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VW Golf



  • If it appears to be an oily film, then you are correct, it is antifreeze. You don't want to be breathing that stuff. It is not good for the your health.
  • Hello all, strange problem here,... the pass. side rotor on my'01 golf 2.0 has been rusting very quickly. I have had to change the rotors several times due to inferior aftermarket rotors warping (rhymes with bimbo) and everytime I tried to remove the pass. side, it was stuck from rust. Anyone else see this? Pads also wearing out much faster on that side as well. An electrical charge???? Help!!
  • Help!! Just got a problem with the drivers side window,went to put it up and it just dropped straight down.Had the door card off,only to find another panel,undid all the retaining bolts but could not get if off.anyone got any ideas??? :confuse:
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Dropping windows is normally caused by "window regulator" being made out of plastic. VW will normally replace for no charge with metal ones. (Depends on year of your vehicle. (1999 --> 2002 I beleive))
  • I just replaced the heater core in my '95 Golf, I had the same thing happening. On cooler nights I'd be driving and the entire windshield would fog up, and turning the defrost on would just make it worse. If you can hear water sloshing in the air vents or you notice any water on the carpets as well, it's definitely your heater core. Be prepared to pay out the a$$ for labor though, it's a long job. If you have the skills I'd recommend purchasing an aftermarket core and doing it yourself.....UNLESS the car has less than 100,000 miles,not many people know this (I work for a VW/Audi dealership), but VW will replace a heater core under warranty, parts and labor, no questions asked if you are under 100,000 miles. VW will do this because they were actually sued by people who were severely burned by hot coolant spilling onto their feet while driving/riding in the vehicle. So check your mileage, watch your toes, and get it repaired soon to prevent overheating troubles.
  • Hi, Did you get to the bottom of engine cutting out problem so far? I'm considering buying a 99 TDI which is occasionally experiencing the same thing. I haven't managed to reproduce the problem but the seller is a friend and has been honest enough to tell me it does happen from time to time. A temperature sensor was just changed in an attempt to solve it but that didn't work. I'd love to figure this problem out before I buy the car rather than afterwards!
  • Hi All,

    My Golf recently developes a strange problem. After I turn off the engine, the fan just keep running. I have to turn the engine back on and turn it off again to stop the fan. What may be the problem ? The problem developed after I had the hazard light and gas line done undert he recent recall. Any possible corelation ?

    This morning I could not even start the car. It seems the battery is dead. Is it possible considering the car was running fine yesterday. Would the batery just die like this ? What type of battery would I need ? If I replace the battery myself, will I mess up or loss the computer programe ?

    Help please.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Check the fan relay
  • Check the cylinder head temperature sensor which controls the fan after the engine is shut off.
  • Having a problem.. engine light on the car is always on and every now and then the car will just shut off and then i have to restart it. Any one have this happen to him before? or have any clue what would cause this to happen everytime I drive it :(
  • I have a 1988 1.3 golf, and have an oil leak from the engine block, just above the alternator, which has dripped oil onto alternator, causing it to fail, I have put a sealing compound round the block, (the leak is where the engine number is stamped on the left hand side), I am thinking its maybe a leaking head gasket, and if so, is this a fairly easy job to do. I have had one year at college doing mechanics, but if it is an awkward job I will leave it to an expert. :confuse:
  • Hi Steve, Shelley2 here, I have had a similar thing with my 1988 golf and I have been told that sometimes when the oil is low, the engine will automatically cut off on some cars to save damage to the engine, it may of course be your alternator or battery also. Good luck. :D
  • I have a 1988 Golf and the engine seems to be hunting. I am not entirely sure what type of things cause this and is this a blockage or break in one of the carburretor hoses or pipes, or just dirty plugs etc, or even timing out.? :(
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Often, a vacuum leak can cause "hunting"
  • When my check engine light comes on I check the codes myself. I plug in a jumper wire for 4-5 seconds and the check engine light starts blinking so I count the blinks and that's how I find what's wrong with the car. After the last code I have 4 long blinks which means no more faults. The book I have say after that hold the jumper wire for 4 seconds and that will erase the codes, but that's not working. If I start reading the codes again I still have same codes in the memory. Does anybody know how I can erase the old codes.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    On some cars, you can disconect the battery for about an hour and all codes are erased.

