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Subaru Legacy/Outback



  • I had a 2000 and now have a 2001 GT wagon. Both manual transmissions. I love this tranny and never had a problem... smell or otherwise. It shifts great especially after it is broken in a little. I would never trade it for an auto.

  • jurek2jurek2 Posts: 10
    I have 2000 outback wagon and I found 4 rusty bubbles on the front edge of the hood,just under
    hood defector which I took off for cleaning.
    Is here anybody who experienced this problem ?
    Thanks for any info. Jurek
  • pattim3pattim3 Posts: 533
    Good Mornin'! It appears that your dealer was ordering the starter as part of their regular stock order instead of a priority order. Call us at 1-800-SUBARU3 and we can check into it for you right away.

    We usually do not have a supplier problem. Last year, we had some concerns, but it was more related to a conversion of our databases to be 2k compliant.

    NOTE TO ALL: If your Sube has a problem and your dealer says you have to wait for parts, please call us. We can use a number of channels to get things moving.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Seth: I was thinking undercoating, but inside the door panel? I'd have the dealer look at it. That should be sealed so I imagine it had to be sprayed in at the factory.

    Caleb: if you also wanted a trailer hitch, the hitch bike rack keeps the bikes from touching the car and are an easy lift to load. Plus it tilts back so you can even open the hatch with the bikes on. Here are photos:

    Some people prefer roof mounting, but I need the roof for my cargo carrier. The hitch is like bonus space you didn't know you had.


  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    My Camry had a plastic sheet in the door that was held in place by a tar like substance. I suspect that this stuff is good for soundproofing too. Since it is a new car, I would have the dealer look at it if you can afford the time. I would not worry about it though.

  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Did you get green bikes to match the car??? ;)

  • cosmookiecosmookie Posts: 5
    caleb: I added a Draw-Tite 1.25" hitch ($130 + $30 installation) to my 00' OB ltd. wagon, then purchased a Thule express-way bike rack ($175). My OB hauled 4 bikes along with 4 large sized adults through the mountains of W. Virginia with no problem.

    I have just over 30K miles on the OB so far, with no major problems. My mileage has improved slightly over the last year, now about 25 mpg. I switched to Amsoil syn. oil at 3K, and also added a K&N air filter. Not sure if this makes a difference or not to mpg effeciency.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Coincidentally, yes, both bikes are green. Well, my wife's is aqua, but close enough.

    The OE rack is meant for 2 bikes, but I've strapped on 3 and it was no problem. We took the 3 bikes all the way up to Gettysburg PA for a Subaru meet SCOA organized.

  • paulsgtpaulsgt Posts: 30
    I would like to hear from those that have had their H6 (VDC or LLB) for a while (5,000 miles?). What kind of gas mileage are you getting. My commute is pretty typical 18 mile freeway rush-hour commute. My current vehicle ('99 Honda Odyssey) gets around 18 to 19 mpg on the average. What am I likely to get with the H6?

    Thanks for the replies...

    Paul Sergeant
    Twin Cities (Minnesota).
  • sing4mesing4me Posts: 9
    To dle01, rsholland, ateixeira and all who post such informative and helpful information, and who've been promoting the OB over the Legacy because of another inch of clearance on "bad Vermont roads". Just a gentle clarification: please, dirt roads are not synonymous with bad roads, nor with off-road. I drive on dirt roads in Vermont because my house is on one, as are the homes of many friends. Most town road crews do a pretty good job of grading, gravelling, and applying chloride (to keep the dust down). In some Vermont towns 90% of the roadways are dirt. Keeping the roads clear and reasonably smooth is a matter of pride for many Vermont road supervisors, thank heaven. I've driven my Aged Volvo on these roads for years now. Never lost a tailpipe, only bottomed out once, and that during Mud Season. Driving on dirt roads isn't quite as bad as it sounds. Does get the car filthy, though.

    Keep the posts coming, I'm building quite a file of things to remember when shopping for and test-driving a (ta daah) Subaru.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Reminds me of my home town (Recife, Brazil) when I was growing up.

    It's mostly paved (and crowded) now. Too bad.

  • nwguy1nwguy1 Posts: 2
    I'm looking at buying either a Passat 4motion or an outback. One of the clear safety advantages of the Passat is side head air bags. From the published accident stats, about 16% of fatalities are from head injuries from side crashes. The crash testing of side head air bags seems to support what appears to be intuitively obvious, that they work well in preventing trama in the case of side impact.

