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Lincoln Town Car



  • Thanks for the note. I suppose that Lincoln as well as Cadillac will eventually downsize the DTS and Town Car into what will be a luxury mid-size car like the STS. I guess I'll start looking around for an '07 certified Town Car in the spring. I rode in an '05 Livery model with 209,000 miles on it earlier in the week in New Jersey and it rode like a new car so I'll keep my '07 till I drive it to the junkyard.
  • On another subject Bremertong, I've been looking at replacing the '03 Deville with an '07 certified TC after riding in three of them in NJ that had over 200,000 miles and rode like new cars -no squeaks, no rattles, dead quiet etc. Much quieter than my Deville. The thing that bothers me is the less front and rear legroom than the Deville. Have you had any problems with your TC vice the DTS that you have? Do the power pedals increase legroom? The cars in NJ had lots of rear seat space but I assume that they may have been L models. Even my '06 Impala (which I sold yesterday just to cut down one car) had more front legroom than the TC. I haven't driven a TC yet but would like your opinion. Do you see any real difference between it and your DTS? I don't have any problem with my Deville -it is fine. You had an older Deville too as I recall.
  • The reason for the delay in the 2008 Town Car is that they have switched assembly plants and will now be made in Canada at the same plant that produces the Grand Marquis. Edmunds has some info on the 2008 which can be found at
  • I sat in an '03 Cartier. No problem with leg room in front. I'm sold.
  • Hello, I have a 99 lincoln town car with about 70k miles on it. I noticed recently that when I'm driving, the turn signal sound(clicking) comes on at different times, but the arrows do not. Has anybody else had or heard of this.
  • I haven't been in this forum for a while so my apologies for the delay in answering your question. The DTS feels more like a performance sedan and the Town Car like a luxury sedan. While I like them both
    it is a bit hard to pick but if i could have only one would probably pick the T.C. over DTS, It has a more quiet ride although the DTS has superior paint and door insulation. The adjustable pedals are a small but significant help to me in the T.C. The power in the DTS is noticeably greater but the T.C. has more than enough power in almost every driving situation. The DTS has very poor fuel economy averaging about 21.5 miles to the gallon on Premium, the T.C. gets around 23 average and only takes regular which is a big advantage over DTS in a time of high fuel prices.
    Recently was the victim of hard sell marketing from Onstar, was getting calls every day trying to sell me various additional features. As a result of this experience I will not pay the monthly premium of $ 16.95 per month when the first years free service ends. When I first got the DTS it had various electrical problems and Onstar couldn't diagnose any of them (advertises it can). The take on Onstar is that DTS needs a better Onstar system and my experience with T.C. is it doesn't need an eqivalent of an onstar at all, it has been bullet proof reliable in the 18 months that I've had it it now has a little over 26,000 miles on it and the DTS with about 5500 miles on it has been anything but bullet proof. My apologies for not responding sooner and if I can answer other questions please let me know with another post, best wishes
  • I had a quick question and required some help on an issue with my 88 Town Car. I'm having a problem with the HVAC system, every setting doesn't work, and the ones that do work spuratically. I know that vacuum servos control the blend doors, and that these may go bad, but I can hear the noise of the vacuum while switching controls. Now, the blower motor works on all setting except one, where it seems like electricity is getting cut to the motor. Does the ATC unit itself with the controls on it go bad. I believe this is a common problem with these cars, my parents had one as well with this issue but never got it solved. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :sick:
  • Thanks so much for the note. I drove an '07 TC the other day and it was quieter than my '03 DeVille and suprisingly maneuverable. I thought with the rear wheel drive it would feel cumbersome but it handled very well, just about the same as the DeVille. Frankly I'm not fond of the tacked on grill on the DTS (My '03 looks a lot better) and you aren't the only one who has been having problems with DTSs. The CU reliability of the Town Car looks like a Lexus. I'll be getting rid of the '03 sometime this summer. The 6 year warranty runs out in October and I don't want either a Town Car or Cadillac that isn't under warranty. I'll get an '07 Town Car in June or July. My OnStar needs to be changed to digital and the dealer does this for $15 plus a mandatory year's worth of OnStar. I've kept it up for 5 years and have never used it once. I'll let the next owner worry about changing it over and paying for it. I think it is a massive rip off and am glad that all I'll have to pay with the TC is satellite radio.
  • I agree with your findings about the DTS and the Towncar. I have been very pleased with mine in the 18 months I've owned it, bottom line is it feels like a luxury car and the DTS like a performance sedan. I am almost certain to shut down Onstar when the one year free service is up in the spring so we are in agreement on that issue as well. My only concern now is that Lincoln may discontinue the model after limited production in 2008. I don't think it is a major concern in that I will probably keep my T.C. for several more years and if Ford survives it will probably be introducing at least one Lincoln to succeed
    or replace the T.C. The fuel economy factor is another reason to pick T.C., it is over ten percent more fuel efficient than DTS and has more than enough power. Keep us all posted as you proceed with your model change. I have very much appreciated your comments on both cars and models.
  • I haven't posted in a while. Have had my 2007 TC since mid last year. My wife drive's it, but I drive on weekends and on vacation. I am glad as hell I got it before they discontinued. You can drive your BMERs, Mercedes, and whatever, but this TC is a true luxory car - just like the limos you see all over Honolulu an Vegas, don't see too many BMW and mercedes limos. Anyway, even if gas gets to be $5 a gallon, and it will, I'm still in love with the TC. It's even more comfortable than sitting in my living room couch and IMHO, best looking luxory car/limo out there.
  • The Towncar has not been discontinued, they have switched assembly plants and are now using the same assembly plant as the Grand Marquis in Canada. This switch did cause a delay and production on the 08 began in January.
  • douglasrdouglasr Posts: 191
    Town Car production began again at St. Thomas. The first car rolled off the line January 10, and sold to local dealer Bruce Damochelle Lincoln. Town Car should survive for three more years, unless Ford Motor's efforts at revival flounder, in which case St. Thomas is on the discusion list for closure/idling.

