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VW Golf



  • marikamarika Posts: 39
    I am sorry, I can't answer your pricing questions. I expect that the base model will be at least as expensive as what you wrote above, but probably even higher. Also I am expecting 22 mpg city, a decrease which is totally unacceptable to me. Unless they plan to bring significantly more efficient options without another huge price hitch attached with options I don't want, such as a sunroof that will leak, more electronics to fail, ad nauseum. To add insult to injury they refuse to bring the Polo, which would fit my niche pretty well. And they wonder why sales are lagging here.
  • If the price (and weight) of the Golf keep rising and the MPG remains low on the 2.5L 5-cylinder, VW is going to continue to suffer from low sales. Don't expect many TDIs to come to the USA either. If fuel economy and a hatchback are important to you, other manufacturers will be bringing them to the USA in early 2006, e.g, the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa. Both offerings will be cheaper than the Golf. The Honda fit has almost exactly the same inside dimensions as my Golf III. It does look a bit funky, though, compared to the Golf. See more here:
  • Even for the Jetta there are a number of enthusiasts who don't like the 2.5 engine. It seems to be neither here nor there: not the greatest power, no discernible new technology to speak of, and frankly unimpressive fuel economy when combined with the MkV Jetta weight. The other side of the coin is, with the Jetta's new size, safety features, and weight, the 2.5 does fairly well as a base engine, and should be bullet proof & maintanance free.

    For those of us who drive a lot, there is always the hope that the TDI makes it to the Golf (and to the States that fool themselves into thinking a couple of Golfs will spew out as much soot as all the 20-year old big-trucks do).

    Then there is the 2.0TFSI - in my opinion, the better engine choice. Not only do you get 25mpg city on paper - all personal reviews I have seen have this engine trump the 2.5 in mileage by - miles. Oh yeah, then you get ~ 200hp at low rpms and over a wide rpm range to boot. Better than many small V6 engines. Available before the Golf in the GTI in February, and as a 5-door GTI (and perhaps Golf) in June, if everything goes well.

    Finally, for those of us who are very patient, there are the tempting twin-charged engine (like the 1.4 that makes 170-hp, and the higher volume versions) that undoubtedly will make it to the US, eventually.

    The Golf is a low-sales car for VW in the US, so don't expect many variations to arrive, any time soon. The Jetta and Passat are a different story.

    On the other hand, for those of us who wish for a smaller, more lightweight VW, there is always the hope (stirred by recent rumors) that the Polo will soon make it to the US.

    Pricing? Just released GTI prices have it about $1,500 less than the GLI. Look at the Jetta prices and configurations, and subtract that, for guidance. Add $500 for 5 doors in the Golf.
  • gti50gti50 Posts: 1
    I dropped by my nearest VW dealer yesterday to pick up some Golf TDI literature, and they informed me that the 2006 Golf gasoline models will be available in the USA in March. The diesel will not be available until one year from now for the model year 2007. I guess there will be a wait. Oh well, save your money, they are NOT inexpensive.
  • HI All

    I have an intermitent problem with my MK3 golf, there seems to be a problem with being in Gear. As it's an automatic it can't pick up neutral. Do you suspect this to be a big problem or is it as simple as changing the switch?

  • manoamanoa Posts: 3
    I have a Golf 2003 with 45000 miles. Last night I opened the car door with remote. However, when I turned my key to start my car, I heard a "click" sound, and the backlight flashed once and then power was gone, and car was dead completely. Even the remote didn't work. I waited for a couple hours, and came back. I found I can use the remote to open the door, and there are displays of time and mileage. The mileage display also blinked, and I heard a small "click" sound with the same frequency. However, I still cannot start the car. And the display went away immediately after I turned my key to start the car. The remote also didn't work after that. Does anyone know what's wrong with my car? Thanks.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
  • Hey, thanks a million for this info! Was having the exact same problem and sure enough simply squeezing the grommet released a bunch of water. I'm guessing this happens more with "outside" cars, getting gunk clogged in those drain lines. Anyway, you probably saved me a couple hundred bucks to have a dealer "fix" the problem - kudos!
  • z_manz_man Posts: 15
    My wife drives it and recently, check engine light came on. Car has 54K and friend of mine, who is mechanic tested it and it showed oxygen sensor. Also, my turn signal relay went bad too. It will start working on its own. That was replaced few months ago since it was a recall for that (even though mine was working just fine). I read somewhere that VW extended warranty on mass air flow sensor on '99+ year model to 70K but my diller of course knows nothing about it. Is that air flow sensor same as oxygen sensor? Can this be replaced under warranty?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    As you know, the New Jetta's price shot up dramatically from the IV to the V. Even the "Value Editions" which are hard to find were a full 2 grand higher than the previous base Jetta.

    This is not true the MSRP of VE Jetta is 17,900 vs. $17,680 for base 2005 Jetta GL. This is an increase of $220. The invoice increased somewhat more...about $875.

