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Volvo V70 / XC70



  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    What have been XC owners' experiences with regards to minor but annoying problems such as excessive oil consumption, burnt light bulbs and other electrical gremlins which seem to be quite common with other Volvo models, especially the S80?
  • Lost control of my new 2001XC(with 5000miles) resulting in >16K damages.Not one air bag deployed. Car loudly vibrated, mechanical sound heard, steering wheel locked, brakes ineffectual and car literally hopped across 2 lanes of highway,hit guard rail almost head on and bounced around 180 degrees.Vehicle repaired(took over 7 weeks because parts shippedfrom Volvo were received damaged three times). Volvo field tech specialist certified car to be without defect. Less than two weeks later, another driver lost control with same sequence of events fortunately minus the impact. Car towed to dealership(Leiken Volvo-Cleveland) where car certified with no defects again and car returned.Customer Service informed me that if want out of lease to contact Volvo Finance but I can't sell the car to someone else who could be hurt in this vehicle. After over eleven weeks post accident,Volvo finally offered to trade for a "demo" at an additional cost($2700)!I declined as I had already purchased a different make car to transport to work safely while my Volvo XC remains parked-the only way to guarantee safety. By the way,Volvo does not participate in arbitration. "Volvo for Life"-almost cost me and my family ours!
  • bodydoublebodydouble Posts: 801
    But what are you going to do? You can't park it for the rest of your lease?!

    I guess you didn't think "Volvo for Life" was a trade offer! :)
  • marcoviomarcovio Posts: 2
    In response to KCARVER1, I'd take the W8 wagon over the XC for the same money. It has a better engineered AWD system (Torsen), far more powerful engine and fit/finish for Audi/VW are the benchmark for the auto industry. Handling the W8 in the curves is a lot better as well. On the otherhand, the Swedish ergonomics and design are unique and very stylish and you probably get better off-road clearance than the W8...but ya gotta ask yourself...are you REALLY going to go off-roading? Both wagons are great looking, with the VOLVO having the bolder style...the W8 is more subtle.
  • dcindcdcindc Posts: 3
    I've seen rumors that the 2003 XC70 will have the haldex AWD and a bigger engine. Can anyone confirm, deny, or provide more info? Thanks!
  • cjo87cjo87 Posts: 35
    Yes, I have just seen the 2003 info on the XC (currently overseas- big help). Yes, the Haldex AWD is on the 2003 XC.

    Engine has changed from B5244T3 to B5254T2. I have no idea what that means, but the HP rating has changed from 197 to 208.

    Anyone know the difference on the engines, or on the performance of the Haldex over the previous one?
  • dcindcdcindc Posts: 3
    Here's what I've been able to gather so far about the MY03 XC70. Most of it seems to come from Europe so I'm not sure if there will be any differences for US availability. Also, these are just rumors I've gathered off the web so I'm still waiting for some confirmation. Haven't seen anything yet on price.

    1. V70XC will be rebadged XC70.

    2. Haldex AWD: This is the electronic AWD that is on the S60AWD. My understanding is that the key difference is the coupling is electronically controlled rather than mechanically (viscous coupling). The advantages I've heard listed are: a) More responsive AWD; b) Can be used with electronic stability systems; c) somewhat lighter weight; d) can be disengaged so car can be towed conventionally (does not require a flat bed).

    3. New 2.5 T engine with 208 hp & 235 lb/ft torque. Sorry, other than the increased HP and torque, I don't know much about this. I'm sure someone who knows about the Volvo engine line could tell us more.

    4. New standard features include: leather steering wheel, wood dashboard trim, and a power passenger seat. I've also seen mention of other changes to the steering wheel and the HU613 Radio.

    5. New options include: rainsensor wipers, tinted windows, some kind of aluminum inlay (v70), and a new wooden steering wheel (v70).

