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Toyota Celica (Hatchbacks / All Years)



  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I have 15,000 and 1.5 years on my GT 2K auto. So far no problems, if not to mention body damage - someone parked into my car. The damage was not big, but they had to replace the whole side panel because this is _japaniese_ car, steel is too thin. What I would complain about is bad cruise control programming - easily gets into resonance and often shifts to third and the only way to get out is to turn cruise off and on. Someone may say that this is because it is 4cyl, but I can easily keep steady speed on the same road without cruise control, so it must be faulty program. Otherwise Celica is real fun to drive. I have noticed that in general american cars have better auto transmission and cruise control.
    You can talk about great Toyota and Honda reliabilityI - but I also have Mercury Grand Marquise, which has 70K and is 6 years old - I had no real problems with that, only tape player was replaced in the beginning, and recently I got new front brakes. And it is a great car - I have hard time believing that Celica can cost as much as this street ship, - but you are not going to have much fun in it, it is a serious luxury transportation, great for the family.
  • anna12anna12 Posts: 10
    Sounds like your celicas are as reliable and safe as I could wish! I feel like I have one more "sporty" car in me before I need to retire to the rocker and the Volvo!

    How are insurance costs on your celicas, any particular companies offer the best deals?
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    anna12 - Maybe you should look into a BMW 325i or ci. These offer acceleration, unmatched handling and by far, better looks than any japanese car. I will admit, the toyota reliability you won't get. BMWs are reliable however.

    Take Care
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    Superior looks to a new Celica? What cave do you live in micga? I'm only asking 'cause I wonder if your cave is near mine, and if I should stop by to say hello :)
  • anna12anna12 Posts: 10
    Who wouldn't love a BMW? Are you suggesting that the best features of a celica can be found in a competitive price range Beamer? I have to admit I didn't even check it out-I need to stay well below $30,000. I'm figuring on around 25K for the celica, with lots of goodies, fun driving and and good looks (though maybe not as classy as the BMW!). Maybe if that lottery ticket comes through. Anna
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Please note: you'll now find a link to's new video of the Toyota Celica GT-S in the Additional Resources box on the left side of the page. Happy Motoring! ;-)

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  • bladelzg1bladelzg1 Posts: 1
    I am trying to decide between a Celica GT fully loaded or a GT-S. Is there a huge difference in speed between the two, because i test drove a GT, and you had to push the gas pedal all the way down to get any good movement. Is it the same for the GT-S are is there a huge improvement?
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    Blah. Anyone with 2 hands and 2 feet could write such reviews. Sorry Edmund's, but your concerted effort to produce non-offensive reviews results in car analyses that is isn't worth the video production time.

    The car is noisy and you can't see out the back? Anyone buying stealthy sports car won't see much problem with the degree of these attributes this car presents. Think about it: Everyone looks at this ultra-cool car as it goes by. So, to create such a beautiful look, the car will suffer with viewability. I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Plastic in the dash? Who isn't using all this plastic today?

    I will give into the fact that due to the gear ratio, you're either racing or putsing in this car. That is true. There isn't a great "medium" method to driving around.

    All in all, this car is unique with that combination, and it should be analyzed as such---aimed at a true enthusiast who appreciates the combination.

    Man the editors are hoity toity...too loud? So I gotta turn the radio up a little bit. Sheesh, Edmund's is a little overboard. I think ya'll might be happy driving around Volvo sedans so you can see well around you, and the noise level will be non-offensive.

    Am I a little off the wall here guys, or am I more right than wrong?
  • alex18talex18t Posts: 117
    there is a notice out to dealers from toyota about the sunroof rattle. it has to do with shims on the tracks or something. also there is a notice for bad belt tensioners that spill out their lubricant and become very loud. other than that the car has done well so far in reliability.

