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    If you are looking to essentially finance at the lowest rate possible, is it best to put minimal down up-front along with the maximum number of MSDs? What do MSDs give you? Is it .0002 off money factor for each increment of your monthly lease value?

    What portion of the lease are taxes applied to? Down payment? Monthly? Security deposits? MSDs?

    What should I expect markup above BMW buy rate lease on money factor? Is .0023 the current money factor for a Euro Delivery 328xi coupe? What would a good deal from a dealer be?
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    I just bought a 2003 745Li with 25k miles from a private party. It's got the standard maintenance to 50k miles, but I want to purchase the extended one through 100k miles. Any suggestions on where I can get a good deal? I am in Los Angeles area. I hear that I can purchase one maybe cheaper from an out of state dealer, so I am open to that too.

    Any help would be appreciated! :D
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    I also have an 03 745Li but with 26k miles. my maintenance ends April of next year. I've been to a few BMW dealers in the chicagoland area and ive been quoted anywhere from $1250 to $1495 for an additional 2 years or 50k miles. still on the fence abt getting the maintenance package.

    hope that helps.
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    I am pretty sure I will get the extended maintenance package, but haven't yet done the research on just how many maintenance visits the car would need during that period of time. I saw something on the web saying a dealer in Van Nuys offers it for about $1,195, but I am not sure which one. Also, does this only cover scheduled maintenance? I am assuming it covers oil change, tune up, brakes, etc. But say I want to take it in for service but it is not yet at its scheduled interval or the car does not tell you it needs service, would it be covered? I suppose the factory warranty will cover all the other items like electrical, drivetrain, etc.
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    Its my understanding that both the standard and extended maintenance programs only cover scheduled maintenance. So if you decide you want an oil change even though the on board computer states you're ok, that oil change will not be covered. I just experienced a similiar situation - my brakes are squeaking a little, so I took the car in for service to have this issue checked out. my on board computer states im good for another 6k miles. the dealer did note the squeak and told me to bring it back in another 2k miles and they would replace the pads. i think BMW only covers it if you're within 4k miles of scheduled service (at least for brake pads according to my dealer).

    As for your factory warranty, since you have an 03, you automatically get an additional 2yr, 50k mile extended NEW car warranty (this warranty super cedes a CPO warranty) when the standard 4yr, 50k mile warranty expires. So you're covered bumper to bumper for a while :) I would send a quick note to BMWNA to confirm your vehicle does qualify for the extended warranty.

    hope that helps.
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    I am considering the purchase of a 2006 750i with 33000 miles from an independent dealer who bought the car at an auction. Test drove the car briefly and everything seemed fine. It needs new front tires and the break pads may need replacement

    In reading the bulletin board, I am having second thoughts about the car. A leading consumer publication rated the reliability of the car much worse than average based on owners feedback. Edmund's review was very favorable.

    the asking price is 54k and the car was put in circulation in 04/2005.

    I would appreciate any feedback and advice as to what to look for and whether current owners would or would not buy their 750 again.

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    need help new owner no power to wiper switch fuses fine,also when switch radio on loud feedback, can hear radio but sound gives headache i would appreciate any help
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    Can you get any kind of warranty history on this car from the original selling dealer?

    The 750i is an awesome car to drive but it is complex and repairs and maintenance is high, and depreciation is pretty steep.

    I think your best approach is a) getting the car's warranty history b) seeing if extended warranty is possible or in effect and c) having the car checked out thoroughly stem to stern before you purchase it.

    Once you've done this, your decision should become clearer to you.
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    i am really surprised after working on my car, figured bmw be a b...h to work on. but pleasantly surprised how easy they make it just one problem plastic clips like to fly when they pop out. i wish they didn't use plastic so much but i guess the car is heavy enough already
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    740s a lot easier than 750s I think, at least in the engine bay.

