!)
    - BMW M5 if I win the lotto!!!
  • well, went into the dealer to try and join the circle of vw owners. i was looking at a 2001 silver gti gls, loaded w/ the 5-speed tranny. 17" wheels, monsoon, leather, 6-disc changer. i was quoted $21,526. should i take or keep pushing?

  • airpenny1airpenny1 Posts: 7
    Has anyone here have experience buying a GTI in the San Francisco Bay Area? How much over the invoice should I pay for a GTI? The dealers in the Bay Area say it's rare, so they can't discount it too much. So should I pay a little more because it's harder to find?
  • hey folks, just got a 2001 gti gls. fun!

    got a question. are the back floor mats supposed to have snaps too? mine don't. :(

  • Hey,I am looking to change the wheels on my 99 GTI GLS. The wheels I want are on the Green GTI GLX featured in the new car section of Edmunds. If someone has a tip on where to get them, or any other great looking 17" wheels for GTI's, please let me know. Thanks!!!!!
  • I don't think those are the bravo wheels. They look totally different. Are you looking at the green one that is provided by edmunds? It is a GLX. Are those the wheels that come on a GLX for 2001? How much are tires for 17" wheels. Also, do you have any other 17" wheels from vw that you think look good on GTI's?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I didn't look at the picture, but the 17" wheels are the bravo's I'm pretty sure. They are 5 spokes, right? The 17" wheel package is a $400 option for the GTI.

    Why do you want VW wheels? They are overpriced like crazy. I'm running on 18x8.5" IWC Quicksilvers and it looks awesome. Check out some pictures here:

    - Anthony

  • Thanks, I loved the pics, did you sell the spoked wheels that came on it? If you didn't, I would love to have them!!!! Is it $400 for each wheel, or just $400 for all 4 wheels?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    I still have the stock (spoked) wheels with brand new tires on them. I don't know if I want to sell them or not. They have under 12K miles on them and brand new 205/55/16 Eagle HPs. Hell, if the price is right, anything is for sale.

    - Anthony
  • Those are the wheels I really really wanted. How much would you be willing to sell them for? The tires have 12,000 miles on them? Give me a price and let's deal!-Dustin
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385

    The tires are brand new, I just got them mounted. I burned out the stock tires in 9,000 miles :) The VR6 is great for burnouts.

    - Anthony
  • jtedescojtedesco Posts: 2
    Can someone clarify that the GTI 1.8T puts pot 150 hp while the 1.8T in the Passat and A4 hit 170 (new this year, formerly 150). Any explanation why VW is doing this? Is it a simple fix to bring up the extra 20 hp? And will that void the warranty, or is the dealer permitted to do that

    Thanks-I am considering a GTI 1.8, Civic EX (boring, but at least $2K less), and an Outback Sport. This hp issue has been gnawing at me.
  • i can't explain the difference, yet the 1.8t flies, it is so much more fun than any subaru or any honda!!!! have you seen the dashboard at night? go for the gti, my mom has a loaded jetta, and i have a loaded red gti, and neither one of us have ever had any problems. my mothers best friend has a loaded black passat, and has never ever had any problems, we all love them!!!
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    The 1.8T in the GTI/Jetta is Transversely mounted compared to the Passat (B5 platform) or the Audi A4. For 2002, the 1.8T will be putting out 170/180 HP. All that VW did was up the boost the turbo is putting out.

    - Anthony
  • Hey,
    I was wandering how much the 17" wheels that come on the GTI GLX's cost. I love them. On the sticker it cost 400 dollars extra, is that what i will have to pay for them if I order them?
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    If you order them, they are about 350 a piece plus tires. Get some aftermarket wheels before you buy VW wheels.

    - Anthony
  • jmpickettjmpickett Posts: 1
    I've had my GTI for over a year now and have gotten to know it very well. I've only put about 11 K on it so far. I love it far too much to drive it to work (Washington DC). I take the metro to work and drive my baby only around the neighborhood and on road trips.

    Here's what I love about it:

    1. VR6! Huge amount of torque down low, love the big V6 roar, and (the best part for me) simply an awesome highway cruiser. I can blast by cars in 5th gear easily, cars that cost twice as much. It only turns about 3,600 RPMs at 100 mph, and the engine isn't anywhere near strained. I once had it up to 120 mph or so and it still wasn't straining.
    (note: In April, I added a Autothority EPROM chip for about $300. It gives you about 10 hp and 12 lbs. of torque. The VR6 really screams now, but remember to use premium unleaded only)

    2. Styling. I really like the conservative German exterior. It looks almost like a Golf, to the Honda next to you. Then you leave his cheesy looking ride in the dust when the light turns green.

    3. Interior. Like a BMW. Love the blue/red gauges at night. Wood trim is very nice.

    4. Price. You get a hell of a lot of car for $23K.

    Here's what I would like to see improved, which I think will be addressed with the 2002 redesigned GTI:

    1. Not a complaint really. I love the VR6, but I fantasize about the revamped VR6 w/24 valves and dual overhead cams. It's about time! Put a chip in that baby and you'll have almost 220 hp and same amount of torque!

    2. Gear shift. What the hell is up with this transmission? Balky, won't shift into first and second properly, etc. I seriously hope the new shifter is a lot smoother. I don't want Honda buttery smooth necessarily, but it'd be nice if I don't have to fight to shift into first when the light turns green!

