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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • Jkim2121Jkim2121 Posts: 2
    I just picked up my vehicle and had to shout to the world what an incredible aftermarket job I had completed on my '01 740iL. I finally found a company that was able to turn my standard BMW factory navigation screen into a #!@#$%^&; DVD/TV screen!!!! I have the later '01 longer nav screen (as opposed to the more square smaller screens) and it looks and works awesome! I also had a rearview camera installed and it comes on my screen as well.

    If any of your BMW dealers tell you that it can't be done, tell them to do more homework. Not only can it be done, but it is unbelievable.

  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    Where can I buy a well designed quality cup holder for my 740. Would prefer one that is not permanently mounted or that interferes with any of the controls. Thanks.
  • SergeyM I believe that for 2003 they are making the much discussed and debated 745 only.
  • Jkim2121Jkim2121 Posts: 2
    Here's a website to try. I just placed an order yesterday. They seem to only have black or gray. I happen to haven a tan interior, but oh well.
  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    Found one at
  • jtuotijtuoti Posts: 12
    I don't understand why KBB values a MY '99 540i w/30,000 miles and sport package about a grand more than a comparably equipped MY '99 740i w/sport package. Because a new 7 series style came out and the 5 series is still current? Anyone have any ideas? I think the 740i w/SP is a smokin' deal - I'm on the hunt for one w/low miles. Wish me luck...
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    The resale values (as a percentage of original cost) on the 5-series in general have always been better than the 7-series. The 540 holds it's value better than most cars in it's class, and the 7-series, like most large luxury cars, drops in value like a stone. KBB prices tend to be wildly optimistic in my experience. They do not accurately reflect market prices in most cases, but the 540i/s should be worth more than the corresponding 7-series (especially after 3 years).

  • Hi.
    I am contemplating the purchase of an 1991 BMW 735i with 186K miles, "but" it's absolutely immaculate. All maintenance was done at the BMW dealership and everything is documented. Including a brand new BMW transmission put in at 160K miles. It even smells like new inside... I never owned a 7-series before and I heard both horror stories and praises for them. This one looks beautiful and the maint. records are impressive. I don't know is what specific things I should look for in the maintenance logbook, or what particular items I should feel for in the test drive...

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


  • greddygtrgreddygtr Posts: 54
    To anyone who was considering purchasing a 745 but can't stand the err, controversial styling, BMW is already working on a redesign of the front headlights and rear deckid. Check out _code=carnews&loc_code=index&content_code=02012541 for details. I guess even the "ultimate manufacturer" admits to making mistakes on occasion.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Well, they can always improve it. But I would not call the current design a mistake. While it is fair to say the design is controversial (my term is unique) , the change has actually been a good thing for the 7. Sales are WAY up on this car. My local dealer says rarely do any buyers that consider the car criticize the styling. Most that reject it do so due to apprehension over the i-drive. Personally, I strongly prefer the styling over my previous gen 740, which looks plain in comparison. I would think it more accurate to say that Bangle and co. may believe a *mild* restyling will make the car even more successful than it already is, rather than imply that the styling is a flop. If it were that bad sales would not be so strong...

    As for AUTOWEEK's comment about the car being poorly received at auto shows, that might have been true initially (by the press), but I've been to three auto shows in the last 3 months, and out of all it's competitors (A8, Q45, S Class, XJ and LS430), the 745 is drawing much more attention from the public. Given the success of the car I would only expect minor changes, if any.

  • rmorin2rmorin2 Posts: 110
    I picked up a real nice '00 740iL for under $35K. It was listed at $38.9K. Lease return with under 50K miles. Car listed at $70K so this is a 50% drop in value in 3 years.
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    I, as many others on this forum have discovered, the great deal that is a used 7 series! Last October I purchased a '00 740iL from a domestic brand dealer in Gainesville, GA (no BMW dealer for 25 miles). The car is the rare Orinocco blue/green with the 750 series hi-line interior (contrasting leather and carpet/dash) as well as the 18" M wheels. A stunning car with only 27k for 40k! Less than a new basic 525 or C320, both of which can't hold a candle to the 7 in terms of room, ride, power or appearance.

    The biggest issue is BMW dealers! They tend to view previously-owned cars (non-certified) as 2nd class citizens. No loaner privlages (even under remaining factory warranty) and definitely a "you didn't purchase the car new , from us? attitude.

    I've put 13k on the car in 5 months and have only had minor issues. However the 18" Z-rated tires are toast in about 15-18k and everyone I've spoken to has had the same experience. The car had brand new Michelin Pilot Sport A/S on it when I got it, they're a cool $1300 for a new set. Plus the staggered sizes prohibit rotation. The price of good handling and looks, I suppose.

    Anyway, I'd strongly recommend anyone considering a smaller new BMW, 'Benz or Cadillac to check out the 87-01 7 series.
  • jtt30jtt30 Posts: 2
    I own a '01 (July build) 740il w/sport package, which I purchased used last October at 12,000 miles. In the last five months have put a whopping 2,000 miles on the car. The low miles are the result of me using the car mainly to deliver my kids to daycare or drive them around on errands (I'm normally so thrifty that I justified the purchase of a 7 series as being safer than a Volvo and much better looking than an MB 4-door).

    I love the car, but I experience this maddening glitch of the battery draining if the car sits for more than three days. Can anyone offer any insite on this? The dealership has replace the battery twice, and kept the car for a two day period to run diagnositics to determine if there existed some type of irregular draw on the battery. I was told the results were within normal spec range. When not being driven, the car sits in my garage without the alarm system engaged. My wife has a $50,000 SUV that has almost as many features as my 7 series, which can sit for weeks at a time with no adverse effect to the battery. In addition, I have a '75 3.0 Coupe which sits parked for months at a time. The dash mounted clock, which still keeps great time, doesn't kill off the battery in the car - at least not after two months of sitting. What am I missing?


