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VW Golf



  • vbpvbp Posts: 3
    After 1.5 months the left front turn signal stopped working. Then the day after it worked again. Then it stopped for good. So I assume it's not the bulb but some problem in the wiring. I will ask the mechanic to fix that when I bring the car for the wind noise (see post 25).
  • I ordered a new 2001 1.8T GLS back in July and the dealer told me that the car would take around 90 days to be built. I just got a call Wednesday from the dealer saying that VW hasn't even started building the car yet. What's up with that? So I wanted to look for a GTI 1.8T and there only seems to be 2 available in NY. Both are the same color that I really didn't want but it looks like if I want a new VW by October, I'll have to get one of those. How many cars does VW build? I can't believe it's so hard to find one.
  • I am considering purchasing a 2001 Golf TDI with automatic and want a CD player in it. However, I find that $499 for the dealer installed in-dash player or $599 6 disc changer a bit ridiculous. Does anyone know of a cheaper aftermarket in-dash player that's compatible with the Golf? I've heard stories that there have been problems in putting aftermarket audio in VW's because of their wiring links with the alarm system and such. I would appreciate any info on this so I don't have to pay those high prices for what might be medium quality equipment. Thanks
  • I want a 4 door hatchback. I was contacted by a dealer who told me there was only one available in my region (Midwest). He would be getting a new shipment of 2000 golf hatchbacks but they would be higher priced. This seems odd since some of you already have the 2001 model. I don't mind a new 2000, but I think it should be discounted in price. Comments, suggestions?
  • I was in the same boat as you are in. Don't you remember me, the good looking guy with the vw key fob. Just kidding. I was also trying to decide whether I should buy a 2000 or wait for the 2001's, and as you have heard the 2001's are already being delivered. I called West Suburban Imports of Maywood, Il in June and asked them if they had any blue or silver 1.8t (5sp) Golfs available, and they told me they were very scarce and it would be a good idea for me to order a new at 400.00 over invoice. I thought about it and decided against ordering since I would of had to wait several months and I didn't feel like putting a deposit down. Then last week out of the blue, they called me and said they located a new 2000 (blue) and it would be here next week. They said they would sell it for 100 below invoice, and I jumped at it. I am assuming they were at the end of the production run in either Germany or Mexico and they wanted to get rid of it. The new vehicles, I believe are coming from Brazil, but from what I have seen the VIN #'s are not matching products produced in Brazil. Its confusing, just where are these vehicles being produced? By the way they also had a white 2000, but it was an automatic, and I believe they had one more but it had the 2.0 motor. I saved 500 bucks, but it also has the older interior in it and the old cupholder design, and no factory installed sport suspension.
  • To the aftermarket stereo questions I purchased a CLARION head unit(380$ dollars) for my car and that fit perfectly and makes the stock speakers sound wondurful!! I added two 10" subwoofers and I have a really nice system.......Got lots of complements at a recent VW show about the sound quality I say Clarion head unit that is what I heard VW stock units are anyways...........

    I will give my 2 cents about the lights going out problem, I had a 99 NEW GOLF 2.0 before I purchased my 01 GTI GLS 1.8T. And with my golf I kept burning out lights and they couldnt figure out why so one day I made them keep looking at my car because I was tired of being in there every week, so they mechanic ran the diagnostic machine 4 times on my car and found a very very small problem with the Amperage or voltage going from my battery to my car that finally caused my ABS light to go on. Once he found this he reset something in the ECU ( I think) and I never had a problem again. So my suggestion would be to take it to he VW shop and have them run tests till they find the problem ......

    Hope my rambling helps someone...
    Any questions you can contact me @
  • i have a '99 gti gls, in which i had a kenwood 6-disc changer installed in July of '99. I went to best buy for the installation, and everything went fine...i havent had any problems for more than a year now, and the technician seemed to know just how to install everything. i'd say go for it if youre thinking about it. and any cd changer will work...they will just use an antenna adapter that is compatable with your car.
  • I have just replaced my ht leads and distributor cap on my 89 golf gti 16v but it now wont start!

    I know the firing sequence is 1342 but how do i know if the connection to the distributor is correct?

    can anyone help me please!!!!
  • Midwest availability. I just bought a 2000 golf tdi auto here in Las Vegas. They have 2 jetta tdi's one auto and a 2001 golf tdi auto. They have a few 2000 golfs est. 5-10 and 10-20 2001 golfs in many variations. the dealer is Desert vw/ audi. any ?s write back to me here and I'll try and get some more info. for you. As far as the cd player goes. I got the dealer installed cd changer but my golf is leased so it's an extra 4-$5 a month. I believe the changer is made by panasonic and you can get on at circuit city for $199 but the adapter is $80 and you should be able to install it your self in about 20min.
  • I had purchased a new 2000 GTI , after trading in my 1996 GTI, after TRading in my 1989 Cabriolet. I , as you can see love VW. I was always happy with the service i had gotten from the dealers and the cars itself. But the new GTI gave me a wake up call that will lead me to NEVER buy a VW again.My dealer is horrible, I had ordered new mats and they said it would take 3 to four days for them to come in and they never called me back to pick them up. My car idles strange, i brought it it, they tell me its fine. The cd player didn't work, had to get a new one. Try driving your GTI with the sunroof open and the windows closed, at 45 MPH, my car bangs and thumps from the noise. I called the dealer and they told me to open the windows a little to cut down on the noise. Good fix huh? When i had brought my car in for service, they gave me a loaner car, how nice right? ... The gas tank was empty. My next choice for a new vehicle.. anything but VW.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    In addition to the information you receive here, amillard, if you haven't already done so, please visit our Maintenance & Repair conference for additional information. I suggest using the Search feature on the left menu bar to find a similar topic already underway.

    lnav2121, have you contacted VW directly and discussed the dealership with them? You might ask for the District Manager's name & number the next time you're in the service area. Keep complaining in a civil fashion and you may get an excellent result.