    6. Colors: Ruby Red replaces Venetian Red (V70); Titantian GreyDark Grey Metallic (V70); and Crystal Green is a new color (XC70)

    That's all I've heard so far other than the new diesel model they have out in Europe already. Would appreciate any additional info, confirmation, pricing, or US release if anyone has heard more.

  • just read above messages, any word on two issues....will xenon headlights be available, and also will they ditch the plastic bumpers and make them color coordinated (like last model xc's and the xc90)?

    also, what web site can you get advanced info from?....thanks much!....JF
  • cjo87cjo87 Posts: 35
    Don't know about the headlights, but my understanding is the plastic cladding remains the same on the XC but is not on the XC90.

    Anyone know if the bigger 2.5T engine for 2003 will require premium fuel? I'm really torn between this vehicle and the Honda Pilot, which does not require premium fuel.
  • cjo87cjo87 Posts: 35
    I have never owned a car with a turbo, but am considering it now. I recently received advice that if I do this I should expect a very expensive repair at 100,000 miles because that is about as long as a turbo lasts. Since I tend to hold onto cars as long as possible, this is of concern. Does anyone have long term experience with Volvo turbos?
  • Own a loaded 2002 XC. Bought from Motorcars Volvo(Cleveland, Ohio). We have driven it 16K miles in @10 mos. Not a single problem yet. Both my wife and I just love this car. It has great pickup and handling. The ride can be a bit rough, but makes up in the way it corners. Headlight (non Xenon) are plenty bright specially when you turn on the fogs. Drove overnight to Connecticut from Ohio over July 4th, though torrential down pour, on a pitch black night, on hilly curvy I-80 though Pennsylvania. Could not begin to tell you how much new appreciation I have for this vehicle after this trip. Plan to do it again over Christmas break.

    The W8 is nice, but don't kid yourselves. VW has worse relibility rating than Volvo. Plus the ride height means that when a truck hits the car from the side, the bumper will probably be at the height of your head! If you care about safety, there is no other choice in this category, except the XC (and the Audi Allroad for 45K). The XC has as much ground clearance as SUVs such as the ML, and the XC won't roll in a crash as easily.

    Now, consumeralert, I am shocked and horrified by your story. I wanted to know if you have come to any resolution on this. Have you tried going to the local media with this story? I drive my son (now 14 month old) in my Volvo. If this had happened to me, Volvo would know they have been in a fight.

    As far as Leiken, when I bought my car in October '01, they would not budge from MSRP. I bought mine at near A plan price (1% under invoice) without being eligible for it. MSRP 40,800. Paid 35,000 plus taxes, etc. So needless to say, I don't like Leiken. My next door neighbour went and bought an identical vehicle(his is blue, ours is silver metallic) after hearing about this deal. I am sure 9/11 had something to do with this unheard of bargain.

    Good luck to all of you prospective XC buyers.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Bumper cladding unchanged for 2003.
    All Volvo Turbo engines specify 91 octane or better.
    You could run it on lesser gas but you wouldn't be saving a dime. The computers will dial back the engine and performance and fuel economy will not be as good as with the prem gas
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    With proper maintenance a Volvo Turbo impeller should last the life of the car @ 18yrs and 200000 miles.
    You must change the oil at the proper time and if you drive the car hard or over a long disatance at highway speed you MUST let the car sit and idle for at least 2 minutes prior to engine shutdown. This will allow the impeller housing to cool enough so the bearing won't be in danger of burning.
    I just traded a 95 T5R 275hp car w/ 85000 miles on it. Turbo never faltered once.
  • I have a 1999 xc I bought it as a Cert. PreOwned car. At 66,000 the Electronic Throtle control has gone out and the car surges and acts like it runs out of gas and stalls. Volvo's stance is that this is not covered under the warranty program. After several calls the dealership extended a Goodwill offer to repair the car and charge me 1/3 of the repair cost. I really like the car but their warranty program sucks.
  • Do Volvo turbos, and specifically the LPT on the XC, have a propensity for high engine oil consumption?
  • Hi B D,
    My XC dose not use alot of oil. I did have a leak in the oil return line that was fixed. But dose not burn above normal.
  • Hey everyone. Just bought a brand new 2002 xc w/ premium, cold weather, touring packages, and 3d row seat for $34,500. we had initially planned to buy baseline V70 for $29,500, but when we were offered this price on the XC, we jumped at it. (we hadn't even looked at the XC because we assumed it would be out of our price range, i.e., $38K). i have no idea why it is so cheap. we're picking it up monday and will keep you apprised. Kind of miffed by 5.9% financing. isn't this a ford?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    and congrats on your new 2002 V70! We look forward to hearing all about your delivery experience. Happy motoring!