    It's not the basic maintenance, it's the electronics that are intimidating. Brakes are brakes, mufflers are mufflers but a V-12 engine management system? Well now.....
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    was wondering if anyone tried the 'factory' service manuals on dvd on ebay, i ordered a set so ill see if they are real
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Let us know! I have heard a few offhand comments about other manuals on DVD for various cars, and the response wasn't all that positive...but you know, if it helps you with one repair, it has paid for itself.
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    Has anyone lease a used 745/750? What is the approximate payment for 2003/2004 car on a 36 month lease that sells for around $40K? Any things to watch out for?
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    In the Chicago area - BMW dealer has a NEW leftover 2006 750i. They want it off the lot and willing to deeply discount. I'm having a hard time finding new pricing/invoice info on '06's. Looking to negotiate a steep discount, then a great lease. The car's sticker as follows:

    Car $71,800
    Luxury Seating
    Premium Sound
    Comfort Access
    Rear Shade
    Total MSRP $79,990

    Any thoughts on price to offer?
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    1998 740il 60,000 miles
    This car was driven by my buddy's aunt who rarely did over 55mph, and maintained it according to the schedule in the book. What would a fair price be for it?

    Also what to look for and what kind of milage would I expect on it?

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    Probably around $8,000. I'd guess mileage around 14-16 mpg in city driving. Loafing on the highway you might break 20 mpg.

    As for what to look for, we are always concerned about malfunctioning electrics on older BMWs. Also check the brake rotors, as a brake job for this car is not cheap. Lower control arm bushings in the front end could be tired at 60K and look for erratic idle problems.

    Nice ride but not cheap to maintain.
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    Brakes look fairly cheap for it actually. I priced them out Rotors and pads are no more expensive than the subarus.

    $8k? wow they are looking for $13-14k and mpg of 16/24

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    What kind of rotors? From China? :(

    This is a freight train you are trying to stop careful what you put on there.

    $14K? They are dreamers....7 Series depreciate like rocks off bridges, especially out of warranty. Go check out True Market Value or any "realistic" price guide, like CPI or even NADA. The mileage figures are EPA estimates. Who drives a V-8 BMW by coasting down hills? ;)
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Brembo Slotted Rotors and Hawk HP+ pads for around $550-600 for all 4 corners. $100 for Goodridge SS Lines.

  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Looked at KBB trade-in and it says about 11k-11.5k Guess I'll offer 11k for it and see if they go for it. Gotta drive it and see if I like it or not.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    That's kinda high Mike. KBB's trade in is most other price guides retail. $11K is high retail IMO, and once you dump money in the car and try to resell in a year, you're gonna take a beating.

    Are you sure those aftermarket parts meet OEM standards for that car? Well, maybe. I don't really know. But that's 4,300 lbs of automobile you are haulin' down.

    It's a nice driving car. I'm sure you'll like it. It doesn't feel as big as it is.
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Yes they are well beyond the OEM requirements for the car! They are actually performance parts for it!

    May decide to go ubber economy though, still debating.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Hmmm...maybe I was thinking of the 750iL...we did brakes on a buddy's car and I don't think we got it done that cheaply. Of course, we did the whole thing top to bottom, so....I'm not sure if we bought Pagid or Zimmermann. Dealer quote was $2,000 for brakes. Maybe we didn't shop hard enough.

    My main concern with "performance" parts is that they work great but they're pretty rough on rotors and pads....
  • paisanpaisan Member Posts: 21,181
    Well $2000 is not out of line for dealer parts and service on all 4 corners. I've seen folks go to Subaru dealers and paid $700 for front rotors and pads, and not performance ones at that.

    HP+ are a bit rough on the rotors, but the HPS pads which are more streetable, are actually less expensive as are non-slotted rotors.

    It can also be a result of WHEN you did the rotors and pads. As a car ages, especially from 5-10 years old, is when you start to see a lot of rotors and pad replacements become available which brings the prices down significantly.

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    I'm looking at a '94 740iL with 144k miles on it. Seems to run great, no problems. But I'm weary of the price, $4,650... am I just getting a really good deal, or is there most likely more to this car than meets the eye?

    Here's a link to the car
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    No you aren't getting a particularly good deal---the price is absolutely market on for private party, a bit light for dealer, but probably correct for the Midwest.

    CARFAX says the car was originally leased out of Illinois, then lived all its life in Indiana. Records cease in year 2000 with 62,000 miles on the car. So maybe it went out of state or ???

    Get a thorough mechanical inspection and see what's what....might be an okay deal for you as long as there are no major items crying for attention. Repairs and deferred maintenance can add up fast on a car like this, so go in with both eyes open and remember, you can always find another at this price if something troubles you about the car.

