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Eagle Talon - Need Advice

mikebevmikebev Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Eagle
I have an opportunity to buy a '92 Talon for my
son; it has about 130,000 miles on it. Does
have any pros/cons/experience that can help me? I
would really appreciate ANY advice. For example,
how's the gas mileage, insurance, repair history?
As you can tell, I know almost nothing about the
make. Thanks.


  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    well first i need some key info about the talon. is it turbo and all wheel drive?? if it is i wouldnt buy it with 130000 miles. turbo wears an engine alot faster and usually gives the car premature head gasket problems. also get all the service records. if they have them see how often the oil was changed and how the schedualed maintainance was kept up. if the car was amintained according to the dealerships recomendations then the people probably took care of it and you wont have anything to worry about. if a car is properly maintained then you can get any car to go 200000 miles
  • mikebevmikebev Posts: 3
    It IS all-wheel/turbo, and I'm getting the service records. I really appreciate your taking the time to write back. Thanks again.
  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    also if its all wheel drive/turbo then it is probably stick shift. look in the service records especially for a clutch to have been done. if there isnt one and you still want to buy it knock $1000 off the price for a clutch because thats how much aporximatly its going to cost for one parts and labor. when you get the service records look for dealership maintainence and parts. try to avoid aftermarket parts. also look for the clutch job and the head gasket especially.
    those are very important when you have a turbo car. look for the oil chage to be done every 2000 miles not 3000. turbos need oil changes more frequently. if you have any other questions just post and ill answer them. bye now
  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    also i forgot to mention the insurance on that car will be relatively higher because its turbo and all wheel drive. i believe its classified as a sports car and they are more expensive on insurance. im not too sure how much but i know they are. the gas milage on that car is good for what it is. if you buy it for your son hes probably gonna beat it around. and as you know the harder you drive a car the worse the gas mileage is. but he will probably be paying for gas right?? if you make him do that he will learn really quick. thats what my dad did to me and i learned quick. so just take into concideration when you buy him a car. if i may make a suggestion about buying a car for your son. you could get a honda civic for about the same price same year with the same mileage and in my opinion a better car. he will get better gas milage and it wont cost as much on the insurance. it will last alot longer too because it can take a beating better. i drive a 91 honda civic hatchback and it has just hit 183 k miles. it has the original engine, transmission, and clutch. right now the transmission is starting to go because the main shaft bearing is shot. but what do you expect after 183 k miles. with me as a driver my dads policy, me being 18 year old male, driveing that car with comprehensive insurance in ny state my dad pays about $1000 a year to insure that car. it has automatic seatbelts and is classified as an economy car. the insurance isnt that bad. for gas , at 1.61 a gallon, to fill up my car from fumes never goes over $16. and i get 300 miles to a tank local driveing. i just recently drove to maryland and got 293 miles on 7.8 gallons of gas. that is with a bad 4 spd manual transmission. that is 37 mpgs. so gas sint a problem. but also that car was maintainted meticulously over those 183 k miles. dont get me wrong im not saying the eagle talon is a bad car. i just dont think it would be right for your son becaseu im a kid too and i know what he will do with it. besides that car is very fast so he will wind up paying alot in speeding tickets. but he is your son and you can get him what you want. im just trying to give you friendly advice. just make sure you get those service records with every used car you buy. have fun with it im here if you have any more questions
  • mikebevmikebev Posts: 3
    Wow; never expected all THAT help. Thanks a lot. I was thinking of the Honda too...or a Mazda. You're right on all counts on turbos. Even with routine (2000 mile) maintenance, I really don't want one. He drove our Mazda MX6 and was great with it, but an uninsured motorist took care of that. I think I'll stick with Hondas or Mazdas. You underscored all my thoughts. Thanks again for all the great advice.
  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    anytime im here for you if you need any help you can email me at [email protected] i just wasnt sure about giving you all that advice because i didnt know how youd feel about taking advice from an 18 year old. i dont really have that much experience with mazda but from what i understand they are a good car. there is only one car that is better then a honda in comsumer reports. that is a toyota. but i believe the resale value on a honda is higher. so if it were up to me id stick woth the honda. your welcome for all the help.
  • 181kmiles181kmiles Posts: 29
    im just curious what did you decide. let me know ok??