    Is Subaru looking at adding side head air bags to the 2002 model? It appears that this could be done by simply making a fuller air bag that deploys from the side of the seat.
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    I agree with you on the dirt roads. I haven't really tried my new OB on the dirt roads here in NY state yet to give you more insite though. Since I travel to Vermont on business fairly regularly, I am looking forward to the near future when my Soob has enough miles to take the trip. I expect it to be fun going through the Adirondack State Park. Your crews do appear to take pride in their work and so do the cows!!! ;)
    Beautiful state.

  • brownwjbrownwj Posts: 19
    I have owned an LL Bean for three months. I only have driven it 3,600 miles, but I have been averaging 25 mpg driving around the Washington DC suburbs. The least I have ever gotten was 23.5 and the most was 26 mpg. I have not taken it on the highway for pure freeway driving.
    I do not do a lot of pure downtown DC driving where you hit a red light on every block. I hit red lights as I pass through the suburban towns like Alexandria. I have not had any problems at all and am happy with the car. We drove both the 4 and the 6 and just felt the 6 accelerated better and was smoother and quieter.
  • david35david35 Posts: 12
    Fred J-
    I considered a Passat as well. I also considered an OB limited before I bought the non-limited OB. Side airbags were appealing but after seeing how well the crash results of the OB were, I decided it wasn't as big of a concern to me. The OB side airbags looked useless, really. That being said, I still would rather have them than not but there were trade-off that swayed me against the Passat: better ground clearance (I drive in snow and occasionally on dirt roads), ~$8k price difference after bargaining was done, slightly more horses and better quality reputation and the OB seemed to be more utilitarian. Just my .$02
  • david35david35 Posts: 12
    Caleb & Taylor

    I chose an aftermarket rack- Thule. Most people buy either Thule or Yakima and stick with it forever, mainly because with the purchase of small adapters, the racks can be used with any car. That way, once you buy your bike, canoe, windsurfing, cartop, etc -rack, you move the racks any other car that you have or might buy in the future. I don't know if Subaru racks will fit on anything else but a Subaru (but then again, why would you ever want to buy anything but a Subaru?). These guys have a great web site that shows lots of products. Before you know it, you'll have $1,000 in rack stuff:). I am happy with Thule racks. Any Yakima person would tell you the same thing about his racks too. It is a personal preference IMO.

  • gatorbandgatorband Posts: 12
    Got to take my 01 OB to see the wife's family in rural NE Florida (Keystone Hts) a couple of weeks ago and play with it on some of the worst dirt roads around. (alternating soft sand & red clay washboards w/lots of places to get stuck.) My former 4x2 Ford Ranger used to bounce & skip all over the 4.5 mile "road" and I'd cringe every time I had to slow down/stop in a soft patch for fear that I'd be stuck for sure. Needless to say, the OB did great in the land of the 4X4. It rode incredibly smooth and steady on the bumps and was so sure-footed that I was actually looking for sandy spots to drive through. In fact, now that it's so much fun to drive out there, I think I'm going to enjoy visiting the in-laws more often! (Except for the cleanup afterwards of course!)

    Stephen (SE)
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    When I refer to "bad" (poor word choice perhaps??) roads, I'm really referring to gravel, dirt, washboard, etc.; as opposed to glassy smooth paved roads. In any event, you know what I mean. Those types of roads can take its toll on cars much faster than paved roads.

    Actually, I like "bad" roads. They're more fun to drive. Still recommend the Outback or Forester because of those roads...

  • dle01dle01 Posts: 37
    sing4me: I was certainly not trying to belittle your local road crews, but I still do recommend the Outback over the Legacy if you can afford it. I had a fair amount of experience driving my Legacy over dirt farm roads and occasionally off road. The suspension seemed to have too little travel, and small bumps placed close together seemed to upset it (even on uneven "paved" roads). I once had the chance to drive an Outback limited owned by a friend off road on the way to a mountain bike trail and it drove and rode much better over the bumpy stuff, and was smoother on the highway too. I think you would be happier with the OB suspension on dirt roads of any type.

    My advice would be to test drive both, hopefully on your dirt roads, and see which one you like best, and if the OB is worth paying extra for to get the suspension. Keep in mind that you will also get the 2.5l engine vs. the 2.2. The Legacy was a good car, but the OB is just better at the use you are describing.

    Racks: I too explored putting roof racks on my 95 Legacy. Unfortunately, the factory racks on the 95s were unique to that year and as such it is hard to find a good aftermarket rack system for them. I have a set of Thules from my other car, but the cost of all the adaptors was probitive and it would have looked goofy. The factory rack is very strong, though - I used to strap my kayak right to it. The trailer hitch option may be best for your bikes. I ended up just disassmbling the bikes and carrying them in the cargo area.
  • donjacdonjac Posts: 3
    Legacy L. wagon, stick, alloys, '01, bought by So. Calif. owner grateful for continuing information from Sub group.
  • oclvframeoclvframe Posts: 121

    I have 4400 mi on my Bean OB and have been averaging 22.5mpg. Most of my driving is on the freeway (40mi each way to work). I also have an does a lot more short drives but still averages 21mpg.