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    My 740i is periodically, (every month or so) having the check coolant light go on and I have to add about a pint to top it off for the light to go off. Do you know why this is occurring? It doesn't seem to be getting worse but is an inconvenience. Thanks.
  • eric312eric312 Member Posts: 71
    It could be that the sensor is old and dirty. Next time try "shaking/spinning" the floating thingie and see what happens.
    You may also have a small leak somewhere.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    good sugestions from eric.

    You can get a pressure test (easy to do) to try and spot a small leak...perhaps the coolant reservoir tank has a small seam leak---not uncommmon.

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    has anyone installed this system in 01 740il?
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    First, thanks to all of you, I have really learned a lot about these cars over past few days. You all really seem to know your BMW's inside and out.

    I am looking at a 2000 740iL Sport Package and wanted to pass along some thoughts and get some clarification. My car experience has been with Volvo and Lexus up to now - and I've decided to change it up a bit.

    Despite having 115K miles on it - the one I am looking at is in impeccable condition inside. I was really surprise some of the "gadgets" - like the auto-rear window shade were still working. I was very impressed with the quality of the interior and, at 6'5", I felt I had plenty of room.

    that being said, I need to find out if there is anyway to update the navigation system - it is obviously using 1st generation maps so they aren't very good.
    The original owner has ALL of the maintenance records - with no MAJOR repairs (major for me mean engine, transmission, suspension, etc.)
    At $10,000 (private party - family discount), this seem like a great car I could get another 100K out of.

    I guess what I am looking for are questions I should get answered before pulling the trigger.


  • e38ownere38owner Member Posts: 3
    I echo your sentiments...

    I have been reading through this board for the better part of 4 months now and am finally taking the long awaited plunged into BMW ownership.

    I am currently looking at a 2000 740IL with is asking 12,400

    - One owner vehicle with all service records.
    - Execellent condition inside and out with more than 3500 in recent repairs (power steering lines, rear control arms and brakes)
    - Area of concern is faint thumping noise coming from the front. The dealer says rotors, but from reading the board, I fear CA bushings may be worn.

    I've noticed very few postings on this board since the spring. I hope the seasoned owners can provide some insight to a newbie. Thanks All!!!
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    Bought it as a demo with 5000 miles in April 1998 for $50000. I can say that it drives today the same as it did
    9 1/2 years ago. Repairs... oh yea. Waranty work took care of the catalytic converters, rear shocks, instrument
    cluster, glove box and center console mechanisms. Was told the radiator neck would probably break around 60000 miles.
    It did at 62500. Replaced it myself. Ac compressor and
    water pump went at 90000 and 92000. Both total $2000.
    Leaking valve covers at 98000. $700. Now have leaking
    timing chain cover at 102000. Cost est. $3000. May not seem too bad over 9 1/2 years but throw in regular mantainence
    and two brake jobs, the first one $900 the second one $350
    ordering the parts from Autohauz Arizona and doing it
    myself. Oh yea the power steering hoses both low and high pressure around 75000 miles. You can always say it's cheaper
    than buying a new car. I thought about unloading it and buying a LS430 used just going by what I've been reading
    about Lexus and the nice ride and reliability. So today
    I test drove a 2004 LS430 and I kept thinking is this all
    there is. I liked my beamer better.
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    I am looking at buying a 95 740IL and a friend of mine in europe has told me you can check the true milage of the vehicle buy holding the trip meter in and turning on the ignition (or some method like that ) and the true mileage will be displayed.....can anyone verify this method and is it done this way ?
  • eric312eric312 Member Posts: 71
    I have been trying to sell my 2001 740i for over a month now by posting it on, autotrader and craigslist.

    I lowered the ASKING price to $100 less than kelley blue book private party average (i do live in New York city) and still no calls.

    The car has 63,000 miles and in great shape.

    Has anyone tried to sell a 7series themselves, any suggestions?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    What are you asking? Looks like it should sell at around $15,000 in real money?

    Kelley tends to be unrealistically high, maybe that's the snag, or just could be the wrong time of year.
  • eric312eric312 Member Posts: 71
    It has sport package, convinience package, cold weather pkg. 63K miles.
    Got it as a certified BMW in 2003 for $43K

    Kelley private party is $20,600 I am asking $20,500.

    $15K sounds more like Kelley trade in value.

    I also thought it could be time of the year...
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    I've seen clean 2001s sellling $15K up to $18K asking. I've not seen one at $20K though. They do depreciate a lot, sad to say.

    Lemme check on autotrader for you and come up with average asking price for a bunch of them.....

