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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    Re: post 567, Mercedes and other Euro companies are getting more Euros per US$ as the US$ has strengthened, not less. Just look in the business press about US companies bemoaning the strong US$; it helps Euro companies and hurts US, and helps US consumers by keeping inflation low. I suspect that ultimately the price in dollar or other terms is determined by supply and demand anyway.
  • bernard1bernard1 Posts: 58
    I had my first test drive of a 745Li, about a 2 hr drive. At first I didn't think I would like it but after about 20 min I really liked this car. No sport model yet, but if it comes it will be hard to beat. idrive was not hard to operate, although you shouldn't operate it while driving. I was really impressed how this big car, and it is big, handles curves. I think next year after the design has grown on people, it will sale well and really give a challenge to MB and Lexus.

    I would worry about the cost of repairs for the electronics after the warranty. My current BMW is great but there is always some small problem with the PDC or tilt wheel.

    It's too bad BMW doesn't get their electronics from Lexus.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    Its too bad they feel the need to put so many electronics in it to start with. I just love the 3 series cars, smart styling and all of BMWs wonderful driving dynamics without all of the headaches the electronics cause.

    My dealer has a 745i parked next to a 750iL on the showfloor. The old car is lower, longer, and wider, much more agressive. As long as I still own an E38 I doubt the new styling will grow on me.
  • dave203dave203 Posts: 13
    V12Power, thanks..its the electronics indeed that I wish BMW would avoid. I am into the styling, performance and pure driving experience of the 740i Sport w/ M-Package and wish BMW would avoid complexity. I have the gps navigation, OBC, PDC, you name it, its got it. I am just worried how much its gonna cost one day when one of the displays goes out or computer/electronics malfuntions causing a serious problem. So far no glitches though. The handling is just incredible. The car rides totally flat and tight on turns like a race car. Even over bumps it stays glued to the road. The more you push it the faster it wants to go. I am using Dunlop Sport tires (255/45-18) they handle incredibly - or is it the car. The entire powertrain feels bulletproof & solid.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    let's say - just for example US$1.20 buys you E$1 - and the dollar strengthens so that the ratio is such that $1 now buys you that E$1. Well if your base price is in Euros than you just gave up 17%. Instead of getting back $120,000 for a car priced at E$100,000 you're getting $100,000. On the other hand let's say Lexus gets 100 Yen per $1 (it actually got under that briefly and Toyota re-set production to make their desired margins at 90 Yen = $1) but the dollar strengthens to 130 Yen per 1$. Well a car priced at $50,000 which would have yielded 5mln Yen now yields 6.5mln Yen. That's why the Japanese wanted to build cars in America - the currency was killing them in the 80's and 90's. Now its a boom for them. Naturally big companies always hedge this sort of thing but no one expected or could have hedged the Yen or the Euro(DM) for the material changes that occurred so rapidly. Take it first hand as I work for a Euro based company and my stock options got badly de-valued because of the strong dollar. Naturally they are priced in Euros not dollars.

    American companies bemoan a strong dollar because exported goods (from our ports) get very expensive as you need more and more local currency to pay in dollars.

    Anyway back to cars and enough on foreign exchange issues. But if you do go abroad and buy foreign goods you'll find them to be much cheaper in Dollars then they were two years ago.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    For what it's worth, a few years ago I put new brakes on my 1995 ES 300, at the Lexus dealer, for about $225.

    Since I looked at a 1995 328 before I bought the Lexus, I wanted to see what brakes would have cost on that car at the BMW dealer. It was $480.

    This is just one example, but it does illustrate how some basic items are far more expensive on a BMW than a Lexus. Whether or not it matters is up to the individual buying the car.
  • wbreauxwbreaux Posts: 33
    If a German company sells a car in the US for $100,000 when the exchange rate is $1.2/1Euro, it will get Euro 83,333. If the Euro weakens as it has the last couple of years such that the exchange rate is $1/1Euro, then the German company will get Euro 100,000. If the German company "thinks" in Euros it is better off as it has gotten 16,667 more Euros after the Euro weakening / $ strengthening.