    has anyone replaced their clutch yet? how much would a complete job cost, new clutch, pressureplate, flywheel refinishing? i think by the wear so far i will need to replace it around 30k miles.
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    anna12 - I just picked up my BMW 325i. I paid about 28k before taxes. The reason I was able to keep the price down was because I ordered it. I only got the options that I really wanted and did without some of the expensive (and in my opinion unneccesary) options such as power seats. If you order one, you may be surprised at how camparable the price is to a fully equipt japanese car. Although, some people feel that if they are going to pay just under 30k for a car, than they want it FULLY loaded with leather and the works even if they don't use half the options. I personally don't feel that way. Celicas are nice as well. I have a friend who bought a loaded celica and paid about 28k. I may be mistaken but I don't think I am. The way I see it, any quality (non economy) car is going to cost you low to mid 20's anyway. Why not add a few more thousand and get what you really want (if you can afford it). This is all assuming you prefer a BMW to a celica. That may not be true. If not, enjoy the celica, it's a nice ride. Just pointing out some things

    Take Care
  • anna12anna12 Posts: 10
    Micga-Wow, sounds like you were smart and it paid off for you. Now, your friend, on the other hand, may have gotten taken. Even MSRP on a fully loaded celica gts is nowhere near 28K, closer to 25-26, and I don't intend to pay MSRP! I'm going to look into the 325i, just for the heck of it. Have a great holiday weekend in your new car-I bet you have a road trip planned. Anna
  • oneibtoneibt Posts: 12
    Obviously you should get what you want on your car. I just wanted to let you know that my GT with cruise and power locks/windows was less than 17K. When you start loading it up obviously the dealer's gonna nail you. I know a stripped BMW won't be anywhere close. And by the way, a 325i better looking than a Celica? Please!
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    When you go up to 28K you may as well argue that adding another couple of $K is not a big deal, so you get to 30K and so on, until you buy a Porshe. For me, personally, the 1sec difference in 0-60 time was not important enough to pay extra $3-5K for GTS, so I got my GT auto with everything except the wing and remote for less than $19K. I guess I still have acceleration close to 325i, its hp/weight is similar to GT. And hey, I get 29-30 mpg in city only driving, keeping Cheney's band profits lower and slowing global warming so that the next president will still have a chance to deal with it!
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    The GTS will also get over 30 mpg. I was getting 31.7 in my 2000 GTS.
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    oneibt - It's just a matter of opinion. I personally never liked the "sporty" car look. I prefer the refinement of German engineering. My previous post also applies to many other cars that people feel are "too expensive" so they don't even look into them. The term "stripped" should be used very loosly because many of todays cars already come with just about all the options you use regularly anyway. Believe me, I am not rolling down the windows on my 325i even though some may consider it "stripped". Again, it's a matter of taste and opinion. I'm sure your GT is a nice ride as well, enjoy.

    Anna - That 28k # may have been the price of the car "out the door". Anyway, good luck in whatever you decide to do. Take care.
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    "the refinement of German engineering"? In what way? Suspension? Yes. Power? Maybe. Build quality, reliability and maintenance? Most definitely not.

    Remember, you're buying a car -- not the mystique.
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    Badtoy - Have you ever driven a BMW?? If not, I suggest you do. You'll know what I'm talking about.
    Suspention/handling - unmatched
    Power - Anyone can add HP
    Style - You better believe it
    Overall road feel - Again, you better believe it
    If my main concern was reliability, I would buy a civic. Which, by the way, is the best car around for the money (in my opinion).
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    driven many BMWs -- including the 3, 5 and 7-series for the last eight years, in back-to-back comparisons of them with Mercedes, Jaguar, Infiniti, Audi, Cadillac, Lincoln and Lexus.

    I love them. They are great road cars with impeccable handling, eager engines and pleasant styling. (Why only "pleasant"? Because I think they need to get the edge back into their designs -- which apparently they are planning to do, based on their latest concept cars).

    And I agree -- if reliability were the only factor in buying a car, I would never have bought my four Alfas nor my Lotus Europa. excellence extends to use of materials, longevity, maintenance and overall reliability, and in that regard, the Germans still take a back seat to Honda and Toyota.

    As for driving excitement -- have you ever tried a Supra TT, 300ZX, NSX or S2000? And guess what? They're all reliable too!
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    There is no sense in discussing styling. In average, though, Celica gets a lot of attention, while 325i goes mostly unnoticed as another european brick. On the other hand BMW is a symbol of financial success, showing that the owner can pay extra for BMW logo.
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    someone who wishes to give the impression that they can.

