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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Just wanted to add:
    I've gotten my manual GTS up to 142 mph.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    Was it in 5th going slightly beyond red-line?
    Actually, at those speeds major factor is air friction (~80%). Going against 5 mph wind would take ~4 mph off your top speed and vice versa. I tried GT at 110 mph, but did not feel very comfortable, especially compared to Grand Marquis which seemed to be much more stable at this speed. Though Celica was not bad, I expected worse for such a small light car.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 764
    Grand Marquis stable at 110? Is you crazy? Just my opinion, but I don't think that car is safe at over 85. Were you driving a police mod? And the GM felt better than the Celica? Very strange!
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I is not crasy. It is interstate, remember, nothing to do with sharp turns, and no handling package there. It is just the mass (almost twice of Celica) which keeps it well grounded even at those speeds, plus it is much smoother and quiter, as you would expect from full size sedan. As to stopping and avoiding collisions Celica is obviously better, though I am lucky I never had to test it.
    GM unsafe at >85 mph??? You mean on an empty straight road? Are you kidding? It is not Colt which tends to take off at 75 mph. Though I agree that at ~90-100 mph the noise in GM starts to increase, and you may even start hearing engine, though it is far from the noise level in Celica. BTW, they are planning to make "sports" version of GM with ~300hp and handling package and some changes in look. For those who like size, safety, but still want fun and don't care about supplying Cheney with extra cash. On a straight road base GM has acceleration times very close to GT auto, though it feels much better in start times (0-10-20), rear wheel and 8 cyl have some advantage there.
    BTW, recenly I struck a long uncoiled truck tire while in my GM at ~85 mph, I ran over it with my left front wheel (and rear). No way I could avoid it in any car as the traffic was too dense, could not change lane or slow down anyway. The shock was very strong, the car kind of jumped as shock absorbers went all the way to the limit, and my left doors were scratched and dented as a side of the tire coiled up and struck it. But the car stood solidly in its lane. Luckily I just replaced front tires, the doors were fixed for $600, when I had similar level damage in Celica I spent $2400 to fix it.
    Anyway, these are just different cars and I like them both for different reasons.
  • kphokpho Posts: 2
    Thanks Guys! I love the celica but the GT is a bit sluggish. I am going to buy the base model and do several mods to get a few more HP. Hopefully i will have a car with more torque and will be able to enjoy my drive more.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Yep, that's exactly what it was - in 5th about 8k rpms or so.
    6th seems to dog....
  • Can u get a 2001 GT-S engine to fit into a 90 Celica gt-s? and do u know if its possible to go from a 5 speed to a 6 speed transmision? How much would da new gt-s engine cost me?
  • I'm not sure I'd make that kind of investment based on feedback here. I would doubt that a 90 Celica is worth it, I know the 01 GTS engine performance isn't. Hell, for that kind of radical change I'd try a better motor like the Honda S2000 engine.

    If the 90 celica is running - forget it. If not, consider a new car or a rebuilt 90 celica motor.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 764
    Mattlee, call or go to a Toyota dealer and ask. New engines are EXPENSIVE, in the thousands of dollars. Does your car run? Thought about adding a turbo charger?
  • It works and runs good but i want more power and the fact that there is 189k miles doesnt really please me that well. i was thinkin about gettin either a new car or just doing a complete overhaul on my car right now.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Just get a new car. 200k is a lot of miles to be investing in - even if it is Toyota.
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    "i dont know about paying 11k for an extra second"

    actually i bough my GT 'cause of the cool headlights am i alone? hehe

    also.... there's nothing you can do to make the GT any faster that does not involve some major work and money... the best most people manage to do is to make it alot louder. the Gt is plenty fast (very technical term) as long as you are not carrying over 200 pounds in the passenger seat. the car is so light that 2 medium sized adult males will increase the weight of the car by almost 20% thats a lot considering how light the car is and how small the engine is. lets do the math shall we?