    This is a simple example of the impact of a Euro company selling products for $s. If there is some other point which is being examined, I'm not sure what it is.

    In the examples stated in the message above, it is given that the $ went up in value against both the Euro and the Yen, however this somehow yields a benefit in one case and a detriment in the other.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I'm a CFO with multi-national companies so I have to deal with foreign currency all the time. It's a royal pain. In your post you've got it backwards. Foreign exchange accounting is tricky because one only tends to think in their local currency. But imagine you go to Germany to buy your car rather than the local BMW dealer. You buy from a German dealer in Euros. The car cost E$100k. A few years ago you needed $120k (US) to buy the Euros to give the dealer for the car. Today you only need about $90k(US) to buy those same Euros. That's all there is to it.

    The reason the Japanese benefit is because their cars are priced (from Toyota) in Dollars, not in Yen. If they were priced in Yen they would suffer the same consequences.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    An earlier post listed March 02 745i sales as almost double those from March of last year. But is that double March 01 740i sales, or all 740 models? Without any further information the sales numbers would seem logical *IF* they were comparing sales of 745i models to 740i only. BMW does not have the "L" model of the 745 available yet, which adversely affects potential sales. When that model is available sales should be much stronger. In previous years sales of the 740iL far exceeded those of the 740i.

    However, after seeing the extra room in the rear of the 745i (vs the 740i), I think it's probable that the gap will narrow between the 745i and the L model sales, as more 745 buyers will feel that the rear room of the 745i is sufficient.
  • laithy_74laithy_74 Posts: 35
    You are right. But the 750iL went to sale late march and about 270 were sold only. So exect sales to increase for April
  • laithy_74laithy_74 Posts: 35
    sorry meant the 745Li, not the 750iL.
  • jstylejstyle Posts: 129
    I took my 2000 S500 into the dealer for service and a fix of the cup holder today and right across the street is the BMW dealer. I walked over to take another look at the 745i. I started talking to the salesman and told him I had about 3 hours until my MB was done. He showed me a new 745Li demo they have. I spent a little time with a 745i when it first came out, but he suggested I take it out for a couple of hours and drive it. After a 20min orientation I got the go ahead to take off. First a chrome piece from the A pillar to the trunk is quite striking and elegant. This isn't on the 745i. Second this car is freakin BIG. Almost Bentley size. Longer/wider and taller than my S500. It's really is a LARGE car. I really love the ride of the car. Better than my MB (sans ABC). The interior at 65mph on a bad section of my commute it is noticably quieter inside. The sound system is incredible but I've heard it before, no surprise. What I was a little surprised with was the i-drive, after getting the hang of it is easier to operate than the brief time I had before. After a couple of hours and 80 miles on the odometer I returned. Part of me thought about bringing in the S500 and walking away with a 745Li. Ah, but I still am going to wait for the next gen Audi A8 and upgraded 2003 S to make a decision.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    We own this car. For those of you who want some feedback about it, it outperforms others we tested - all the competition - so we bought it new in '99. So fun, never been in more comfy seats, the il was just too boring after we drove the awesome sport package. Also got the upgraded insane stereo system - never get a car without it. However, recently a few bugs. Please help if anyone can, been to the dealer several times over this and they cannot duplicate any of these problems and say nothing is wrong.
    When the car is cold (by this I mean it has not been driven for several hours) I turn on the ignition and it dies. Then it starts again and then I stop at a stop sign and it dies. This stall out happened today 3 times and freaked me. (Also have '99 Lexus - never freaked me)
    Another problem, when the car has not been driven for many miles (like 3-10 miles) is that when I press the gas like after a stop light, it seems not to push the gas thru the engine and I have to press the gas again to make it go - I hope this makes sense.
    Incidentally, my husband has not been super about using 92 octane, so it sometimes has been driven with 87 in it. Other than that, all maintenance has been done. However, this stalling problem only occurred since it has been using 92 exclusively for about 4 months.
    Appreciate any info as both dealers indicate there is no problem with the vehicle. Thanks in advance.
  • lenscaplenscap Posts: 854
    Many of the photos of the 2002 745i in the brochure show the car without a sunroof. In the specs page it says a sunroof is standard, so I'm guessing the photos are of European models.