    thanx alot
  • Im looking into buying a newer car, and ive narrowed my choices between a 98 Talon, or an Eclipse of the same year, do you have any advice for me....i know they both have the same basic engine.....but what are some differences that would be a deciding factor for me? any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
  • I just got an Eagle Talon with manual transmission. I don't know anything about stick shifting. I would assume,while in first gear, a person could start and stop without a problem. Well, I took the car out around the block. It took me awhile to figure out how to get the wheels rolling. Later, I even figured out how to back up. The problem I have is with stopping. Every time I stop, frontwards or backwards, the car starts jerking like crazy and dies on me. Now, I've never driven a stick shift before so I might be doing something wrong. I did notice a light was on under the steering wheel to the left. Just a little round red light that is always on. I didn't know if that could be draining the power or not. I do know that I need to solve this problem quickly, however. Also, could anyone tell me if it's possible to get an engine converted to automatic or would that cost so much that it would be cheaper to trade it in for one? I just got it and it looks great, but I have to figure out why it won't stop without dying. Can anyone help?
  • I find this a little funny. Please excuse me. If you have ever heard anyone talk about standards, they often say that the "stalled" the car. Now this means that they didn't clutch or imporperly shifted. You are not cluching when you stop, so the car stalls. Just clutch and break and you'll be fine.

    Please tell me if this helps.

  • ok im getting a 97 talon.. there is no Esi marking or anything on it, 33,000 miles... clean.. how do i know what modle it is?
  • Check under the hood for a turbo then check the trunk and look for a lump in the middle of it. If it has a turbo with no lump in the trun, it's a TSI FWD, if it has a lump in the trunk and a turbo under the hood it's TSI AWD. The lump in trunk is where the rear differential sits.
  • Simple things for a novice to check -

    If the battery is on the left side of the engine, it's a turbo. If the battery is on the right side, it's an NA (normally aspirated, non turbo engine).

    If you want to figure out if it's an ESi or base model - ESi has a rear windshield wiper, base model does not.

    As for an older question - the Eclipse and the Talon are the EXACT same car, except for body style, that's it. It just depends if you want to pay more for the Eclipse than the Talon of the same year.

    RS = base
    GS = ESi
    GS-T = TSi
    GS-X = TSi AWD
    GS Spyder and GS-T Spyder had no Eagle equiv.

    Another note - properly maintained means SYNTHETIC oil for turbos, not dino (normal) oil. It costs more, but what is more costly? A bit of oil, or an engine/turbo rebuild? Turbos make the engine run hotter. Synth oil can take the hotter temps. We've got many guys in the club with 100k+ miles on their cars, and they are drag racing them to boot. These are reliable cars *IF* you take care of them. This goes for any car though. You simply have to take more care with something that is a performace vehicle.

  • I am looking into buying a 1995 Eagle Talon TSI AWD. I read a little about the problems that may be assoicated with Turbocharged engines. Does a turbocharged engine not last as long as a normal one. Would you advise an ESI over a TSI if the longevity of the car is a serious concern. How far will a TSI AWD take me if it is maintened well. Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    To maintain one of these vehicles you need to be meticulous with it.
    A typically well maintained dsm turbo engine, should last you 150k miles on average. Stock of course.
    Although on rare occasions, I've seen ones with over 200k.

    1# Always cool your turbo by letting your car idle for a few minutes when done driving. (Especially after being on the highway!)

    2# Frequent oil changes. 2500 miles with conventional oil and "premium" filter. The oil gets dark and dirty real quick. I recommend using mobil 1 and changing it every 5k.

    3# New timing belt every 60k miles.
    New spark plugs every 30k. Full tuneup every 60k with new plug wires. Fresh coolant every 60k.
    Tranny fluid every 60k, Differential fluid every 60k also.

    In case you don't know, any 95+ eclipse gs/rs or talon esi, come with 2.0L dodge neon motors. Its a completely different motor and has nothing in common with the 2.0l turbo.
    If you drive both and compare the difference, the last thing on your mind will be reliability :-D
    The awd dsm's are one of best well rounded, all season sports cars you can buy. For the money of course..