    Since the Golf base MSRP was about $1500 below Jetta GL, maybe the new one will be about $1500 less than the new Jetta. The invoice on 2005 Golf was about $1000 less than Jetta GL, so that might be a more likely price difference since the markup on VE Jetta is so small. My guess would be MSRP of $16,900 for the 2006 VE Golf.
  • figofigo Posts: 1
    Hi all, i hope that somebody can help me, My problem is that when i was driving over 100 km/h for a long time , the engine sign turned on, when i left the car in the vw company, they said that it was a temporary fail, that there was no problem, and cleared the codes in the computer, the next time that i needed to travel, the sign turned again on. do you have any experience in these? could you give any kind of information??
    best regards....
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    It is not normal for the CEL (Ceck Engine Light) to come on. Without knowing the actual code which caused the CEL to come on, we really cannot help very much.
  • Can anyone offer advise? - my 1996 VW Passat has check engine light on - two codes, bank 1 engine to rich and throttle body. I have repaired any vacuum hose leaks and replaced oxygen sensors, also replaced air filter - had computer reset only to have it come back. Dealer said throttle body replacement was $600 and could not be sure this would fix the issue. I also have a cracked oil stick cap - could this be part of the problem?
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The "engine too rich" may be the MAF sensor... need to diagnose further to isolate problem better.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    The 2001 models have 7-year/ 70,000 mile extended warantee on the MAF sensor. It is KNOWN to cause "running rich" conditions. The O2(lambda) sensor may sense this condition but it DOES NOT mean that the O2 sensor is bad. (In reality, the O2 sensor it just doing its job and telling you about the condition.)

    I am not sure if this extendee warantee is offerend in your country.
  • z_manz_man Posts: 15
    Thanks for you reply!

    I live in same country as you, so yes, it is offered. I asked few times, in different dilerships about this since I already read this somewhere but service advisors told me that they are not aware of it. Now, thanks to you and this letter, I hope that they will realize that they cannot lie to me anymore. Now, I just have to find a way how to avoid paying for diagnostic since it was checked by my friend who is mechanic and has that computer that they use.
  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    (z_man) My daughter went thru this with her 2001 Golf. I had ALREADY diagnosed her MAF as being bad using my VAGCOM.

    She did not have any problems with the dealership acknowledging the existance of the extended warantee.... but they did have some criteriea that had to be met before they would "cover" it.

    The dealerships seem to have a policy as follows;

    A dealership MUST hook your car up to their diagnostic computer and verify that the MAF is bad. Then the diagnostic and replacing the MAF is FREE OF CHARGE.
    (They need "proof" so VW will pay for everything.)
    HOWEVER: If they cannot diagnose the MAF as being bad... then the CUSTOMER has to pay for the diagnostic procedure.

    In the end, my daughter got diagnostics and a new MAF installed free of charge.

    I wish you luck 8-)
  • z_manz_man Posts: 15
    Thanks bpeebles, I appreciate your help. I will call one of the dilerships here in AZ to see what they can do!

  • I have an 02 Golf that has been to the dealers twice already and will be going back again for a third time. Lemon? i will be talking to a Lemon Law advocate also.
  • I was looking for a GOLF TDI for my friend in Washington state.
    Got a email back from dealer saying none for another year.
    Anybody hear otherwise?
    I checked local dealer inventory and none available.

    (What a messed up company!
    They never have the cars people want and insist on making large luxury cars nobody wll buy from them.
    Who wants a luxury VW which will break down continuously when they can get a BMW or Mercedes?
  • The unavailability of TDIs is due to sharpened emissions regulations, while at the same time the low sulfur Diesel (that is necessary to implement the low emissions features) got delayed introduction in the US. Blame your government, not VW.

    Low sulfur Diesel and low-emissions technologies have been available in Europe for many years, now.
  • I have an 02 Golf that has been to the dealers twice already and will be going back again for a third time. Lemon? i will be talking to a Lemon Law advocate also.

    JAG, I don't understand. You have a 4-year old car that has only been to the dealer 3 times, and you complain? Lemon laws apply to new cars, only.

    If it has been the same problem each time, make sure you get additional warranty from the dealer (for free) on that item.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Their biggest selling car is the Jetta...last time I checked that was not a "large luxury car".

    I think you need to blame your "messed up" government for the non-availability of diesels.
  • I don't agree with that acessment entirely, since the Jetta TDI is fairly available.
    The cars I'm referring to as luxury are th Phaeton and Toureng.
    I can't believe they are selling many of those although they probably have a big profit margin.
  • Incorrect, lemon laws apply to both NEW and USED (depending on the state).
    See link to find out your state law:

    JAG, I don't understand. You have a 4-year old car that has only been to the dealer 3 times, and you complain? Lemon laws apply to new cars, only.

    If it has been the same problem each time, make sure you get additional warranty from the dealer (for free) on that item.
  • Thank you for this unsolicited plug for Krohn & Moss, Ltd.. The original poster was from Ohio. Your's Krohn&Moss faithful state, for Ohio:
    ...If a new motor vehicle does not conform to any applicable express warranty and the consumer reports the nonconformity to the manufacturer, its agent, or its authorized dealer during the period of one year following the date of original delivery or during the first eighteen thousand miles of operation, whichever is earlier, the manufacturer,...

    California has 18 months/ 18,000 miles. If you know of a state that has 4 years/ 48,000 miles, please let me know. I always like to learn new things. ;)
  • bdon_xbdon_x Posts: 3
    i have a 95 golf gl.
    my 95 golf gl wont tell me where its trunk release is.
    so my question is...
    HOW do you release the fuel door.

  • When the doors are unlocked, the fuel door is also unlocked.
    The trunk release button is under the lid of the storage bin between the front seats. I guess you don't have the manual.
  • Hi

    I'm a complete newby to all of this and know nothing about the internal workings of a car but here goes;

    How easy is it to lower the suspension on a VW Golf? Do you have to buy a new suspension kit all together or is it possible to lower the current suspension that the car comes with? My dad's quite good with cars - would he be able to do it or would it still be a job for the pros?

  • thanks for this. Ever since I saw the Audi A3 at a local auto show last year, I've been waiting for this Golf! I think this is a segment that some people are missing - the sporty hatch/wagon. I just hope the 4 door isn't too small and that this early 30-something won't look like I'm going through mid-life crisis when driving it :P
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