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Volvo V70 Wagon Experience



  • growwisegrowwise Posts: 297
    How is the back seat (second row not rear facing kids seat) for three adults? Is it more suitable for 2 rather than 3?

    I know that would wreck the auto industry, but it would sure save all the oil.
  • I have been told by my dealer that the A/C comes on after you turn your car off, IF , the interior gets too hot. It will cool the interior down even if the car is off.

    It will save your dog or kid life if you leave them in the car. It might, however, kill the battery? I assume it goes off when the car gets cooler. Then will go on again when the car heats up again. Moral, Leave a window down and leave your dogs and kids at home.

    Hmm. :surprise: :confuse:
  • I just purchased a 2006 XC70 and want to do my own oil changes. Does anyone know the procedure to reset the 7500 mile service reminder light? Thanks
  • Our '01 XC has given us good service although the maintenance experience hasn't been great. Two truts and the automatic transmission have been replaced under warranty, the ETM failed when I was in the middle lane of I95 one weekend, we have had various electrical problems with the doors, light bulbs burned out regularly for the first couple of years, a recent brake job cost $1100 or so, front control arms have been replaced, etc. (This is the short version and from memory.)

    All the work has been done at a local Volvo dealer in central New England whose dealer principal lives out of state and is invisible in the community. The work hasn't been great and mechanics tools have been left in the engine compartment. The car has never been washed after a service which doesn't bother me but it is their policy and leaves me wondering what else wasn't done?.

    A week ago a warning light came on. Some of the time it was accompanied by a message saying that the right rear door was open (it wasn't). The dealer diagnosed it as a bad seal on the right rear door. They have ordered the parts. This may be expensive and unecessary (we do not use the back seat.)

    Now at 68K miles the right rear wheel bearing became noisy. We were quoted $250 for the wheel bearing and $200 installation labor by the local dealer. Once at the dealers they called to say that the left one also needed replacing. We never heard a noise from the left side, not even when I went with the tech on a diagnostic drive. Never the less, we gave them the go ahead and $900 later we have two new wheel bearings.

    When we got the car back to our company yesterday we tried to mount our winter tire/wheel package and discovered that the gorrilla at the Volvo dealership had put wheels back on with an impact wrench set at 650 foot pounds of torque. We had to use a 3' cheater bar and an impact wrench to get the wheels back off.

    By personality (we're New Englanders), driving habits (only 10K per car per year), and the number of cars available to us, my wife and I tend to keep cars. Do we dump the Volvo for something else (I do though hate depreciation), stay with the very convenient local dealer, start taking it to a less convient dealer, or find an independent shop?
  • Got rid of my 01 xc v70 today. Here is my story which is remarkably similar to yours.

    2001 XC V70 Car full of christmas presents, 2 kids, wife and father-in-law stalled on Christmas morning. It was jerking and hesitating intermittently for months when problem started getting worse. Then "performance decreased" message came on. Towed and car sat at volvo dealer over holidays. Became aware of throttle problem last summer. I was in denial. Volvo not only has a throttle problem. I believe the car is poorly constructed. Numerous suspension components needed replacement, problem with computer chip, wiring harness, seat motor, door locks, windows, gas cap, faded trim, etc. The dealer was moving and I asked for a print out of service records. It was 28 pages long at the end of last summer. Bought extended warranty for thousands so I could keep car longer. Got back half of cost in few months from repairing faulty computer chip.

    The car is still a bit jerky on the ride from the Volvo dealer after software upgrade. I was told the throttle was clean and did not need any service but only a software upgrade. I am wondering how a software upgrade can fix a defect in a faulty throttle??? I was told the car was fixed and drove like a dream on a 10 km road test. It is more of a nightmare. I drove home, cleaned it up and went to the Lexus dealership on same day. Got an RX 330 and only $15k for the trade in value. The Lexus dealer told me they called 3 volvo dealerships. None of them wanted it but suggested that low ball price as wholesale anyway!!!

    Driving this car has been emotionally similar to although not as serious as spousal abuse. You always get let down. You fear the next episode. You think you will make up and things will be better after just one more trip to the repair shop but it never ends until now. I do not want to sell this junker privately as I do not want to lie to some unsuspecting buyer. It is with great sadness I sell this Volvo. My mom and dad had 3 before and drove 2 into the ground. I was planning on doing the same. These new Volvos are junk. Shame on Volvo. Shame on Ford. Putting families at risk when there motto is Drive Safely. Do they not even care about repeat business?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    A reporter from a national newspaper would like to speak to consumers who have purchased a high-end or high-performance wagon, such as the Audi A4 Avant, Mercedes-Benz E55, Dodge Magnum RT or the Volvo V70R, as examples . If you would to speak with the media, please respond to with your daytime contact info. and city/state of residence no later than January 6, 2006.


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  • SOFTWARE UPGRADE NOT ENOUGH, STALLED DAY AFTER!!! Throttle now changed and software reloaded. Told service advisors I wouldn't be seeing them because I bought a Lexus. One told me it was a good choice. He showed me his watch with a Toyota logo on it. He use to work there and drives Toyotas. This car runs smoothly but I do not care anymore and it only has to last another 2 weeks.
  • Replying to: marthacooper (Sep 05, 2005 6:31 am)
    "I have been told by my dealer that the A/C comes on after you turn your car off, IF , the interior gets too hot. It will cool the interior down even if the car is off.

    It will save your dog or kid life if you leave them in the car. It might, however, kill the battery?"

    THIS INFO IS WRONG! Do not rely on the AC to come on to cool your interior or occupants - you will kill them.

    The electric blower will come on for a short time around 30 minutes after shut-down in certain circumstances to remove humidity from the system. There will be no noticeable change in interior temperature due to this, and negligible battery drain.

