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VW Golf



  • Oh yeah, and you're right carlady- TMV was very, very much higher than what I paid for that 2000. So was Kelley Blue Book msrp for a used 2000 (w/100 miles).
  • opqopq Posts: 6
    how much does the in dash cd cost. i dont care about the cd player but dont like the hole on the dashboard that is left for it.

    Cold weather package is not bad. today only i thought heated nozzles would have been better as temperature went sub freezing.
    as for monsoon system, for me its only good to brag about to my friends. to be honest sometimes, the minimum volume level on the radio is more than what I want. I got it as I got a good deal on this car and did not have other options to choose from.
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    You're right. I forgot to mention that the GTI I got is 2001, silver. You have far less margin for negociation than for a 2000. German made doesn't make a price difference. But the finishing is not the same in every detail. At least in the cars I observed. Every curve, angle, rubber isolation bands on the outside, three German: all the same, perfect. Similar stuff on two Brazil made: different. Does anyone know when the 1.8T engine appeared in Golfs? Is this the same engine as the one in the Audi A4? Is there a place where a technical information about the engine and perhaps the Golf, can be found? Not just specs, details of operations etc. are more interesting. Thanks.
  • I need some input. I am trying to decide on a Golf or Jetta. I want the Golf GL TDI but I want cruise control(only on GLS) cold weather package and the sound system (which I could add after market). I also like the Jetta, but don't want to give up the hatch back. I currently have a Ford Probe, 89', 172k miles and it's about at the point of no return. The Golf GL TDI goes for $16,720, and the GLS with cold weather package and sound system goes for $18,400. Do you think it is worth ~$2000 to have cruise control, sound system and cold weather package. I live in Colorado and could live without the bun warmers and sound system, but I take allot of road trips and want the cruise control. Any help, please???
  • I can get any Ford(Ford,Mercury,Lincoln,Mazda,Volvo,Jag,Austin Martin(As if I could afford one),Rover below invoice due to a relative who can get them on plan A(Employee) discount. So any comparible Ford suggestion would help out too.

  • That's tough- I too wanted a hatchback (or wagon, but they're too "old" for me just yet), but wanted 4-doors so the decision was easy for me. Can't think of any other hatches except the Saab 9-3 and BMW has one in its 3-series, but it sounds like those are out of your market. My Golf GLS is great so far- certainly worth the extra money to me, and I got a 2000 with Lux/monsoon/cold/CD for 18,072 + tax/tags. If you rush, maybe you can get a deal too... I avoided the Jetta because they're EVERYWHERE! and I wanted a more unique car. If you decide a sedan is ok, I'd go with a Protege over the Jetta, especially since you can get that discount- good car for lots less $$.
  • Hello all-
    The decision is made (yep, 1.8T GLS Golf) but now the hard part. Anyone care to pass along positive +/or negative experiences with VW Dealers in the greater Los Angeles area. Thanks !

  • I'm getting ready to buy a very basic 2001 Golf GL. The 2.0 engine is fine by me and I don't need a lot of bells and whistles. The first dealer I've talked to claims they're selling GLs strictly for MSRP--no deals, no discounts from sticker because "there's no profit in it." That explanation is obviously a load of bull, but I'm curious if anyone out there has bought a 2001 GL or shopped for one lately. What kind of deals are they making on these cars. I'm quite happy to shop around if it will save me some money.
  • mlinkmlink Posts: 7

    If you go with an auto GL TDI cruise comes with it. If you are set on a manual go with the GLS it comes with nicer cloth and lots of other options, and the bun warmers are really nice in cold weather since it takes a little longer for the heater to kick in.