    As you say, you've owned VWs and been happy with their dealers for some time. Why let one dealership spoil that for you?

  • I would love to vent to VW direct. But what worries me is that they will contact the dealer with my information and complaints. All I need is attitude from the dealer to go on top of all the great service that I get.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Go the the darn dealer and vent yourself. What are they going to do, slap you?? Throw a visible fit in there and [non-permissible content removed] your head off. Go all the way to the service manager. Then, try a different dealership if that doesn't help, or your lawyer.
  • >> Try driving your GTI with the sunroof open
    and the windows closed, at 45 MPH, my car bangs
    and thumps from the noise. I called the dealer and
    they told me to open the windows a little to cut
    down on the noise. Good fix huh? <<

    All VW's have this "thumping" sound. It's caused by variations in air pressure when you have the windows closed and the sunroof open. My guess is that you have the sunroof all the way open. Try closing it slightly to where the large dot on the sunroof dial is. This is the "comfort" setting, and having the sunroof set at this position alleviates the thumping sound. Or you could do what the mechanic suggests and crack open one of your side windows as this will also balance out the air pressure.
  • Thanks for all your suggestions, I'm going into my Dealer on thurday, I have an appointment with my salesman, and the service manager to talk about all my issues. So we'll see what happens, I'll post an update. Thanks again.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    The thumping with the sunroof all the way open is described in the manual. As the manual suggest, open the sunroof to the "comfort" position, which is the notch just short of all the way open. Btw, this happens with many cars that have sunroofs.

    What do you mean by "idles strange?" Which engine do you have? 2.0? 1.8T? VR6? The VR6 has a lumpy idle.

    '00 GTI GLX
  • jared, I have a VR6. Same as you. Thanks for the suggestions about the sun roof. I love my car everyone, trust me i do. I'm just frustrated, I just feel I get walk on at the dealer sometimes, maybe its because I'm a female, or this dealer and service department are just not customer friendly ...I don't know. But you can bet that when i was buying the car the fed me so much stuff that i was up to my knees in bs. LOL Thanks again.
  • adg44adg44 Posts: 385
    My VW dealer is great to me. They ordered me a new passenger airbag cover because this one has a spot on it!! So far I have had no major problems with my 2001 GTI GLX. Also, my front right alloy has a chip on it, right on the actual rim part of the wheel. It is now starting to rust. The dealer is probably going to replace the wheel for me. I have taken this car autocrossing twice (K&N intake filter, modified airbox, EBC Kevlar brake pads in front and back, autothority ECU), and it really does well. Next up is an exhaust, lowering springs, and for sure some 17x8" wheels.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    For a Golf GLS 5-door with Luxury Pkg. and automatic, in TDI form. Also, the price in turbo form. I would guess about $18,000 or so. Sound about right?
  • I have been told by head office that the 2001 Golf GLS that are supposed to be coming into Canada are being made in Brazil. In addition, they are still not in production as we speak (production is to start in October 2000). The reason (I feel) is because the Canadian market is receiving frequent shipments of 2000 Golf GLS' from the states. As a result, VW is holding off until the surplus goes down... (this is my opinion... I have been told a few times from different sources that at least two shipments have been received in Ontario alone).

    As a result, my order was cancelled and I am awaiting to receive my deposit. There is no way that they will be able to meet my order by the end of the three months... Thank God!! Time to start looking for deals on a 2000...

    Thanks for all of your help!


  • This is for adg44. Did you happen to chech out the article about springs in VW Power (fall 2000)? It has a very informative article about springs and there relationship to wheelsize, bumpstops etc.
  • As everyone says, please don't let a poor dealer experience influence your feelings about the car. I've owned VWs for 20 years and have, unfortunately, had much more than my fair share of poor experience with VW dealers, including taking one (Flemington VW) to small claims court in 1987 over an incorrectly installed replacement windshield. Another dealer and even VWofA was involved, but the first dealer essentially told me to get lost. So ... the service manager and I spent two days sitting in court.

    And, another dealer (Summit, NJ) once charged $20 per spark plug for my wife's car, when the plugs were in the car had only 10,000 on them. That charge was removed.

    But, another dealer's service department, Millenium VW (Somerville, NJ) is excellent, and the service manager there (Mr. Schumacher) is first-rate.

    So, you're experience a dealer-related problem, rather than a car issue.
  • It's sooo cute! The Golf, that is.
  • That last post was listed as Eclipsegs's. I don't know why but that was very weird. That was actually my post.
  • Okay I have just read through about 100 postings. Half of the fun of buying these cars is to modify them to make them fit your personality. If you want a faster car put in an air intake, a modified ECU chip, and an exhaust. If your really serious change the cam. I plan on doing that in the next month. Better handling put on better springs and suspension. Adding nice rims and low profile tires will help too. I have strut bars in mine as well and out handles my friends Accord with the same mods like he was driving a YUGO.
    About golfs I have a 94 Golf GL 2.0L, with 81k miles on it. It is amazing the effort and care that goes into making these cars. Makes those american made cars not even on the same field for comparison.
    What is the deal with where the car is made? WHO CARES!!!! Are you going to call the factory to ask them about the car or something?
  • So ... how did it go with the dealer? Any satisfaction?
  • mnnmnn Posts: 31
    I have noticed that when my 1.8T is in idle, the car somehow produces subtle "burbs" (sorry, I don't know how to describe it any other way). It is almost like the engine has had a pop and now choking with the fizz. It is very subtle though noticable. Is it a cause for concern?
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