    It's hard to believe that even in Europe the sunroof is optional.

    Does anybody know if this is true?
  • dave203dave203 Posts: 13
    Stacy I have the same car but have not experienced any problems with 70K miles on the odometer. I only use super gasoline & never let the gas tank level get very low (this can clog/damage the fuel delivery system or even catalytic converters). I change the oil well before the computer calls for it and only use BMW synthetic oil. I also would perform the major service on the car (i.e. air filter, spark plugs, fluids, fuel filter etc)to make sure. The stalling definitely should not happen. A co-worker of mine also has a 99 740i Sport and it still runs/idles like new & smooth like a turbine. I would start with the cheapest areas - changing fuel filter & air filter, then perhaps reset the computer if possible on this car.
    -740i Sport owner & lover
    By the way I also own a 95 Lexus LS400, never a glitch as well.
  • ddusingddusing Posts: 2
    Im looking at a 740i not not the "il", When looking at the specs on edmunds it actully shows that the 740i has less rear seat leg room than a 540. Dont see how this can be. Can any one owning a 740i give me their opinion on the room in rear seats. Can an adult ride in the back seat and be comfortable. I am in real estate and have clients who will ride in the back seat.

    Also looking at a 95 750 model, Are these engines reliable and do they have a regular life span and what type of gas milage do they get?

    Thanks for any help and input
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    First,I don't think a twelve cylinder car can ever be considered reasonable. It does lend a very pleasing,"sewing machine" quality to operation,true. But rather than put the money into the extra four cylinders,I'd rather a fresher eight cylinder.
    The converse of that is that many are somewhat afraid,and rightly so,of a used twelve cylinder car. So prices might be surprisingly reasonable. I've driven both,and there is a velvetiness to the 750 that the 740 lacks. I'd still go with the 740.
    As far as room,the long wheelbase 7-series is one of the very few cars to offer rear seat footrests-it's that spacious.So no matter what the numbers say,I do find the 5 a little smaller in back than I'd suspect. And I think the smaller 7 is certainlly adequate in back for adults,and the longer one almost roomier than one needs.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I have a '98 750il, it replaced a '95 740iL. I think I would reccomend the L if you intend to haul adults back there at all. There is no driving penalty unless you compare them to the Sport version of the 740i. I really like the V12. In addition the interior is much nicer with leather EVERYWHERE. I actually found the 740 to be more trouble than the 750, though it did have more miles on it. I also found that the milage penalty with the 12 vs the 8 is about 1mpg. This is with the bias towards highway driving. In the city the V12 will hurt a little more. I get 13/18 with the V12 and 15/19 with the V8. One thing to consider, buy an extended warranty for any car in this class. My more "reliable" 750 has a record of 19 dealer visits in 50k miles, as I said before the 740 I had was worse.
  • I own a 98 740iL, 23K miles, navy blue with sand interior, BMW certified through Oct 04, very good condition overall, some minor stone chips on paint work. I live in Connecticut and I am considering selling (to buy a sports car). Can anybody tell me what would be a reasonable price to expect for either a trade in or a private sale? Thanks in advance.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    If you sell it privately the CPO warranty stays with the car. If traded anywhere buy a BMW dealer the extended warranty is gone. NADA shows ave retail at $34k and ave. trade at $30k. I think those numbers may be a little high, maybe by ~$2k or so. Yours sounds nice and is low mile so you are in good shape to sell towards the top of the range.
  • benznutbenznut Posts: 104
    ...and it is curious how much better the car looks in person than in the pictures. The car was in black also, which in my opinion is better, because it hides the bulk and that odd trunk shape somewhat. When seen closely, though, the shape of the trunk doesn't look nearly as displeasing to the eye as in the photos.
    I was also somewhat impressed by the overall quality of the car, seems to have been built from a single piece of rock. This is from a MB fan
  • jmorellijmorelli Posts: 1
    Buy the 750. I have owned 4 750IL's, the las two have been Protection Series models. Prior to making the switch to the V12 I owned 2 740' I and an IL. If you are going to have adults climing in and out of the back seat you definitely want the extra 5.5 inches, it makes a huge difference and the back of your front seats won't get beat up by peoples feet. The reason I say go with the 750 is because the V12 engine is far more technologically advanced than the V8 as far as engine management goes. The fuel consumption can actually be less than the V8 depending on your driving style. I average 18-19 mpg in stop & go traffic ( I live in Chicago) and 30-36 mpg on open roads. Just make sure you buy a
    99 & up model year and buy it from a BMW dealer so you can get a certified po warranty (100K mi). The V12 engine cost about 52K to replace if anything major goes wrong. I have had nothing but absolute pleasure with all of my cars, but I never keep them past 18 months or 20K mi.This is the key to beating depriciation and repairs. However, I have sold 2 of my 750's to friends and they both have had no problems and the mileage is at 72K on one and 66 onthe other....Good luck
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Thanks for advice re Fuel clog/cat conv. We brought our 740 back to dealer and told him to check what you said (I gave the post to my husband to make sure). This is what they did:Checked for vacuum leaks, checked fuel pressure and volume supply, removed spark plugs and checked compression. Checked back-pressure. checked mass air flow meter values on DIS tester which appear ok. Checked signals provided by DME to Mass Air flow sensor for possible intermittent faulty connection.