    STAY BY:

    Okay, here's the results--it's a pretty good pool of comps--175 cars for sale

    # of 2001 7-series found: 175 cars for sale

    $29,500 Highest asking price (silly)
    $10,300 Lowest asking price ( a beater)
    $17,860 Average asking price (probably close to reality)
  • eric312eric312 Member Posts: 71
    It is said how quickly they depreciate....

    I was just thingking if i sell it for $18k i will need to spend AT LEAST $55k on a new 535 just to replicate all the features that this car has :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Yeah Edmunds True Market Value software says dealer retail is $18.6K with low miles and outstanding condition. Private Party is $16.6K. So the 175 comps we found were pretty much dead center in between those two numbers.
  • eric312eric312 Member Posts: 71
    Mr_Shiftright, thank you for your research.

    I noticed that Edmunds dropped the price of this car by about $2000 3 weeks ago. Not sure what caused it but i guess they cannot updated it regularly in small increments.

    Not sure if i am ready to part with this car for $17k though :(
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Well asking $20K is not unreasonable. You might get a hit with that.

    Why don't you post your info HERE (see link below) and see what the "pros" think. Be sure to tell them you want a RETAIL price:

    Real World Trade In Values
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    Wow. I just wanted to thank all who have contributed to this board. I have loved the BMW 740 from afar... for the aggressive styling on the sport package and the beautiful interior. Now that used prices are down to a level that I could afford I started doing some research. This has been a great resource for seeing if it is worth picking one up. I am sad to say I unfortunately will not be picking one up... looks like there are some serious quality issues with this model. Its seems that the issues are pretty much the same.

    1. Transmission issues
    2. Radiator replacement
    3. Navigation Screen Problems and Software
    3. Electronics are a disaster
    4. Control Arm replacement
    5. Exhorbitant Price for Brake Jobs
    6. Power Steering Hoses

    When I balk at the cost of even a simple oil change, I think the decision has been made for me. I had a 528i when I was younger and loved the car for its prestige and reliability. I know that BMW engines have a reputation for being super reliable and the 4.4 litre V8 was considered the workhorse. I figured I wouldnt care if the various gadgetry went and a couple of the power options crapped out, as long as the car moved I could enjoy that aspect. Ive lived without Navigation for a while so I dont really need it. But it sounds like this models issues go way beyond that and that the car actually running depends on alot of these minor electronics issues being fixed. The post that said if you buy one of these cars you should be willing to average $200 in repairs a month puts it all in perspective.

    My questions are:

    1. Are there any other recurring issues with these models that are not on my list?
    Sadly, Im still holding out hope that there would be something for me to make the justification to buy one.

    2. Ive loved the BMW marque for the better part of twenty years. Are the reliability issues the same for the lower end models, 3 series or even 5 series?

    3. Can anyone else recommend a luxury sedan with much better reliability issues? I know Japanese is probably much better, but Im not a fan. I was looking at the X Type.

    Thanks again for this really informative source!
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    look hard in the papers. I just bought a 95 740i for only 3k. last year we also bought a 95 m3 for only $5800. i dont know if were just lucky but all i did was wait. i had to wait for about a year but i found that 740i for 3K.
  • 95bmw740i95bmw740i Member Posts: 2
    I want to put a cd player in the dash. Does anybody already have this done. How hard is it to do. Thanks
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    You know, that's one job I'd let a stereo shop do for you, because it's not that expensive and they know what fits and they wire it up safely. Also they have all the tricky tools you don't. You fry something on a 740i wiring harness and you can throw it away.

    However, I am not one to discourage courage in a man, so you could start here:
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    I have a 2001 7series... and all of a sudden the power window stopped working.... and it won't budge... its stuck. Any ideas?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Well the usual diagnostic procedure would be to check the fuse circuit first, then to pop out the window switch and by-pass it to see if it was bad, then to apply current directly to the power window motor after romoving the panel to see if the motor is bad or jamming up.
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    I am looking at a 2000 740I with 94500 miles. Dealer is asking 12,900. I am trying to get a 3 year 36,000 mile warranty in this deal. Carfax confirms one owner and accurate milage. Is there anything potentially hidden with this many miles that I should be concerned about? Also, I noticed a small ticking on the drivers side of the engine. I have been told in the past that after sitting a while an air bubble may develop, is this true? :confuse:
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