    -the celica weighs about 2430lb and has 140hp for a ratio of 17.36 lb:hp.
    -add 400 lb for yourself and your best buddy and that's a 16.46% increase in weight over the empty weight.
    -for a drop to 20.21 lb:hp (ouch)

    i even feel a difference in speed from when the tank is full or empty. i should add that the GTS is victim to the same problem as the GT in the weight issue because of the peakier power band band and same lack of torque
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    That's right, the best mods one can do for better acceleration is to go on diet. Saves a lot of money on parts and food.
  • bottgersbottgers Posts: 2,030
    I looked a an '88 Celica GT today. Body's not bad, interior's not bad. Only thing cosmetically, and could be a safety issue as well, was it needs a new windshield. The car drove perfectly, good brakes, shifted nicely (5 speed), engine was smooth and quiet. I took the car on the highway, and at 80 MPH, it felt rock solid. I was kind of shocked that this car only has 92,000 miles on it, at least that's what the seller is telling me. A friend of mine told me even if it has 192,000 miles on it, it's still well worth $1,200, which is what the owner is asking. He said that engine is good for at least 300,000 miles. Any other advise on this?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 764
    I would count on a well taken care of Toyota engine lasting 200,000 miles. Yes, one that is taken care of may last well over that, and many times until the body rusts out, but don't count your chickens.

    Have you checked out Edmund's used car pricing to get a ballpark for the market value of this car?

    Make sure and call Toyota/junkyard and check out the availability and cost of a windshield for this particular car.

    I'd say any well running car is worth that much. I paid $2500 for my first used car, and that was 12 years ago. This car looked very clean, but the owner never maintained it, and subsequently, everything began to break from the 80,000 miles to its trading day.
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    best mod you can do, take a racing course. And it will stay with you for the rest of your life. Learn how to drive the car better will be the best mod.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I was wondering if anyone had started to dawn the Fast and Furious 'Badging'???? Like the clear taillight and turn signals covers etc?
  • I love her engine and the way she can make 2 90-degree turns in a row, but whoever designed this car ought to be forced to ride a camel in Afghanistan, for 8 months!I just had to say that :-)
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    Does anyone else fell like your beating on your GT by cruising at 80mph at 4000rpm on the highway? that is a lot of rpm but the engine is kind of made to live at slightly higher rpm. right? hehe
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    The GTS also runs a bit under 4k at 80. I think 4k is equal to about 84 mph.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    Has anyone found a performance chip that is available for the GTS yet? I emailed this place:

    They said nothing was available now, but to check back mid-winter.
  • is it just me or does the celica gt-s six speed have a vague shifter. i recently test drove a 2001 and maybe the car i drove was the exception and not the rule but the shifter felt imprecise and disconnected, at times i was unsure if i completed gear changes all the way. compared to the other manual transmission cars i test drove around the same time (02 wrx, 01 eclipse v-6, 97 camaro ss, 01 new beetle turbo) it was by far the worst one. i also hate the position of reverse. compared to the celica i test drove my dad's 5 speed geo metro has a better feeling shifter and the geo's shifter sucks.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I had a mustang before my Celica and found shifting the new Celica very easy and tight. I think every new car takes a bit of getting used to. Especially with respect to the location of Reverse.
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    that's pretty interesting info boomN, thanks.

    i tried to put that volkswagen 5 speed in reverse in the showroom for 2 minutes . I just quit because I couldnt get it, that's real frustration.
  • Hi everyone! I've been a poster at Edmunds for quite a while but not on this board. I'm considering a 1997 Celica for my first car. (I turn 16 in a month.) Would anyone with experience with this generation Celica recommend this model for me? The only thing I'm worried about is how low it sits. I've never really sat in one recently, just a 99 at the dealer when it was new. I like being able to see around me...does this Celica limit that like the current generation? All comments are appreciated!
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I know that gas/mileage is not actual anymore, but I still checked my GTS 2000 auto again. About a half a year ago I had 39+ mpg on interstate, as compared to ~34 mpg when it was new. This time I drove 466 miles keeping ~73 mph (cruise) and got 39.2 mpg again. And this included 30 minutes per 5 miles traffic jam passing I80 through Chicago. not bad. I wonder what I would have with no jam and driving at specified 65 mph? I don't think I will ever know, especially about 65 mph...
  • I wish I could get Toyota to completly review my GTS2000 Auto. I don't know why my car doesn't perform like many reports here. My mileage is no where near 39 mpg highway and my acceleration isn't close to some stated in this BB. I only seem to get 24.5/29 mpg (city/highway), which is within the stickers 23/30 stats EPA stats. My acceleration for 0 to 60 is 10+ seconds.

    Compared to the figures stated here, I don't know why Toyota dealers say my car is performing within factory parameters. The car seems to run well though and I've had no reliability problems in 20,000 miles.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 764
    Take a look, Sergeis is driving 460 miles on cruise control. Makes a big difference.

    I do 80%highway/20%freeway right now, and am getting 30 - 31 mpg on my 6-speed, with 5000 miles on the car. This is a slight improvement.
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