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Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part XI



  • Well, after getting involved with this Zx3 lovefest, I ordered a white 2001 with the 50P premium group (air, speed, bigger wheels I think) and a moonroof to boot. Final price before tax, and including all other expenses $13,636. After all of my research (including a Consumer Reports print-out) I still wasn't really sure of what the dealer was paying for the car. Is there no definitive invoice price service? Anyway, I look forward to much conversation with all of you fellow Zx3 lovers.
  • This is from Edmunds own site...about what carmakers have planned for the future.

    2002 SVT Focus Fusion (Small Car)
    Focus fans will finally get a factory performance variant in hopes of catching the eye of the red-hot, California-based, small-bore enthusiast market. Based on the Focus ZX3, the hot-rod Focus will get the tricked-out treatment from Ford's Special Vehicle Team, makers of the SVT Mustang Cobra and SVT F-150 Lightning. SVT will add a tweaked engine, firmed-up suspension and beefier brakes with performance wheels and tires and throaty exhaust. One name being considered: the "Fusion."
  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    Sorry to hear you are having a problem.
    But, S... happens sometimes. Lots of moving parts in these vehicles, parts can wear out.
    There is no such thing as a perfect car. Repair it and get on with it.
    Now, if half of us had our alternator burn out at 10,000 miles then I would [non-permissible content removed]. But, it seems you just got bad luck.
  • just came in from picking up my z from the dealer(had a sunroof put in)They had a really cool kona edition zx3 in the showroom-I was ready to trade up on the spot! Man those are neat looking!! Love the color!by the way-I highly recommend the sunroof!I have enjoyed the first 6,000 miles of driving in my z-but the sunroof seems to really make it nice!!
  • superf22superf22 Posts: 54
    I guess I'll have to start getting ready to trade it in for one of those "Fusions." how can they not make an svt version of the zx3?
  • According to internal Ford documents, the ZETEC 2.0L is set to die at the end of the 2001.5 model year and be replaced by an all new 2.3L.

    The target date for the dimise of the 2.0L is actually an important part of a bigger puzzle in Ford's product line organization.

    2.0 ZETEC. Photo: Ford Motor Company

    According to internal Ford documents, Ford will kill off the Escort and the ZX2 in January 2001. Both use the 2.0L engine.

    Other internal documents also show that both the Contour/Mystique will be discontinued in March of 2000 . Both models also come standard with the 2.0L engine as well.

    The only other remaining products that would continue using the 2.0L after the Escort/Contour are killed off are the Focus and the upcoming U204 Excape .

    The Excape 2.0L is an easy answer though. Internal documents show that by 2001.5, the 2.0L Excape will be history as it will be replaced by an all new 2.3L I-4 engine.

    Another interesting document shows that Ford will be building an SVT version of the Focus that will use a 170+ horsepower version of the 2.0L. Further documents detailing the C170's engine seem to verify that the Focus will continue using the 2.0L through 2003; however, we don't expect Ford to build it soley for the Focus and believe Ford will drop the 2.0L Focus as well.
  • zx3zx3 Posts: 167
    My Autumn Orange z now has 2000 miles on odometer.
    (5-spd Stick, A/C, Mobil-1 Synth oil).

    2000 MILE REPORT:
    Not one failure.
    Not one defect.
    Not one flaw.
    This lil' z just goes n'goes!! I have yet to bring it to dealer service dept, for so much as a single little "hiccup"!!
    How Su-Weeet, It Is!!

    Those cloth seats suck. You should see the coffee spills, donut-crumbs. (Shame on me). And, the durn lint is everywhere!
    And, someday if a Ford Svce-Dept grease-monkey ever has to climb into the car -- those darn cloth seats are gonna "soak up grime".

    Custom Seat-Cover shop (they did Be-Oootyful job on my VW-GTI) wants $250 for front-seats done in vinyl (color of choice) including vinyl-piping around all seat edges (color of choice).

    I won't do rear seats. They're permanently folded flat. Why?
    My z is not only a "cool-lookin" Playboy -- it's also a "full-time" Hatchback.
    I often carry lotsa tools, lumber, for 2-level deck I'm building for my ranchhouse. (One half is on lawn, other half is higher-up on house).

    I'll have them do seats in one of the following color combinations....
    (1) "Car-color" w/"black piping"
    (2) "Black" w/"car-color piping"
    (3) Seats n' Seatbacks ("car-color") .... borders around Seats, n'borders around Seatbacks ("black color").
    (4) Or, reverse the colors (in 3).