    Besides -- anybody who can shell out $25k can get a three-year old 5-series around here. I don't call that prestige, do you?
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    It is too bad that the BMW is stuck with the poseur image, because they are great cars. I was considering buying a used BMW, but I went with the Saab instead because I didn't want to have to deal with the image problem of the BMW. Not to mention that everyone and their dog has a BMW in my neighborhood. I preferred the image projected by the Saab (i. e. "he's a weirdo") over the image of a BMW (i. e. "he's a snob"). ;)

    I prefer to drive a car because of the way that it drives, not to fulfill some goofy image thing. I usually try to avoid telling people I own a Porsche, and, when I do, I try to emphasize how old and inexpensive it is (It's 23 years old with a salvage title, and I inherited it from my father). I love driving it, and I don't care about what people think of me when I do. At least I am young enough that I don't have to deal with the mid-life crisis stereotype. :)

    Since this IS the Celica forum, I will say that you should get whatever you want. You can get a really good Celica for less than the cheapest BMW (unless you buy used). It doesn't matter what you drive, as long as you are happy with it.

  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    It's like when everybody discovers your favorite restaurant, bar, beach, obscure music group or whatever -- kinda takes the sense of discovery out of it.

    Guess I'm a snob too, huh? =O)
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    Sergeis - "Celica gets alot of attention, while 325i goes mostly unnoticed as another european brick." Please tell me your kidding.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    As I told, there is no sense in discussing style, its personal. But I still think in average Celica gets more attention - it has aggressive style which sticks out, like it or not. 325i just looks european as most of the other european cars. I am talking about looks only. May be I am wrong and it's the other way around, "look, here goes the 325i, it looks cool!", and Celica is lost in traffic.
  • guitarzanguitarzan OhioPosts: 761
    Hey, I like the 3 Series a great deal! But everyone I know who is not a car enthusiast thinks they are completely ugly. And the new Celica gets a lot of attention, that's true. So I pretty much I agree with the brick statement.
  • gambit293gambit293 Posts: 406
    As guitarzan said, the bmw may get stares, but only from enthusiasts. Non-car people will just see BMWs as just another car.

    The Celica sticks out regardless, in any crowd.

    Of course, this can be bad too. I just got my first speeding ticket on Memorial Day. I was doing 77 in a 65. Did the cop pull over the SUV that was tailgating me at the time? Nope. I've never even been pulled over before. I didn't even get a warning, just a $100 ticket. Boy, was I pissed. Stupid cop probably just had to meet his ticket quota for the day.

    Ok, I'm done venting now.
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    5 days after I got my 2000 GTS I was clocked doing 81 in a 55. TICKET. My first ever, no warning either...
    I went with the traffic law center thing - where they go to court for you and plea bargain. It cost me like $180, but my record shows a citation for parking on a one-way street or something.
    I don't think it was the fact that my car 'stuck-out' though, I was crossing over 3 lanes...
  • micgamicga Posts: 56
    NEVER met anyone who did not at least "Like" the looks of the 3 series. So that comment is weak at best.

    The Celica is reliable and I'm sure a good performer. The styling is even good if you like the "Sporty" look. I never cared for it myself. I grew out of that when I was about 16. Cougers, talons etc.....Please. Let's take 100 so called "Non enthusiasts" and see if they would rather have a 325i or a Celica aside.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I also own Merqury Grand Marquis '95, and like it a lot - comfort, power, reliability, and even how it looks. I have never met anyone who did not at least "Like" my GM. But I am realistic about it, I know that most of the guys don't like it, just pretend to make me happy, it's OK.

    Now you are mixing up different things - I am ONLY saying that Celica gets more attention than BMW. And you are talking about making a choice - and this is not only about looks. Everyone who can afford Accord can buy Celica - but they have chosen Accord for practical reasons, I think most of the Accord owners can admit that this car is not catching much attention. So, if you add Accord to Celica and 325i, most of your "Non enthusiasts" will have Accord. Does it mean that Accord gets more attention? I guess not. Perhaps they grew up of 325i too.
  • badtoybadtoy Posts: 368
    on where you live. In the little southeastern Michigan town of Monroe, BMWs were rare indeed -- and looked really cool, different as they were from the American cars that populated the town. But here in LA -- oh man. EVERYBODY has a 3-series. It's a status-mobile, and that's what makes it lose a large part of its appeal for me.

    That's what I liked about the A4 when it first came out -- it was spunky, beautiful and very few people owned one. My kinda car....
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