    Tried a new mass air flow sensor and test drove.

    Thats it for a fix.

    By the way, Brecht BMW in Escondido. Put 180 miles on my car in 2 days, returned it to me with a gash on my $300 front tire. I am furious!
  • vellumvellum Posts: 4
    I am torn ...the new 745I or IL (although the I looks better) or the Mercedes S500. I love the way the BMW drives but the looks are killing me. I also love the state of the art interior. I have to make a desicion soon. I would prefer a 2001 740IL but can't locate one with less than 10K.

    Should go for performance and interior of 745I or the safety and reliability of the Benz?
  • ddusingddusing Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 1995 740 i. It has the power adjust of the steering wheel. The steering wheel adjust works fine up, down, in, out, My question is should the steering wheel move up automaticly when the ignigtion is turned off. I looked at a 97 model and the steering wheel moved up when the ignigtion was turned off. My 95 does not move up automaticly and the dealer cant tell me if that is normal or if there is a problem.

    If someone knows what year the automatic up feature of the steering wheel was implemented please let me know. Thanks
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I faced a similar quandry lately. Unlike you though, not only do I dislike the exterior, I think the interior is hiddeous. Then I read about a bunch of teething problems with the new model. I have become very good friends with my dealers service department on my last two E38 cars, no need to continue that with the 745. I ended up buying an S600. Fitted with aftermarket wheels the car is absolutely striking. I love the way it drives as well. It is faster than my 750iL, which is to say plenty fast. I am very happy with my choice. If I were you, I would at least wait until the bugs are worked out of the new model, buy next years.
  • vellumvellum Posts: 4
    What I LIKE about the 745 interior is the convenience of storage etc. I think a good 2 hours of learning the idrive would suffice for the next 3 years (I usually lease). After market wheels are a must on any vehicle. (I also have an ML500 with 20" MOMO wheels).

    The S500 with sport package and Lowenhart or Lorinzer wheels may be the way to go...? Thanks for your input. S600 out of my $$$ range!!!
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I have some pics of my 600 with 20" Brabus wheels.
  • bobbyknightbobbyknight Posts: 121
    Nice pictures, but your neighborhood looks kind of scary.
  • v12powerv12power Posts: 174
    I had to move into a trailer home to pay for the S600.....Just Kidding. Actually it is just a small town in Northern Minnesota. My wife and I like big old Victorian style homes, so we bought one right in town. The nieghbors on either side are a little strange, but the rest are pretty nice. Of course, what must they think of the couple in their mid thirties with five expensive german cars in the yard?
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