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VW Golf



  • Hello. I'd like to hear from people that drive a 95 VW Golf (four door, 5 speed), with at least 45,000 miles on it. I'm considering buying a 95 Golf and want to get some idea of gas mileage, electrical problems, reliable starting in the winter, etc. Like a lot of people, I'm comparing used Honda Civics to VW Golfs, and want to know which will prove less costly to maintain. Thanks for your help in advance!
  • 1995 was supposedly a bad year for VW reliability (although i know someone with a 1995 jetta with close to 100,000 miles who has had zero problems with it). vw maintanence is costly, and you need to find a good mechanic who knows the ins and outs of volkswagens. i've found a shop locally that specializes in water cooled vws who is extremely honest and reasonable.

    the golf is a heckuva lot more fun to drive than the honda and much more distinctive style-wise. it's a good bit safer and more solidly constucted. if i were you, i would take a gamble and buy the golf. make sure that you have a mechanic check it out.

    gas mileage in a golf will run in the high 20s around town and low 30s on the highway. if you have problems, most likely they will be electrical.
  • vwguildvwguild Posts: 1,620
    A MIATA????????
  • Dear All,
    I have sent my Golf III Diesel (100,000 km) for routine check and fluid change at a local WV authorised garage. They give me back the vehicle saying that everything was in order. They just
    changed the motor oil and tightened the distribution belt (aged of only 20,000 km).

    After 20 kilometers on a highway, I heard a freak sound and the car stopped. First diagnosis: the motor went out of phase; however, 5 days later and with the engine completely open, the
    same WV garage still can not tell me the cause of the breakdown. According to them, everything is still in order (belt, pulleys, and so on), except that the car went out of phase (alone?). I am afraid that they are not honest to me and trying to hide something. I have also heard that this is a common problem with the golf III serie. Does anyone have an opinion or a suggestion for me ? Can you suggest some published article about this
    problem ?

    Thanks in advance.
  • yoeddyyoeddy Posts: 46

    My friend just bought a '95 Golf GL but it didn't come with any user manuals. Do you know what type of motor oil this vehicle uses? I want to guess 5w30.

    Thanks for your input.
  • i have looking seriously at the new vw tdi in the golf body style until i encountered the dreaded carboning problem with these engines in the midwestern u.s.. the problem is that our fuels are high in sulfur and after 15,000 to 30,000 miles depending on the style of driving. (lower reving drivers goes fewer miles when this occurs.) the exhaust gas recovery system builds up with carbon from the sulfur and soon plugs up the system until fuel mileage and driveablity problems occur until the engine literally stops. the real problem occurs when the car is out of its poor 2 year/24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. this problem is not covered by the emissions warranty. if it is out of warranty, the cost is about $800 to repair. After market service agreements do not cover emissions so you are out in the cold. VW does not seem to be too cooperative do anything about it. in germany, low sulfur fuels are required and on the west coast of the U.S., the fuels are are low sulfur. the problem occurs in the small tube feeds exhaust gas back into the engine and sulfur produces carbon ash when burned and with low reving drivers, the back pressure produced is lower and therefore more material (carbon) builds up in these small tubes and over time will completely block the system. I learned all this from the vw service manager. the salesman with whom i have been dealing with just discovered this with his own 2000 golf tdi with 20,000 miles on it and is still under warranty, but plans on selling it as soon as it repaired. the car of choice is the 1.8 turbo. its been the most reliable and lower gas mileage is ok because $800 will buy you a lot of gas every year or so if you have to fix the egr system in the diesel. Now i know why Mercedes Benz has stopped selling diesels in this country along with the fact that you cant sell them in the special low emission states in the Northeast and Califormia. I have not seen any postings yet on this problem and it should noted asap. the older bodied tdi did not have this problem since emissions for diesels has been greatly reduced with the 2000 model year in the U.S.
  • Thanks a lot for the info--we were considering
    buying one but not after reading your post--
    plus, VW of America makes getting on like
    pulling teeth--dealers want a huge deposit
    and when pressed say they can't guarantee
    getting you one even after SIX months of
    keeping your $500!!!!
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    Recently I realised that when I brake, the rear brakes give a funny "iik" sound, almost like the kind of noise you would hear on a bicycle when you press the front brake. I wasn't driving that fast, only about maybe 40km/hr when I brake, and the noise only happen when the car is almost at a standstill, and yes, there is a "jerking movement" (the one that you first dive forward and then flip backwards, but not in an emergency situation, nor is it at high speed, just very subtle) that comes with the noise.