    Are there any brilliant minds, or independent thinkers here --- who'd care to cast their "colors" vote?
    Step right up! Love to hear all opinions! How would YOU do the "seat-color combo", on your z?
    Thanks in advance for any Replys.....
  • jamers85jamers85 Posts: 100
    i guess you're right....nothing is perfect...and i just had a bad luck on my alternator...just glad that nobody else had this problem. Yup get it fixed and i hope nothing else will break down. What? a new car and the alternator already dead?...well that's what i hear from my friends and other people....making it sound like i bought the wrong car......i just get peeed off. i hope they'll put a long lasting alternator this time. thanx for your response.
  • kdominczakkdominczak Posts: 174
    How is your Z doing with Mobil 1, is the engine working any quieter ? It was an early switch to Mobil 1, most of our experts here do recommend to switch to synthetic oil after car is "broken in"(after 5000 miles).
    Any changes in fuel efficiency?
  • Hey zx3-I vote for #2 color combo-won't show as much dirt-plus I think it will look cool against the autum orange car! I know what you mean about cloth seats-would love to have the covers that they put in the kona editions-those are way cool!!
  • fgaydosfgaydos Posts: 319
    I vote for (1)"Car-color" w/"black piping".
    The thought of sitting on black vinyl in my walking shorts is painful. :>{
  • stanky73stanky73 Posts: 14
    I have been to the dealer three times for the pass. side water leak near the upper left part of the rug under the dash. The foamy pad there between the carpet and the black plastic gets soaked and it appears to be coming down the black plastic above it. I really can't see much else back there since you would have to pull out the dash I would think. Anyway, the body shop looked at it three times with the TSB #'s I got from this group. It is still doing it, but I really think it is the AC leaking inside after I did some tests this weekend with rain and AC. Can this be fixed? I have seen this happen on some older cars, but I don't want it to happen on my new ZX3!!! Is there a deflector or something that might be broke that is supposed to pass this water outside the vehicle. Please let me know what you think.

  • brettzx3brettzx3 Posts: 28
    I absolutely agree that it's the other people's fault! The lights are cool where they are and I like them there. People just don't know to look for them there. Oh well, they'll get over it!

    zx3beast - Roxborough is a pretty safe section of the city. I like it. I think that our next step will probably be MontCo in a few years. Philly schools are not up to par and we'll need a good school district eventually. And, yup, got lotsa cops in Roxborough too. I live in a great section in the "valley." There are quite a few foci in the Rox area. More 4 doors than ZX3's though (I don't get that - why would anyone pick a 4 door over the cool ZX3???). I have a little one too (3 yo in Oct) and we manage just fine. Our other car is a couple too - 2000 Monte Carlo SS. I guess we're just partial to those types. I shouldn't judge - nevermind . . .

    Sorry about your coffee stain, but happy to hear that you got it out. Weren't you using your Focus Mug? Cool mug, but you have to tilt it a little to get it out of the holder. Nice gift though.

    How's everyone enjoying those big watches? Anybody want mine? It's a little (a lot) too big for me. I don't have the box, or the instructions, anymore. Just the watch. It's brown(ish).
  • stanky73stanky73 Posts: 14
    I'll trade you brettzx3 for my pink watch!!!

  • jamers85jamers85 Posts: 100
    i dont understand this. the car is less than a year old with a defective alternator. Ford Co wont give me a loaner car because i didn't purchase the EXTRA CARE SERVICE PLAN which will entitle me a loaner car if the car breaks down. Dont you think a loaner should be provided during the original warranty. Why purchase extra care ....all the parts suppose to be intact when the car is new. and Ford should accomodate their customers when something happen to your engine specialy when it's not event a year old.....frustrated again!!!!!! does anyone know who i can contact beside the customer service online.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    silver bullet,
    Advanced Track doesn't come bundled with rear disk brakes.
  • brettzx3brettzx3 Posts: 28
    You don't even have to trade me - you can have it. I'm sure it's just as big in pink, but probably looks even bigger! I can mail it to you, just let me know where.
  • stanky73stanky73 Posts: 14
    Hey thanks. At the risk of getting mail bombs from folks who might be mad at me, here is my address-

    Joe Stankovich
    1 Aletta St Apt 13
    Saratoga springs, NY 12866

    I see you are from Philly. I am from the Poconos area - but love Philly. Hope to move south in the not too distant future to save my Z from the killer winters up here! Arrgggh.