    Dont forget, if you have not actually FIXED the problem(s), the codes will come right back. (you cant FIX you car by eraseing codes ;-)
  • I tried disconnecting the battery but just for like 5 minutes and that didn't erase the codes, but now i will try it for at least one hour. The reason I want to erase the codes is that I don't want to mix the old with the new codes, so after erasing the codes I will just have the last one, which will show me what needs to be replaced or fixed. I don't want to collect codes in the computer memory and to get confused every time I check them. Thanks.
  • Has your ignition coil been replaced recently? If not, I would check it for cracks (one of the check engine light culprits).

    How many miles do you have on the car? If it is a high-mileage model, I would have the following items checked out:

    Oxygen sensors (your car has two of them)
    Ignition wires
    Ignition cap/rotor
    Spark plugs
    fuel injectors checked and/or cleaned

    Is your car running smooth or rough?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    I just orderd a VAG COM so I can be better prepared to work on the 3 VWs in my family.

    My daughter has a CEL on and I am looking forward to diagnosing for her when my VAG COM arrives.
  • No I haven't replaced the ignition coil. The oxygen sensor, the ignition cap and rotor like 10000miles ago, the spark plugs and ignition wires I replaced a week ago. The car has 108000 miles. I haven't cleaned the injectors. The car runs smooth I think. Thanks
  • If you haven't replaced the ignition coil, I would carefully inspect it to see if it has any cracks. The coil on my 97 Jetta had a crack in it at 80000 miles (previous owner didn't exactly keep up on the maintenance), and it was throwing codes like crazy until I replaced it. Now the car has 150000 miles, the coil has no cracks, and all is good...
  • jal17jal17 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a VW Golf that collects water in the rear passenger floor when it rains? I have a 2003 TDI that collects about 2 cups of water in the footwell when it rains - whether the car is parked or moving. The dealer here is worthless, but that is another story.
  • Once I disconnected the battery terminals and replaced the battery....GUESS WHAT HAPPEND??? The car doesn't excelerate properly. As I begin to excelerate up through first suddely drops down to 1000 RPMs....while my foot is flooring the pedal. CAN ANYONE TELL ME WHY THIS IS HAPPENING? It doesn't stall---just immediately throttles down.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Perhaps you need to perform a Throttle Body Alignment
  • :D Is this the gearbox oil filler plug on the bell housing or something I shouldn't be touching? I have a volkswagen golf mark 2, E reg, 1300. Shelley2
  • Can anyone help me by offering advice on common oil leaks on the mark 2 golf. I have one on the front left hand side of the engine block, using about 1 litre every 3 to 4 weeks. Could this be a head gasket? No other symptoms.
  • This leak is more likely to be from a leaky valve cover gasket (I've replaced it twice on my 96 Golf). Head gaskets on most Golf engines are very durable and trouble-free. If it were the head gasket you'd probably be losing quite a bit of coolant and have an overheating problem, I think.
  • ningwningw Posts: 2
    i'm thinking about buying a salvaged Golf2004, which was wrecked and the transmission had to be replaced. I'm tempted because the price is only $8500. Is this a good deal? What should i watch for when buying this car? thanks.
  • I am an owner of VW Golf 2004 with 40 000 + miles and today the open door light came on. Like you I check sereval times the doors to no avail. All were closed.

    I was wondering if you were able to fix the problem ?

    If you did, please let me know. Greatly appreciated.

  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    Why not let the warantee handle it?

    The inner-workings of the doors have at least 3 micro-switches in each door. Just getting to the mecanism requires tearing the doors apart. Before that, one would have to hook the car up to a computer to diagnose WHICH door is causing the problem. I beleive even the rear hatch can make that light go on too.

    Take it to the dealer and let the factory-warantee deal with it.
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