  • sosaksosak Posts: 5
    Can anyone suggest some tires for 740il? I am looking for reasonable tire with a fair price. Thank you.
  • px260px260 Posts: 42
    The astronaut looking into the hood ad strikes me as the cost of repairing one of these things. Anyone disagree?
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    jtt there is definitely something wrong with the electrical in your 740. Mine ('00 iL) has sat for a week at a time both in the garage and at the airport and I've never had a starting problem. And, it has the original 3 yr. old battery! The only thing I can think of outside of a major short or malfunctioning accessory is the auxiliary ventilation system. I've never figured out how this thing actually works but my understanding is it can be programmed to come on at a specific time and run the A/C fan to venitlate the interior. I assume it's so you can set it to cool the interior if the car is parked in the sun. On my '00 there is a small red indicator loght to the left of the NAV display that comes on to indicate the system is programmed and activated. The owners manual even cautions against excessive use as that will drain the battery. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else. Good Luck!
  • eric312eric312 Posts: 71
    I am looking to buy a 2001 740i with a sport package and about 25,000 miles on it. What would be a good proce for such a car. Also was looking at the new E320 and 2001 S430 (roughly the same price range), any comments on similiarities, differences, preferences etc. appreciated.
  • rgilbanergilbane Posts: 2
    I have owned 3 740 il's. In considering the new 740Li I have several concerns 1) seats are very uncomtable-much harder than previous model 2)several friends who have purchased it state the battery drains after 7 days-car is dead 3)parking attendants don't know how to drive it. In lieu of purchasing a new Li I picked up a 2001 il with 28,000 miles for $42k. Car was like new. I can live with the crazy styling and the I drive but BMW needs to fix the above to win back loyal buyers.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Assuming you have the 16" wheels as opposed to the 18" M-parallels, I would recommend going with the Dunlop Sport A2's. They were rated #1 for an all-season tire by Consumer Reports. They ride very nice. Michelin's (like the OEMs) are good too but pricey.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    Get the Benz if you want pure luxury. Get the 740 if sporty handling is important to you. I would consider the 5-series as well if you are seriously considering a new E320. It's about $10k less and still gets top ratings and reviews after 7 yrs since the current 5 debuted. You can get a MY99/00 pre-owned 528i for $20k - $30k and a 540i in the high 20's low 30's.
  • sosaksosak Posts: 5
    Okay I have 105k on my 740iL and I am wondering if I myself can reset the inspection II lights if I do the service myself. I continue to have BMW change the oil.
    Thanks goose1207 for the tire info. They are great tires Dunlop Sport 16 inch. I would love the sport rims if I had them, but I don't. Anyone know where I can get these 17 for a good price.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    The Dunlop's are called Sport A2's. I have them on my standard 16" ellipsoidal rims.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    There is a reset tool used to reset your status. I've seen them advertised in Autoweek, etc. Can't remember exactly, but the price seemed to be about $70.
  • bmwdougbmwdoug Posts: 248
    I agree with the other posters on this board. I am currently looking for a used 740i or 740il as they are being offered at GREAT prices. I think the new body style has drove the price down quite a bit. The used 7 Series is the BMW sweet spot right now in terms of value. And, what a car!! Now, what car would you folks go after: the 740i or th e740il??? Thanks
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    I have the iL and am glad that I have the extra ~6" in back. It is much easier to manuever around back there when I am placing my baby in the car seat. I would go with the i if you don't need the additional space, ie-if you don't use the back seat that much or don't have kids.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
    After carefully perusing through the messages on this board for several months, I have decided to acquire a 00/01 740iL. I am going for a test drive at two dealerships tomorrow.

    I live in VA but I am negotiating for a 2000 740iL from a dealership in NY. The salesman is asking for $43,500 for the car with the following specs:
    1 previous owner
    Close to 20K miles,
    Anthracite metallic with gray leather interior
    Rear air bags
    Cold weather package
    Adaptive ride
    Electric rear shade
    Active comfort seats
    Parking distance control
    18" alloy wheels
    Certified pre-owned

    Because of the distance, the car would be delivered for an additional $400. Now my question: is this a good deal?

    Also, this is the first time that I am going to purchase a car from such a distance and hence do not get to test drive it before the actual purchase. If anyone has done so before, please share your experience with me. Thanks in advance.
  • bmwgurubmwguru Posts: 51
    I would be cautious about the deal. You're not going to test drive the car, the distance from the dealer. Doesn't sound good to me. Besides there are several good dealers in the D.C./Maryland area. Give them a shot.
  • wabendswabends Posts: 102
     Thanks for your advice. I am going to visit the dealerships today and I will consider the outcome seriously.
  • goose1207goose1207 Posts: 113
    $43,500 is very high. If you are going to purchase out of your area, I would buy via eBay. There are tons of '00/'01 740iL's on there selling at wholesale value. You can get a decent one for $30k or so. You can even find some that are CPO'ed on there. Most of the eBay sellers allow you to hire an independent, 3rd party vehicle inspection service. They will test drive it for you and give you a comprehensive report. The fees are usually between $100-$200 but well worth it. The seller will usually give you a free Carfax report as well if you request it.

    I almost bought a 3-series convertible off eBay last October but a friend of mine found a 7-series at the local ADESA auction for me so I bought that instead.
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