    Its not as reliable as honda or toyota.
    But with a little extra care, these cars should'nt give you any headaches and will reward you with there performance.
  • I'm new to the town hall and I've got a question for anyone who may have advice or experience with turbos. About a year ago, I bought a '91 Talon Tsi Turbo AWD, and it has about 105k miles on it. Shortly after I bought it, it began to hesitate when I accelerated. The best I can describe it is that between about 20-50 mph, the boost gauge will go up to about half way or sometimes higher, but the car will not want to accelerate as it should. It "bogs down" or accelerates slowly and erratically until it reaches about 50 mph and then takes off. On the highway it runs fine, and it does not hesitate all the time; some days are better than others. I don't know if this indicates serious turbo problems or something else. I've asked around, and the most anyone can tell me is that it pretty much is a guessing game to find out what's going on. A friend mentioned that it might be the fuel pump, but he is no expert. I would appreciate advice from anyone who has an idea of what may be wrong.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Before you start dumping to much money into the car. Try taking the economical approach. Replace these things first.
    1# fuel filter
    2# spark plugs
    3# spark-plug wires especially!(Solves alot of problems like this. These car are known for chewing up plug wires due to the extreme heat these engines put out)

    Good luck!
  • Here are few sites to check for help to your problem laker02, I can't seem to remember what the resolution to that problem is, you are not the alone with that one. The first site which stands for Diamond Star Motors (ie Mitsubishi/Chrysler joint thing early 90s) they made the Mitsubishi Eclipse/Eagle Talon/ Plymouth Laser in Normal,IL. Anyway enough of the history, this site has all kinds of info on these cars plus many links to solve common problems with these cars. Also if you want a quick response post a message on message board. This guy sells all kinds of goodies to make your car go faster plus there are many people on there that know these cars inside and out. I just purchased a 1993 Eagle Talon TSI Turbo AWD (140,000 miles and can't tell) this summer and I'm still learning new things from these people about my car. The one thing that stands out is for the money its hard to to find another car with similar performance and the many options for it that are available to make it go crazy fast. So don't lose hope on yours just yet, I've had a few problems myself cuz it's still a used car. It's all worth it though when you get somebody at a red light. Especially with an AWD, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, anyway enough rambling good luck, Ben.
  • mmepmmep Posts: 1
    Wanting to rid myself of an Aerostar mini van- as I hate driving it in the winter!! Looked at a '92 Talon today 5speed Turbo TSI AWD. Car seemed to be in fantastic shape with 87,000 miles on her. Asking price of $3995. What do you think people???? SHould I go for it? ANyone have experience driving one of these in snowy conditions? What problems (or pleasures) should I expect from this car? ANy advice would be really appreciated! I realize its not really a family car, but since I am in the throws of a midlife crisis.... well.... :-)
  • ra184ra184 Posts: 3
    I'm getting a new car and have narrowed it down between a 97 eclipse GS-X or a 97 BMW 328i. Due to the struggling car market, i can pick up either one for about $12-15,000 depending on the millage.
    I would be purchasing the eclipse with about 45,000 miles on it. My main concern is the reliability of the eclipse. I know i'll have to rely on how the previous owner treated the turbo, but i'm concerned about the upkeep of a the eclipse, not just the turbo but the overall package. If some TSI owners could let me know what to expect, i would be grateful.
  • I'm looking at a '95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD with 120,000 actual miles. However, the engine and turbo were rebuilt at 80k miles. It is being sold for $6200 obo and I would like some other opinions as to whether or not this is a good buy or should I stay away from a Talon with that many miles. Thanks.
  • I have a 91 Talon front wheel drive on turbot It has a terrible surging problem and no body can figure out what is wrong. When it is in park and running it reeves up and down all by it self. Also when I am driving it at slower speeds it does it while driving jerks you back and forth, and puts alot of pressure on the brakes(kind like I still have my foot on the gas). We have had a diagnostic check on it but they can't find the problem. Have you ever heard of something like this going wrong? And what do you think I should try?? It runs perfect except for that problem and I would like to get it fixed since I got the car pretty cheap but don't have the money for a bunch of tests done that won't fix the problem. If you have any advice I could really use it. Thanks Tracy,
  • amc12amc12 Posts: 1

    I have a 92 Talon and it recently started doing the *EXACT* same thing you describe - reving up and down in park, etc....I have tried explaining this to people and no one here knows either! Please let me know if you find out anything and I will do the same!!

