Saab 9-5 Wagon



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    SAAB is a great car, or was a great car. I have owned six of them since 1991. That many miles could be a problem as lots of issues may present themselves.
    Buyer beware.
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    Can you give me an idea as to what types of repair or items I should watch for. Someone told me this model has a timing chain not a timing belt, which may not need replacing for a while. Also, the exhaust is stainless steel which should also last longer.

    Thanks again
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    Working my way thru these Saab threads. When I saw u say this, i thought I wonder if u feel the same now, almost 6 years later?
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    I see you are still a host here. Any chance you missed this question? Thanks
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    Here we are 6 years later and they are finally doing it. But not with the turbo 4 cylinder :(

    Plus it is gone upscale farther than the extra 2 drive wheels should warrant. :(
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    Here we are 4 years later. Very curious to hear about your Saab experiences so far? Still plan to keep for another 6 years?
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    I see you haven't logged in since you bought it. Hopefully you will get an email notifier and let us know how you like it still almost 4 years later?
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    Well Sid I have made my way thru all 1000+ posts. And as it turns out, you haven't been talking to yourself. (in reference to about 3 of your posts thinking that no one was reading them). So I saw your last post and it would appear u did hand in your lease. Curious tho if you are missing the 9-5? What did you end up getting after?
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    The car has 88,000 mi on it but I've had trouble starting the car and it stalls - recently had it repaired for bad ignition coil and oxygen sensors. I thought I'd sell it on my own after the repairs were made but not sure what the best route is at this point.

    Overall exterior/interior is ok - some scratches and dings.

    Can I sell to someone for parts?

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Hi Mr. George, I tried emailing you with some questions but the email address didnt work. I realize your post was from quite a long time ago and am hoping that you still visit the forum occasionally since you seem to be quite knowledgable about saabs.
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    We are considering replacing the ECU in our 2001 4cyl 2.3LT wagon. since many parts from 1999-2005 are compatible with my 2001, I purchased an ECU online from a 1999 9-5. The engine is the same I believe B235E. Does anyone know if this ECU will work on my car?
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