    For the Air Conditioning system to function as a cooler, the compressor must turn, which is mechanically linked to the motor by a belt. In other words, the motor needs to be running for the AC to work.
  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I don't understand what went wrong. What is the ETM? I just bought a 2005 V70 and wonder if the problem was fixed before that model year.

  • The Volvo dealer said that the auto-rain sensor can be damaged if the windshield mounted E-Z Pass is used, so I got an external one.

    Here in Delaware, we do not have front license plates and so making holes just for the UGLY transponder is something I would like to avoid. When I contacted the E-Z Pass folks they just said I would need to make the holes in the bumper :(

    It looks like it will fit in the grill area, but I do not know if that will work in the toll lanes. Does anyone have any suggestions for mounting an external E-Z Pass transponder. :confuse:

  • Thanks for the nice analogy about the roller coaster emotions one feels owning a V70 XC. We just rolled back in from a very long weekend in Montreal. Drove 800 miles in some nasty weather. The car has great foul weather capability (front fog lights are helpful; good HVAC for seats and cabin, etc.), great handling at 90 MPH on the Vermont-A-Bahn (I89), rides quietly, good load carrying capacity (we had four adults and the rear compartment packed tight to the roof with middle class accoutrements) without any sag in the rear suspension or dimunition in handling, etc. The overall performance of the car was superior to our Porsche Cayenne in which we made this same trip this summmer.

    But, after tonight's flawless high speed run, when I pulled into the garage tonight, the orange light on the right hand side of the drivers display came on, "svc engine". Great, now I have to wrestle with the bozos tommorow AM who use an impact wrench to install wheels. (The dealer pricipal wisely lives out of state and has not been seen in years. How can Volvo tolerate an absentee owner of a one location dealership???)

    You know, owning one of these things would be more tolerable if the service people, with whom I am now on a first name basis, treated the customers would some modicum of respect. But then again, maybe they go home chuckling about the stupidity of the Volvo owner.

    On a side note, I heartily recommend the Michelin Artic Alpins and would not have attempted the trip without them or a similar modern winter tire.
  • jrkontjrkont Posts: 3
    My 2004 V70 also has the rain sensor option. I live in Mass. and have a Fast Lane transponder. I mounted it under the inside rear view mirror, just like the instructions called for, and have not seen any problems with the wiper actions. Maybe I'll have to be careful if I have to remove the velcro mounting strips at some point. My dealer never mentioned anything about possible damage from mounting the transmitter inside. I'd try to exchange the exterior transponder for an interior one and mount it inside. Just keep it off the window sensor and it should be fine.
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    The Artic Alpins work well. Have had them on my Saab for 4 yrs and this car is excellent in the snow and ice and is only front wheel drive. Still running the original Nordfrost winter tires on our Volvo after 6 years - likely the last year for them. If we still have the car next year I will be replacing them with the Michelin. Not sure if they still make the 'Alpins' or have replaced them with the 'Ice'.
  • crissmancrissman Posts: 145
    I know this is a tired old question, and I apologize, but I'm hearing a variety of answers. I was checking out an '05 V70 2.4 yesterday at the dealer. Salesman said that regular grade fuel is okay. From what I can tell after research, he's blowing smoke. I did get the impression he'd say anything to make the sale. While I have your attention, he also said a loaner car would be available even for oil change service. Is this typical of all dealers or something special? Thanks for any help.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I use premium in my own cars and recommend my volvo clients do so too. My dealership also provides loaners for even small jobs like oil changes...
  • You know, it used to be that you bought a new car, drove it hard as the primary travel vehicle in the household and then over the years gradually moved it down stream to where maybe it was Junior's ride back to Cornell for his Sophmore year. After maybe 125-175K miles and about 15 years of ownership, you would sell it for small change rather than face an engine rebuild or other drive train issues.

    It strikes me that newer cars, particularly the European cars, could be different. For example, I don't doubt that our now 67K miles 2001 XC has a drive train that with Mobil 1 and some diligence could last out to 150K. Maybe more. But the equation may have changed. Maybe you can't keep a car as long as you could before because the issues have changed. Rather than the drive train issues of a generation ago the concerns of today are electronic and HVAC. I'm told that some cars ( e.g., a Lincoln Town Car) require the removal of the dash to take out the heater core. Probably at that point, the car would get sold.

    OK, so whats the relevance to Volvo? We like our 2001 V70 XC. Great seats, great handling, nice load capacity, and probably the best foul weather capability of any car out there except for perhaps the Audi All Road. (Volvo's foul weather capability extends to their high placement of the rear turn signal and tail lights. On a dark and snowy night, you KNOW when the V70 in front of you is changing lanes.) But can we keep this thing out to 150K in the face of costly repair costs? Can you really afford to own and older Volvo, Audi, etc.?
  • peteg6peteg6 Posts: 1
    I'm about to begin a serious search for a used volvo wagon. I like the looks of the v70 but my cursory research is scaring me away from the '99 and later models due to the etm issues. So, I'm focusing on the '98. Any thoughts out there? :confuse:
  • stmssstmss Posts: 206
    The equation has changed and it is mostly due to electrics and technology and subsequent cost of repair. Cars are just more complex now and generally 'disposable'.

    Most people cannot fix them themselves anymore and as they get older they will nickel and dime you to death (except the nickels and dimes will be hundreds of dollars each trip to the service dept). Sooner or later the nickels and dimes amount to loan or lease costs on a new one - or close to it.

    I had an older BMW like this. Every 3 months into the shop for 500-1000 bucks of repair. At this rate, a new lease wasn't much more money.
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