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  • windywindy Posts: 7
    here's a dumb question. on the 2002 xc the lights stay on as long as the engine is running. you can turn the light switch to either running lights or headlights. i can't tell the difference, in terms of brightness, between the two positions. am i missing something? is there ever a reason to keep the switch turned to full headlights?
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There isn't any difference in brightness between the 2 switch positions however, if you don't turn the switch to the headlight position the hi-beams don't work. At least they don'twork in the States.
  • windywindy Posts: 7
    Vovlomax, thanks for the explanation. Makes complete sense. Incidentally, I'm not from Canada. I don't know why I have the Canadian flag next to my sign-in.
  • I read where windy says he bought the cold weather pack and I'm thinking: Isn't that standard in Canada?!
  • cjo87cjo87 Posts: 35
    Has anyone made any long trips in a XC with three kids and without the optional rear-facing seat? I am very close to buying a 2003 XC but have one kid in a booster, one in a car seat, and one in an infant seat. All this plastic fits in a XC, but barely. I am very interested in the experiences of anyone who has traveled like this because it is hard to simulate all the "interesting" situations that pop up with three kids and their assorted travel stuff in a back seat.
  • Hi All,

    Here's another resourceful site for anyone wishing to know more about their XC and to discuss various topics with other owners.

    BTW, just curious...any resident XC members from Alberta, Canada?
  • orwoodyorwoody Posts: 269
    I'm new to this forum but came looking for some advice. My wife has a 98 V70XC which we bought new. Over the 4 years we've had it she has accumulated almost 90k miles. So far our only real problem has been with the head lamp electronics and cheap switches. She's started thinking about keeping this rig or trading it for a new 2003...her concern stems from the potential repairs that she might start facing once she gets nearer the 100k and above mark. She's also wondering if Volvo(Ford) has improved on the electronics reliability with the new generation.

  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Have you checked with Edmunds' Maintenance Guide to see what kind of TSBs (technical service bulletins) are listed for your 98 V70XC? Others here may have more to add. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your ownership experience.


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  • Hi,

    I'm looking to buy a used v70, and I'd like to get one with a 3rd seat. My question is, can I buy one without, and order from the dealer, or is it something that the Factory needs to do, and therefore I need to confine my search to wagons having that option?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • mkrsw1mkrsw1 Posts: 12
    i want to hook my ipod directly into the
    stereo in my 99 v70 xc. i don't have the
    exact model number handy, but it's the single
    in dash cd/cassette/fm/am radio model, probably
    made by alpine. i'm currently using a cassette
    adapter, but i'd much rather go directly to the
    stereo. has anyone done this? is there a jack
    on the back of the unit that could be utilized
    in some way?

  • Hi Brad,

    Check out ebay motors. There's a pretty good selection of used V70's with 3rd seats.

    I know for a fact that on later models (2001/2002)the 3rd seat can be purchased as an accessory through your dealer, although it's quite an expensive route. They come in gray, beige and oak colors. I believe in the U.S. the 3rd seat is included with the V70's versatility package
    Don't know for sure whether or not dealers would have 3rd seats in stock for older V70's though.
  • Any thoughts on which is better for handling and reliability --the XC vs. the Passat AWD wagon
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