    My car has only 10000km on it so I very much doubt that the pad has worn off. Any insight anyone? Thanks.
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    Hi there fellow Golfers.. Much quieter over here than in the Jetta forum. Went to a VW dealer last weekend to test drive a Golf. Wanted a 1.8T with manual transmission. Apparently that is a hard combination to find. The Jetta/Golf ratio seems to be 5:1, which is confirmed by an inventory search of Drat! Whenever VW comes out with something I might want to buy, you cannot get it. I had an 87 Jetta once, and stayed away from the Golf/Jetta because I thought the 2.0L was not a very good engine when compared to other "economy" cars. Can anyone tell me what you get for paying ~1300 more for a Jetta? It seems to me you are losing because you dont get the practical carrying space the Golf has. Why the price disparity when the Golf and Jetta are largely identical save a few body panels? Anyway, the Golf seems somewhat worth the extra you pay compared to a Civic/Corolla/Sentra given the better engine and the fact that it is one of the only hatchbacks on the market right now. If there were a 4 door Civic hatch sold here in the US, I would be giving that a serious consideration....
  • My dealer will sell me a 2000 automatic 1.8 Golf with the sunroof, monsoon sound system, cold weather package, and chrome tires for $19,400. Do you think the price is appropriate? I really didn't want all the options, but there were no other 2000's available at this dealership.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Don't know how close you are to Maryland, but there is a dealership in Aberdeen here called Cook Motors. They have at least 2 5-speed 1.8T Golfs, at least they did last weekend.

    With the price you asked for, Catherine, I think it's pretty good. I test drove a 2.0 Golf with automatic, Monsoon, and Cold Weather Pkg. that stickered for $19,400. The dealer told me it would be pretty close to sticker price because of their popularity. I told him $500 over invoice or goodbye. It was goodbye.
  • AaronAaron Posts: 11
    I live in the Chicago area. The dealer that gets all the cars in this area is the Autobarn. I dont know why VW has given them two more franchises in the last 2 years in addition to the one they had in Evanston. Maybe because they are freestanding and sell only VW? They just opened the third location in Countryside a couple of months ago, but havent been there yet. Searching the database at shows that the Evanston Autobarn has way more cars than anyone else in the area. I used to live near the location in Mt. Prospect, and they added $900 of "dealer installed options" to every new car on their lot (Pinstriping, rubber strips on the wheelwells, etc.). Dont know if they do this at the other 2 locations.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    I think good deals are possible on 2000 Golfs. I just got mine GLS for 1500 under invoice (MSRP 18.4k). I know a dealer in columbus OH had a bunch of golfs about a couple of weeks ago. At least one was 1.8t.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    talking about a 2L version which are not as hot as 1.8t. Catherine9, how does 19.4k compare with msrp and invoice.
  • Thanks OPQ and Aaron for responding to my message. I purchased the 2000 1.8t with all the options for $19,200, a little below the invoice price of $19,495. I didn't have much time to decide; the dealer said the incentive to sell at reduced cost ended November 30th. I've only had the car a few hours, but I'm really impressed with the car's smooth ride and strong pick-up. Hopefully, the car will prove as reliable as it is beautiful.
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    I'm offered a fully loaded 2001 Golf GLS 1.8T(automatic transmission, luxury package, winter package(heated seats), moonson sound) for 19900 that the dealer says is the invoice price, actually it's in the printed document. I would like to get down to 19500, because it's not my color and the cloth on the seats has some dirt(that they say they'll clean up). They initially said no way, because "we loose money", I said I'll take my time to think about. I'll be grateful for an advice, should I stay firm or concede?
    P.S. The car is assembled in Brazil, German engine and German transmission. Has been on the lot for a month and some.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    The price you are offered is definitely close to invoice price(perhaps a couple of hundred over invoice). It may not be the best deal, but definitely sounds like a reasonable price for a 2001, 1.8t. You should also get prices of this car from, and These internet prices give a good idea on how the deal you are getting compares with them.

    Hope this helps, good luck
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I had my '96 Golf (A3) into the shop for a major service and was given a 2000 Golf (A4) as a loaner car. That's one advantage of going to the dealer from which I purchased my current Golf - they reserve loaners for their customers. I was looking forward to the chance to drive a new Golf.

    It was lovely! Smooth ride over severe potholes, solid feel, yummy! Still, I was happy to get my own baby back. I like the unobstructed rear view (no headrests) and the smaller (or does it just seem that way) C pillar. I also found the design of the speedometer very confusing. The tachometer is clean-looking, the speedometer was cluttered. I kept looking at tachometer for my speed!

    I'll think I'll stick with my plan to replace my 1996 Golf with a 2003 Golf.