    You can email me directly too at '[email protected]'

  • ok im looking for a second car to have fun w/in the summer. currently i have my eye on a 94 eagle talon, 4 cyl, 5 spd i dont know much about them could someone please email me at [email protected] to let me know info such as durability, engine, cost of parts such as a basic tune up, brakes, clutch replacement, and how easy it is to get to your basic equipment under the hood (such as changing your own oil, tune up etc.) thanks!
  • I'm looking for a used eclipse/talon car. Is 1993 eagle talon exactly same as eclipse for that year? The car I am getting is 1.8 lt. base model(92 bhp). It has done 106k miles. Would it be wiser to buy a talon which has already done so many miles?
    Also how about the reliability of this car?
    The one I drove seems to be in a pretty good shape but only problem I've noticed is that the car doesn't have a PICK-UP (as Eclipses are supposed to have.)
    What's the price that I may expect to pay for 1990-1994 eclipse/talon which has done 90-110k miles?
  • wat32wat32 Posts: 1
    I own a 1997 Talon TSI AWD. I've enjoyed driving this car but today I've seriously begun to regret choosing it. It sure was fun when it was all shiny black and new. However shortly after getting it I started to have trouble with the clutch. It was an odd problem, I found that when I was turning left and attempting to shift there was no resistance on the clutch peddel, the shifter wouldn't move out of gear and if I took my foot off the clutch it remained stuck to the floor. It didn't happen every time but it got so that I could almost predict the corners on my way home from work where it would happen. I took the car into the dealership at least 4 times but to no avail. They changed the spring behind the clutch several times and this made no difference what so ever. Finally the disassembled the clutch, said they couldn't see anything and reassembled it. After this the problem seemed to disappear however the clutch still felt "funny" at times. I should mention that on my way home after that work the clutch began to slip more and more till I couldn't drive the car. I had to get it towed back to the dealer to have it re-adjusted!

    Later I noticed that when the car was idling, the oil pressure began dropping to the bottom of the safe operating range. Immediately I took the car in. The dealer replaced the sensor twice and the gauge once to no effect. Finally the removed the oil pan to discover wear on the crank shaft and the main bearing failing. This was at 53,000 km (~33,000 miles). 4 weeks and one new crank later I finally got my car back. I drove 1 block and turnd back to the dealer with a check engine light on. they forgot to plug something in. The next day I was back with a U/S tach. Again this was due to an improper connection. Finally one week later (last week), the first time with the cart on the highway and guess what, the gear box craps out. Now I'm being told by Chrysler that this isn't warranty (I'm past 3 years) and I'll have to pay the $4,200.00 ($2,700.00 US) for a new gear box.

    Personally, I find it hard to believe that the gear failure isn't in some way related to all of the other power train defects that the car suffered from previously. Additionally, every time I have taken my car in for work I have had to return to get the repair fixed the next day.

    It's funny too cause my other car is a Dodge Avenger ES, made, I believe in the same plant as the Talon and the only problem I've had with it is a leaky rad hose.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Your going through the infamous Crankwalk.

    This is a known problem with 5sp dsm's. Mitsubishi/Chrysler knows about this, but will not do a recall on the problem.

    Many people are suffering your pain.

  • mospeedmospeed Posts: 1
    those are all the signs of crankwalk. Sorry...
  • mohitm1mohitm1 Posts: 1
    I've seen a Std. 1992 Eagle Talon which has clocked 90,000 miles. It seems to be in good shape though -- inside and outside.
    The vehicle has most fittings :- a/c, all power, decent stereo etc. ( But no sun-roof. )
    I request you for the following advise :-
    - Is this a reliable car ?
    - Is it expensive to maintain ?
    - Is 90,000 miles on the higher side ?
    What amount should I offer the owner.

    Will appreciate your advise/tips.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    A none turbo talons in 92 were ESI model 2.0L 4cyl's rated at 135hp.

    I've never heard of any major issues with them.
    There not expensive to maintain, just make sure the timing belts are replaced every 60k.

    As long as the car has a clean title and has no mechnenical issues.
    I would look to settle on a price between 1500-2000.
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