    Your dealer is giving you a load of bull, for the most part they have trouble pushing Golfs, especially 2.0L. I even got a deal on a 2001 TDI with automatic which is a rare find. They had to find it from a dealer in another state, and there where only about 10 when they ran an 8 state search. So try someone else!
  • toto8toto8 Posts: 5
    let me tell you one thing. I was in that dealer "search" situation too. Car was in another state, then computer was down. He was able to find only 2, like I wanted them! Then another guy here, gave me the advice to look on, and another one I don't remember anymore. Look here, up somewhere in these december posts. For a few hours I was able to find at least a hundred! And I found also the one the dealer deamed impossible to find: silver color, german made.
  • I am currently looking to buy a GTI. People have been extolling the virtues of the new 1.8T GTI GLS over the VR6. I tend to agree, since it has good performance for 2K less than the VR6. What I would like to know is... what has been the best deal that any of you have received on a GTI 1.8T with leather? On the VR6??? Has anyone seen one with the 17" wheels yet? Lastly, is there really that big of a difference between the german and brazilian made ones?

  • Response to Porcaccio:
    I bought a 2000 VR6 about two months and 3700 miles ago. I paid $20,500. For the money, I think it is much better than the 1.8. It is very fast and has loads of low end torque. Most of the auto reviews I've seen credit the VR6 with a 6.8 0-60 time. I plan to buy a better set of tires to maximize handling but to tell you the truth the car handles very well in any close to normal driving situation. I was impressed with the 1.8 until I drove the VR6. My dealer here in Virginia says that it may be Jan or Feb before he sees one with 17 inch wheels. Good luck with your car shopping.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    "Do you think it is worth ~$2000 to have cruise control, sound system and cold weather package?"

    coavalanche, I think it's worth ~$2000 to have that, plus the ease of a Golf hatchback versus a Jetta (or other) sedan. Once you see how easy it is to load and unload a Christmas tree, you'll never want any other kind of car. ;-)

  • mlinkmlink Posts: 7
    I do not believe there is any difference. The final assembly of my Golf was in Brazil, but over half of the parts came out of Germany including engine and transmission. The brazilian plant has been there since the 50's if my sources are correct and has the same equipment as the other VW plants. Besides you get the same warranty no matter what.

    As for the 1.8T vs. VR6 if you have $2000 sitting around go for the small increase in performance otherwise save your money. However, the VR6 does run perfectly fine on 87 octane, I think 92 octane is needed in the 1.8T (I've never tried).
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    What color were you able to get for your 2000 GTI GLX? I was considering a 2000 before I ordered a 2001. The color selection on 2000s was limited here in NJ/PA to green, red,and orange. As I had a red 87 GTI for 10 years, I wanted a more subdued color. Also, I'm 13 years older. There was an orange 2000 at Holbert's in PA that I really liked, though.

    Carlady: You feel the way about the A3 as I do about my older A1 Rabbit and A2 GTI. I still smile when I see an A1 rabbit. I really dislike that each successive version is larger and heavier. I'm amazed that the 2001 GTI is 2,999 pounds. The '87 GTI was 2,267 pounds, and the '83 was significantly lighter.

    But, then again, there is some good in the size increase. The fact that the A4 GTI is two incremental jumps in size from my '87 A2 is a reason that I felt that it was large enough for me, and I can "trade down" in size from my Passat.
  • My GTI GLX is "Flash Red" with a black leather interior. It looks great and it's as fast as it looks!
  • Another factor to consider is how long you plan to keep the car and how much risk you are willing to take. Turbos are very expensive components and the high rev 4cyl engine in the GTI 1.8 is not as durable as the VR6. My GTI GLX revs at only 3700rpms at 100mph in 5th gear and with a redline of 6500 it isn't even breathing hard.
  • I also agree that the dealer is not willing to budge because the GLs aren't in great demand.

    I had good success getting my Golf through a broker. The broker was affiliated with my credit union. I ended up paying around $14,775 for the exact car I wanted -- a basic silver GL. The MSRP for the 2000 was $15,525 or near. Most importantly, I was able to conduct the entire transaction via phone/fax and never had to go to the broker until it was time to pick it up. Definitely worth not having to visit a dealer, haggle, etc. if that's not your thing.

    I have a question: I just found out that my Golf goes through oil quickly (less than 2,000 miles since my first change at 3,000 miles, it's dangerously low) and the low oil level caused the "check engine" light to go on. I refilled the oil and all seems well, but that check engine light is still on. Of course, the dealer says I must bring it in for a complete inspection, and I think that's fine, to be on the safe side. But in general, does the check engine light need to be reset manually, or should it go off when the problem is gone?