    The Washington D.C. Auto Show still displayed the Town Car, albeit without much fanfare. The car had been built at Wixom and sold to Ford Motor. On the first day of the show, event staff at Lincoln merely displayed the window sticker on a nearby stand. The Mark S occuppied the prominent position and attention of Lincoln people. Yet TC is alive and well, and as a 2009 model should see some improvements.

    Since Imperial will not see the light of day, and the Nardelli team is remiss in uprating the 300, Town Car can still capture many buyers for traditional RWD customers. Fortunately Lincoln did not cede this market as well to its competition.


    (Sources: Ford Motor Company; Edmunds Inside Line)
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    You say "Town Car should survive for three more years"

    The present Town Car began in the Fall of 1997. So, are you saying we will wait until 2011 before a new style is offered?

    The last "new & improved" TC was 2003.

    What is to justify our patience now and in 2011?

    Your posts are appreciated. :) Thank you, Euphonium
  • I am also wondering if T.C. will survive and it would be appreciated if anyone that has information on this will come forward and share it with us. If T.C. could add some of the high tech features found on my Cadillac DTS and perhaps tweak the HP. and torque
    about 10 percent I think they would have Cadillac on the the defensive. Even as it is I prefer my 2005 T.C.
    to my 2006 DTS.
  • That has been my main complaint with the TC's. The engine could be stronger. The higher tech goodies would be nice as well. They have always been several years behind the industry in making high tech sound systems and gadgets standard. How long has a cd player been a standard in the other manufacturer's cars. Ford has only started in the past few years. Up until recently they still had tape players as standard and cd optional. Even the Cartier/ Limited models really did not have many items different that the other TC packages. The main things was the heated seats and dual exhaust.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    I'd like to see the TC with a Tachometer. Our '95 T Bird has had one since new.
  • The instant mpg read out was nice in my 94 Conti, The TC only has the over all mpg.
  • Far as I'm concerned the more electronic goodies the more complex the car is and reliability suffers. I just had the DeVille in for a faulty sensor for the automatic HVAC system. Hot air kept blowing out of the right center air vent. It was fixed under warranty but I never had any problems with my old Buicks with manual HVAC. I never looked at the Tach on any car I've ever had and they all had tachs. I can get a tach on my DeVille by pushing buttons but so what. The things that I consider important and aren't offered on the TC but are standard on the Luxury II DTS are heated windshield washer fluid and auto dim headlights (it used to be called an Autronic Eye on the '53 Olds 98 my parents had). Perhaps Ford just doesn't care about competing with anyone with the TC. Much of their sales is to livery companies and they offer a big comfortable car. That is enough for me.
  • You are dead on right about the more goodies, the more complex and repairs. TC had some other goodies I have read about like moisture sensing wipers, but the only used it for a year or two. I like the auto-on headlights and the auto-dim would be nice. Heated fluid would also be nice. I use the de-ice fluid in the winter around the south since we do not get that cold for that long of a stretch. Fords have problems with the auto climate control also. Even car I have had has had at least one problem with it. That includes 2 TC's and a Villager (I know Nissan).
  • For a while this forum was so quiet that I only occasionaly checked to see if there was anything new but now seems to have sprung to life and hope it stays that way! My 2005 Town Car, a Signature Limited does not have a tachometer, my DTS does but don't really look at it that often so have mixed feelings about the need. My DTS has a bunch of electronic add ons and I don't use many of them.
    The T.C. has a six disc C. D. changer in the dash board which is nice as does the DTS, both cars came with sun/ moon roofs which is a nice feature. My T.C.
    came with Aluminum wheels with lots of spokes which gather dirt quickly and are hard to keep up with. I am thinking of adding chrome wheels to make for a better
    appearance and wondered if getting them at a tire store would be as good a place as buying from the dealership, does anyone have thoughts, information or experience with this?? We have a Les Schwab tire store about two miles from where I live and have looked at their chrome wheels but am of course always concerned about messing something up in putting an after market wheel on the car. The Chrome wheels offered by Lincoln are not all that attractive and expensive. Lincoln added chrome wheels standard with the 2006 model and they do improve the appearance of the car quite a bit.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The main problem of after market wheels is they are most sought after by thieves.