    I have not taken a pure highway trip with the OB to see what kind of mileage I can get, but on the Odyssey, we have gotten 25mpg avg 80-85 mph on long trips (Atlanta-Miami).

    That is fantastic mileage on your Bean...I have not been able to get over 23.5mpg on long are your drives? what speed? Are you using regular or premium?
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Congrats on your Legacy. Welcome to the fun. The people here are really great, knowledgeable and as a new owner myself I appreciate it very much.

  • francophilefrancophile Posts: 667
    #1311 of 1314 Legacy vs Outback; racks by dle01 May 07, 2001 (05:33 pm)

    I once had the chance to drive an Outback limited owned by a friend off road on the way to a mountain bike trail and it drove and rode much better over the bumpy stuff, and was smoother on the highway too.
    Keep in mind that you will also get the 2.5l engine vs. the 2.2.

    This sounds to me as though you owned (or still own) a 1995 Legacy, and got a chance to drive a newer OB. There have been two revisions of the Legacy platform since 1995, and both have been significant, fundamental improvements to the car. If you compared a 1995 to a 1997 of the exact same trim level, you would notice a significant difference. Also, all current Legacy and Outback models with a 4-cylinder motor have the same engine, a 2.5 liter SOHC motor that was first introduced to the Legacy in 2000.

    I still agree with your recommendation that a prosepective buyer try both trim levels and decide for themselves. Ultimately that is the best route to take.

    (Who has just a few dirt and gravel roads around here to play on, and who loves to do so with his Legacy GT)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Don: congrats. The L is the well-kept secret bargain of the line up.

  • theobtheob Posts: 148
    The Subaru rack system is Yakima. The Round Bar set is a set of Yak DoubleCross towers with locks and 48" round bars. The ski racks are the old ButtonDown 6's w/ 2V MightyMounts(current Yak is the Powderhound series w/o MightyMounts). The top-mounted bike racks are LockJaws.
    At, the Yak DoubleCross towers and 48" bars with 4 SKS cores will run you about $188 + shipping. At the same package w/ Subaru label is $124+$11 shipping. They are all interchangeable. Have a bunch of Yak stuff that works on my old 4Runner, so only needed 2V Mighty Mounts and round cross bar set to transfer everything.
  • bandd1bandd1 Posts: 8
    I have a couple of questions; just purchased the LL Bean ed. and was deciding on the extended warranty from Subaru it is $1,700.00(from dealer); thought this was pricey any other suggestions??
    Also what is the story on the outlet and not being able to use it for the cell phone?
    Also the protective coat from dealer is that worth it??
  • nygregnygreg Posts: 1,936
    Just filled up again with 900 miles on the car. Calculated 23.6 mpg on 93 Mobil. My first tank got 23 mpg. Of course, I have been easy on the throttle. Hope the trend continues.

  • otis123otis123 Posts: 438
    Took delivery of my wife's black LLBean Outback w/ subwoofer/amp on 2/1/01. (Sold my beloved '92 Camry LE with 161,000 miles to a friend for a bargain $3K and took over my wife's Accord - I'm a nice guy).

    H6 started out w/ 19-21 mpg, then saw an increase at around 2,800 miles (@ 1st oil change) to 21-23mpg. Best so far was two weeks ago at around 4,300 miles - 23.9mpg. Mostly parkway driving @ 70-80mph on Taconic State Parkway in Westchester Co. NY. Hope mpg gets a little better...

    Love the car. Solid, smooth, powerful, and comfortable (love the way the Boxer engine doesn't dip the car when cornering). Definitely grows on you as you stop babying it, and start to test its limits. Drove the H4 Limited, but found the H6 to be a completely different car. Also drove the 6 cyl. Passat (grew up in Volkswagens) but don't like to sit in service departments (did that keeping a Rabbit alive in graduate school). Nothing else really competes with the H6 Outback when looking for a refined, near-luxury AWD wagon that you can drive out of the dealer's lot for $30K...
  • yaoxyaox Posts: 14
    I plan to buy an OB recently. I got a quote for $100 over invoice. Can you guys tell me if it is a good deal? Is there any "hidden" dealer incentive or customer incentive? Thanks a lot.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Is a fair deal. Think about it, there are no incentives that I'm aware of, no need to haggle this one down really.
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