    Take care and thanks,
  • wbzx3fanwbzx3fan Posts: 10
    We are looking to buy a malibu blue ZX3 5 speed, with air conditioning and power windows/locks. This late in the year, we're wondering if anyone has any suggestions on if we should keep looking for a 2000 like we want it or just go ahead and order a 2001? The problem is that since we've been test driving them, we want to get into one now, not wait 6-8 weeks like our dealer suggested an order would take. For the price (just slightly higher for the 2001 with speed control too) we feel like we should get the 2001. Somebody want to talk us into waiting? Suggestions? Comments?
  • tognetertogneter Posts: 245
    When your dealer says 6-8 weeks, what he means is 11-12 weeks. I think it's some sort of exchange rate problem =].

    Anyway, I think it's worth the wait to get exactly what you want, but my wait was pretty tough. But if you do decide to order, realize that 6-8 weeks is not 6-8weeks. That's been the general experiece of people on these boards. I'd call around your area if you'r eimpatient, but if you can stick it out, a brand-new, neve-ever test driven, just like you want it ZX3 is worth it.
  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Posts: 1,339
    No disk brakes, eh? Better send an email to AutoWeek - their reporter slipped up!
  • wbzx3fanwbzx3fan Posts: 10
    Thanks for the dealer-speak interpretation, but that makes the decision even harder. Can we wait 12 weeks? We were kind of hoping that since the 2001's are near coming out that we might get one sooner. Wishful thinking, huh :]?
  • brettzx3brettzx3 Posts: 28
    It's on its way! I just packaged it (and I use that term loosely). I'll mail it on my way out of work today. Good luck with it. If there's a way to delete your message with your address in it go ahead, everything's all done. I haven't been to the Poconos in about 3 or 4 years. It sure is nice up there, but I bet it is brutal on cars! After you get the watch post something so I know that you received it, hopefully undamaged. Now you'll have two - maybe you can start a collection of really big watches :-)
  • Jamers85,

    Ask the salesman you brought you Z from if you could use his demo while yours if being fixed. If he wants to sell to you again, I bet he will let you use it, unless its against dealership policy.
    Remember, loaners are a dealer thing, not a Ford thing.

  • 9joker99joker9 Posts: 1
    I am shopping for a ZX3 with the proper amenities, such as AC, Power Windows, Antilock brakes, what should I exspect to pay. Thank you.
    J Eaqgan
  • miata23miata23 Posts: 26

    Togneter is right about the "actual" wait time for a ZX3 on order - I was promised 8 weeks, it
    really took 11 weeks.

    I think you can find a ZX3 with those options but only in another color, sorry to say. Your dealer should be able to canvass his area of other dealers in a day or two to determine how close
    (s)he can come to meet your specs. Then you can
    decide whether to wait or not.

    I recommend putting up with waiting - It was no fun - esp. the final weeks, but I'm glad I did !
  • miata23miata23 Posts: 26

    Based on the posting I've seen, it seems that you should be able to get a ZX3 with your specs for 1-3% over the "dealer invoice" price - see to determine the "dealer invoice" price for a ZX3 with the options you want
  • zx3zx3 Posts: 167
    Your vote was:
    #2 ...."black vinyl front seats with orange piping around edges" (for my Autumn Orange z).
    Thanks for the vote. My GTI had same color-combo.
    It was nice.
  • zx3zx3 Posts: 167
    Kd: thanks for the post.
    So you think I went from conventional oil to Synthetic oil "too early"? I should have waited till 5000mi. before switching over?
    I've heard you shouldn't switch an older engine (40 or 50K) to Synthetic oil --- but haven't heard you shouldn't switch "too early, either".
    Now you got me worried.
    Maybe I should go back to conventional right away.

    Here's some "history" on my z .....
    Sometimes, idling at red traffic lite, I glance at Tach to see if engine is running.
    Engine is that smooth n'quiet .... from Day-One (34 miles on odometer) to present day (2000 mi. on odometer).

    At 600 mi. changed oil n'filter. Replaced with same conventional oil n'filter.
    At 900 mi. I noticed gas mileage had climbed from 25mpg (80% hiway) to 31mpg (80% hiway) I attribute this to engine beginning to break-in, more n'more.

    At 1300 mi. changed from conventional oil to Mobil-1 Synthetic oil. Changed filter.
    At next fill-up (1500mi. on odometer) I noticed gas mileage had dropped from 31mpg to 28mpg (80% of driving is hiway, both cases). The drop might have been due to my driving. I don't know. A couple hundred miles later, at next fillup, it was back to 31mpg (80% hiway).

    Since changing to Synthetic, engine is not quieter. In fact it might be a smidgen noisier. I'm not sure. 'Cause it's that small a change.

    Kdominczak, what do you think?
    Also Silver/B, P/C2, what do you think?
    I'm at 2000mi. now. Should I play safe, go back to conventional oil till 5000mi.?
    Big Thanks, guys.
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