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The oil being low is not causing the "check engine" light to come on, a computer problem is. The dealer has to reset the computer internally.
  • gorkojo: Good point. I plan on buying this car and keeping it for as long as it will will run. I did wonder about the reliability of the Turbo, but one would hope that it would at least last 7 years. The question for me would be: will fixing the Turbo cost me more than $2000? That is about what I am saving by not purchasing a GLX now. I live in Texas and am having the hardest time finding any GTI GLX at all. I'm starting to want to buy in California (I know of a place that has 2 for sale).
  • Hi,
    Is it true that VW will be shipping TDI's to California in spring? But I need the car by January and willing to travel within the western states. listed tmv price is $18172 GLS, AT, a local dealer quote me $18800 base msrp. Is it possible to get a deal on the 2001 golf tdi for about $18700 plus tax, license, etc. I do not plan to pay more than $19K for this car. Anyone who found a better deal, even out of state... please show the way. May the power be w/the consumer at large and not the car dealers. cheers!
  • The door of my 2000 Golf GLS freeze whenever, I guess, the temperature is in 20s. Has anyone else had the same problem.
    The problem is not with the locks which open fine with the keyless device. However, the door can not be open easily.

    Also, for a last couple of days, the car does not beep when I lock the car (using the keyless entry device). Also the small light that blinks (on the driver side window) when car is locked is dead. Any comments!!

    I am a little paranoid if my share of horror stories with VWs and dealers are now going to be written.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Stories like the one before this post is the reason why I am scared to get rid of my reliable Mazda Protege and get a VW. What gives?

    BTW, how is the traction in snow without the ASR on the 1.8T? And how is it with the ASR? Thanks in advance.
  • CooperCooper Posts: 55
    The locks on my VWs have always been prone to freezing. My car stays outside.

    Taping-over the lock when I hand wash the car in the winter makes a difference. Also, tape over the locks is a "must" if you go to one of the self-service car wash places that use high pressure wand.

    A little squirt of a lock deicer to displace moisture and lubricate the mechanism help, too.
  • Anyone have comments about the so called carboning problem affecting Golf Diesels in the Midwest?
    Is this really a problem dueto the high sulfur diesel here?
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    Consumer Reports claims that the Golf has "average" reliability, but I'm still concerned about buying it, since both the Jetta and Bug (basically same car as Golf) have been rated as "below average". As I have mentioned over in the Focus discussion, the best designed and most fun to drive cars seem to be the ones that have problems. If you want a car that will last forever, like a Civic, you have to put up with its impractical design (no hatchback) and performance similar to that of a Buick Century.

    p.s. The 10/100 powertrain warranty on VWs is good only on the first owner. Subsequent owners get only a 5/50 powertrain warranty on balance of years/miles.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    It just really matters on what day the car is built, etc. because you could get a VW Golf that runs forever and a Honda Civic that breaks all the time. Just luck of the draw I guess. :)
  • mdrivermdriver Posts: 385
    I disagree with vocus about what day of the week a car was built. They are built 24 hours, 7 days a week and many of the parts are built on many different days prior to final assembly. Yes, you can have a Golf that will last forever and yes, you can get a Civic that is problematic. You may even have a Chevy that never breaks (as hard as that is to imagine). But it's a fact that the chances of having problems with VWs is statistically higher than with Hondas.
  • I'm driving a '96 4 Runner. I like it, I can carry stuff, and it does well in foul weather, trouble-free. Though, I'm considering a return to VW after many years. Has anyone else here with a small family migrated 'back' to a VW from something with more people/cargo capacity? I'm thinking Passat, but I really like the Golf (not to mention it's cheaper). Thanks for all opinions.
  • Does anyone know when the 2001 VW Golf will begin being equipped with the third air bag, the so called "side curtain" head air bag? This bag comes out of the headliner. VW says they will phase it in during the 2001 model year, but when? I need to buy soon, but would wait for this feature if it is not too far off.
    Thank you.
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