    Your neighborhood wrecking yard can get on the computer with their cohorts and find you a set of wheels from an 06.
  • douglasrdouglasr Posts: 191
    ...TC is still alive and well, despite Mr. Field's efforts to kill it. Last time I was in Manhatten, driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, I counted 42 Town Car's going the opposing direction out of Manhatten. Only a few of them were more than 3 years old. So the market is still healthy for that kind of rwd car.

    Lincoln should also consider building a new Presidential Limousine, as it has been 20 years since the White House has taken delivery of a new Lincoln. Cadillac is clearly on the ascendancy, and a decade ago Lincoln passed Cadillac in part because of TC popularity. If Lincoln is not to cede more sales, TC must be revamped and revived. The "placement" of a new Town Car based Presidential Limousine would help the acceptance of Lincoln once again. It's a nice piece of international advertising worth the$1mn price-tag to Ford.

    ...Mr. Press at Chrysler is already making noises that his firm is going to re-enter markets they have neglected. It doesn't take much to figure out where Nardelli/LaSorda/Press will go with that when the SRT8 puts out 425Bhp in top form, and easily can blow the doors off a TC in lessor tune. Imperial can't be far behind. (No, not the one they just cancelled...but the second varient they are working on.) So Bill & Alan have a chance to revive our favorite RWD chassis. Bentley is still using an engine that is essentially 50 years old, so there is nothing wrong with uprating the current TC. It still has long legs left within it.

    It's only too bad that the car gets short shrift at the Auto Shows....a revamped interior and uprated engine would do wonders.

  • Thanks very much for your suggestion of a junk yard, we don't have many in the small community where I live. Never say never but I live in a small town and have my cars garaged when not in use, live in a private community so the odds are not too great that the wheels would be stolen. If buying after market wheels my main concern would be adaptability of the wheels to my car. I have assumed that size itself is not the only criteria that determines whether if will be
    a perfect fit for my particular car, but not sure. It has been raining every day here so have not checked with the local tire dealer yet, will post results if I make the change.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    Check out After entering your car's year, make, & model you will be amazed to see what your chrome wheel options are. Have fun. :)
  • Thanks for the tip, will check out. I can see why T.C. added chrome wheels in 2006 and 07, looks as if it is now pretty common in even lower quality cars and they do really add quite a bit to the appearance of the vehicle. My main purpose is to get something attractive that will be easier to maintain than my present wheels. Not an urgent item but hopefully a fun project.
  • euphoniumeuphonium Great Northwest, West of the Cascades.Posts: 3,425
    The easiest cleaning wheel cover in my experience was the Mexican sombreo style of the Cadillac wheel cover used in the late 40's the early 50's. Swish, swish and they were clean. This was when the Cad emblem included the ducks. :)
  • My 2006 Cadillac DTS has a nice looking aluminum wheels that are much easier to clean than my 2005
    Town Car. Many thanks for giving me the tire track web site lead. I did look and was very impressed with the offerings. My only concern would be that If there was a problem after installation that there might be a hassle about who was responsible and if unresolved would not be covered by my Lincoln warranty. Chrome wheels seem to really have become popular recently and even the low end cars seem to have them a good deal of the time, I had them on my 2005 Mercury Sable LS and they were very easy to keep clean and looked good. I very much prefer the T.C. to the Sable but the wheels were a nice feature. I will take my time with all this as I am watching the economy closely and am feeling a bit reserved about
    spending money on a very nice but not essential add on to a perfectly gorgeous Town Car, the wheels are about the only obvious feature they could have improved on in the 05 Signature limited model year. Lincoln management evidently agreed in that the 06 models put chrome wheels on as standard equipment.
  • if i were you i would consider a 97 towncar. its made better with less problems in a long run. i my self love the town cars, had two of them a 98 made me 486K miles, and my current one 2000 has 268k miles, both great cars never ever any problems. i use those cars as fleet. ( limousine service) in new york.
  • few months ago my speed control went out on a 00 towncar, any ideas what it might be, thank you
  • noticed resently that whenever its cold outside my car has problems iddleing. it starts fine but does not have full rpm, its like going to die. i have to keep my foot on the gas pedal for few minutes, until gets warmer, and than its still not fully powered, maybe after 10, 15 min when the temp goes to 1/4 on the gauge than the normal rpm kicks in, and works great. any ideas what could it be?, thank you
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