    3. Suspension. My biggest gripe after the tranny. I read it's the same suspension as the Golf, and I can tell. Too much body lean in the corners. Needs serious tightening.

    4. Watch out for the window regulator problem. I already had one go bad. I was told this was fixed in 2001 and subsequent models.

    5. A little heavy. I think GTI has gotten overlarded with goodies over the years. I could do without the sunroof and lose 100 lbs or so. Next year, many now-standard features will be options, so you can drop some weight from your new GTI if you wish.

    Overall, a fantistic ride. If I were in the market for one, though, I would wait until next year and get the remodeled GTI.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    You pretty much hit it head on. If your shifter is giving you so much trouble, you should take it in for a shifter linkage adjustment - sometime they are out of spec from the factory.

    I have an AutoThority chip too, and it helped the most of any mod. I like 15 minutes away from them, so it was convenient too.

    As for the window regulator, it hasn't been fixed for 2001 models. I think mine might be going bad on my passenger side window. uh oh.

    This morning "STOP!" appeared on the computer and it told me to shut off the engine and check the coolant level. Yup, my coolant was dry. I hope it's not a major problem, I'll get it checked out on thursday when I go in for service.

    - Anthony
  • Hey does any of you guys live in Canada, or in Edmonton, Alberta in specific? Because i have a 01' GTi 1.8T and all they sell here is the Wetterauer chip, which makes me really mad because i know there are better ones out there... Do u guys know how the Wetterauer chip perform compared to chips like GIACs, Neuspeed, APR, AutoThority and things like that?
    Do any of you guys have a problem with the stock diverter (after installing a chip)? Because i have heard people saying how it leaks and stuff after u increase the boost, so i'm thinking about getting one.. do any of you guys know how much it is (in Cdn)?

    Thanks alot guys
  • suremansureman Posts: 2
    I read an article that was in Compact Sport Car, I think. It trated the GTI 18T at about 142 pionnies at the wheels. From their indication the car must have been putting out about 170 horsepower at the crankshaft just like the Audi and the passat. They also stated that they must have under rated the HP in order to sell more VR6's. I have been doing just about as mush reading on these two cars as I can to try to decide which one I want to buy, HUMMMM? Anyway, there are lots of aftermarket parts out there and computer chips that can be installed into the 1.8T to bust the HP. Also, the same magazine compared the Honda SI and the 1.8T, it was a close call. I'll get the exact magazine name and month onto the net when I get home and do a little research. One thing is for certain, there will be VW in my furture before a Honda!! By the way, in Germany they offer the VR6 with the Passat engine, six speed tranny and the 4 motion all wheel drive system. I am in germany now and have tried but they don't offer this model in American specs. What a drag. Maybe somewhere in the US future. Sureman
  • tutoo7tutoo7 Posts: 10
    Hey, I have GTI 1.8T and Im looking into suspension changes. What Im debating over is either the H&R cup kit or the coil overs and I dont know which to get. Is raising and lowering the car that big of a deal because otherwise the cup kits are alot cheaper. Does anybody know more about the cup kits and their performance. Thanx for your help
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    Sometimes even 1.8", your driveshaft can hit your front sway. To fix this you'll need to swap out your front swaybar. Just thought you'd like to know.

    I have the Bilstein Sport/H&R sport setup and I couldn't be happier with it. It's a 1.5" drop
  • typoontypoon Posts: 3
    I love this car. I've loved the GTI since I was 15, I'm 28 now so it hasn't been too long. The first time I test drove the car I was totally hooked. Even more than when I have been wanting it. I bought my car from Trend Motors in NJ. They are the best dealer I've dealt with. They also had the best price for what I wanted. I got the VR6 with the 17" wheels and 6 disc changed for under 24K. Black/Beige interior. When I was ready to buy the car I was looking on all the different sites comparing features and things and nothing compared to the GTI at all. I'm very happy I bought this.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    Sureman said:

    "By the way, in Germany they offer the VR6 with the Passat engine, six speed tranny and the 4 motion all wheel drive system."

    Not quite correct. The Passat V6 is a traditional 60 degree V6 with a 5-valve head. It's the same engine that Audi sells. Previously it was a 2.8. This year it's a completely new 3.0 liter engine, designed by Cosworth. But it is still a 60-degree V6 with 5 valves and it is used in the Audi A4, A6, and VW Passat. This engine is mounted longitudinally. The Audis and the Passat use the Torsen AWD system.

    In contrast, the VW Golf and Jetta use the narrow angle VR6. The VR6 is mounted transversely. In Europe, VW is indeed selling a 24 valve version of this engine, with 6 speed gearbox and Haldex AWD system. Current rumor is that we will get the 24 valve version with a 6 speed first quarter of 2002, but no AWD.

  • WOW, Thats all there is to say about the GTI..
    quick, responsive, playful!!!
    i just bought mine and got the racing suspension in it and the cold weather package since im in chicago!! Damn all there is to say about it is SMOOTH, very SMOOTH!
  • I got a lease offer for a 2001 GTI (1.8T) with automatic transmission and monsoon sound system. 2200$ down and 250$ a month, for 39 months. Is this a "good" deal?
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