  • I've decided on a 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T. I want the luxury package and in-dash CD, and have found a dealer offering $17965 for exactly what I want. I also found a dealer offering the same PLUS cold weather and monsoon for sub-18500, but he wants me to tell him how much the extras are worth to me. Since I wouldn't have gotten them at full invoice ($394) I'm thinking about offering $18200 for the car. Just thought I'd share what I'm paying (and ask advice?). Let me know your thoughts.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    lilsimon1, have you had a chance to look at our True Market Value pricing? The link gives an explanation of what TMV is and when you go to New Cars, select VW, select Golf GLS 1.8T, scroll down and you'll see the specific TMV.

    I'm providing the directions so anyone reading this post will know how to find the TMV on new cars.

    Good luck, and please, keep us posted!

  • endorendor Posts: 3
    Hi, I'm new at this and I know this is a little off topic but I just wanted to ask about the new 2001 GTI GLX's road handling. In all the reviews I read the test drivers all complained about the cars handling especially body roll. I was just wondering how much the new 2001 sport suspension and optional 17 inch tires helped to improve improve this at all. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    The TMV on the edmunds website are not at all a good indicator for the prices of 2000 golfs. I recently paid almost $2000 less than the TMV on my 2000 GLS 2L. Also, i am sure the prices lilsimon1 is getting from the two dealers for the 1.8t are well below the TMV given by edmunds website. I think edmunds is missing some incentive going on at this time for 2000 golfs in the calcualtion of of their TMV.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    Don't bash A4 Golfs; I just ordered one!

    I used to have an A1 '83 Rabbit L. Last year with a carb. No AC, no power steering. Opened the hood, and it was empty! Just a 1715 cc engine.

    Then, I had an A2 '87 GTI 16V, 1.8L, for 10 years. God, I loved that car.

    I'm now driving a '97 Passat Wagon, VR6. The last year before new B5 Passat. But, as we don't have kids, the wagon is too much car.

    So, I just ordered an A4 GTI GLX, which should arrive in January.

    [I must admit, though, that I was quite surprised when I looked in the rearview mirror, and all I saw was that center headrest!]

    The next version of the golf is even larger! Should it have tail fins, too?
  • Twice my brand new car traveled forward slightly when I put the car in reverse, and then moved backwards slightly after I moved the gear to drive. The car is a 1.8t 2000 automatic. Is this typical of golfs or should I be worried?
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Typical indeed. The auto tranny in Golfs doesn't catch right away, and it will make the car roll a little bit in the opposite direction. I noticed it on my test drive, so it's totally normal. Just learn to hold the brake until you feel the car kick into gear, or it might roll a little too far and cause a little fender bender. Enjoy your new Golf.
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    And I do not agree edmunds is not a good indicator for TMV. I've got a GTI GLS these days with automatic and all goodies but leather and steering weel controls for 20K, very little less than edmunds TMV. It's exactly the color I wanted and all German made. The last might sound odd, but if you inspect the details and finish, there are differences between Brazil made and German made Golfs.
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    I know two cases last month where people bought the car (2000 golf) for at least 10% less than the TMV. if you got yours at TMV does not mean that TMV is good, in general. Perhaps yours is a 2001, or perhaps the incentive is now over, i doubt its made-in-germany fact would make a price difference.

    I myself would like to know the reason for such difference. I called the dealer with a mindset that I would pay something close to TMV. But dealer offered me 1500 less than invoice (about 2k less than TMV) without any negotiations. I really did not know what to tell him then. I bought the car.

    I would still like to find out what incentives are going on that they could sell it well below invoice.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I'd never bash the A4 Golf, Cooper! I'm just sentimental and not ready to leave my present A3 Golf. Sob... ;-)

  • I have a 2000 GTI VR6 and would like to replace the stock tires with something that would improve handling. I can't affod to change the wheels so I have to stick with the stock 16 inchers for now. Any ideas??
  • In case you were wondering, I decided to offer $18200 for the 2000 Golf GLS 1.8T 5-speed, with Lux/Cold Weather/Monsoon/In dash CD. That price also included destination and tags (I needed new ones). The dealer decided in about 2 minutes that that was ok with them, so I think I could have gotten lower, but am happy with the price ($660 under invoice). The best part is I live in Philly, but the dealer is in Harrisburg and they're delivering it to my apartment tomorrow afternoon! My biggest worry is reliability, but hopefully I'll be lucky and have no or few problems. For those interested, J. Bertolet VW (north of Reading, PA?) has 2 2000 GLS 1.8T 5-sps. left with Luxury; a red and black, both with black interiors. I was offered 17,965, but you might get cheaper (the older they get). Probably should have gone with one of them (did I really need Cold/Monsoon? -- yeah, of course I did! :)

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